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Well, today was interesting!

posted 3/29/2013 6:11:37 AM |
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I called my chica friend today we chatted for around a hour or two, after that I took a walk around the block to get some fresh air. Man! the sun was just awesome!

That one guy, 958? came back as catrinafucks, I guess the information I got was accurate to the Tee off. anyways, 958 sent me a message, first a one off
"helloo!" thing, and I know this will be feeding the crazy hobo with the internet connection ,but fuck it, lets break some heads.

the stuff in quotations is the stuff he wrote. My replies are below. Please note this guy is now kinda growing on me. He's harmless like, stupid, arrogant, and a pedophile victim who didn't know any better. (He was really young, and the guy was dressed as Barney, the purple cockosaur!)

Nice. Very nice... Well, since you're so curious about me, lets operate shall we?

"read one of your posts....very revealing."
Thanks, honesty is the best policy after all.

"You sit alone in your room wanting so badly to get away, to go outside but you can't. The thought of leaving your room much less the house terrifies you."
Wrong. I do leave the property everyoncei n a while t o go visit with friends, I'm not some basement dweller with no social life, I do get out and about. I lol at your attempt though.

"And Mommie, well she won't let you. Love, hate. Mommie has the control even if you did have the courage to leave the house."
Again, wrong. I call her by her first name. Not mommie. Maybe you do B. Davis to yours, But not mine. Again, I lol at you. so far, really off to a bad start here.

"You couldn't escape Mommie by trying to scare her with a pitiful attempt of killing yourself and now she has you."
LMAO... god you're stupid 958. she had nothing to do with the suicide attempt. I actually posted about this a few days back. Wow... Just WOW. you are retarded. not even getting me riled up here... I swear, you suck.

"You love Mommie,"
Yes, and you should yours. Everybody should love their parents.

"you would love to fuck Mommie, but does Mommie love you?"
now you're just reaching... Seriously, do you just sit there stewing in your own failures or something? So you got booted out, get the fuck over it.

"Daddy didn't, did he? Trapped, no escape but she allows you to venture out in a world you're afraid of with your computer...your one outlet."
your repeating yourself...

"Yet even that hasn't worked for one loves you, you're all alone, only Mommie."
Actually i've got a pretty healthy social life, yes, I do spend most days and early nights on the computer, but I mostly work on editing, reading current events, and just in general, having fun tearing your dumb ass apart in my blogs. Only reason you're reacting this way is because you're desperately trying to regain control of the situation. control you never had. Not since... You know... you took the holy pole in the ass from father macrapey. Don't forget, I've got your address and name on spokeo, it only takes four bucks to unlock your magical first name and from there, search up facebook to find out who you really are.

Then... Unleash the kraken. I'm not scared of you. In fact, I laugh at you, right in front of you, because you're nothing but the punchline in a joke. HA! HA! HA!

"But you blame Mommie for your deformity, your impotent attempts to escape your dismal life. All alone, only Mommie but even Mommie despises your weakness. She blames your Daddy for your frailty, your impotence. If you could just fuck Mommie maybe that would set you free. But you can't......Love, Hate. You live alone in your mind but even that has so many twists and turns, ups and way out. You made one pathetic attempt but you lack the courage.....trapped, no escape. Just half living day by day by day with no hope....endlessly. And now your mind is going away to places you'll never visit, in day out......the future......for you there is none, just the dreary drone of living in your vacant mind.....worrying, hating yourself, hating your Mommie but needing her to love you.......but does she?"

Seriously, are you talking about yourself here? can't wait till this site IP bans you. you're just a scared, spoiled little brat whose new playmate doesnt play with the same rules as you. I'm the big dog that bit you, you should really fear me if you don't already. Just remember, Four bucks Mr. Davis. Four dollars, and I'll know, we'll know your first name. Here's looking at you kid.

As always, suck it 958.

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Mar 29 @ 1:12PM  
Interesting read!

Mar 29 @ 2:07PM  
Meh, Time i started playing hard ball with him anyways. I need something on him that'll REALLY get him riled up. LOL. And you wanted me to block him... Where's the fun in that? Like I said, Own up to anything he tries to throw at you, weed out the lies, and take his power away.

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Drcocktail1, 2, and 9

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Well, today was interesting!