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I feel like ranting....

posted 3/28/2013 12:50:45 AM |
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And it's all about ME so if ya don't wanna hear me bitchin', then this ain't the blog for you.

I think I'm a glutton for punishment. Not only for the past 2 years with my S.O. but probably all my life. I think I've come to the conclusion that I just don't get it...that would be basically people in general and probably my S.O. and my Sis in particular.

WoW says I'm too nice. He says I always get tangled up with dominant personalities. He's a point. It isn't always dominant personalities that wrangles me into doing their bidding. It isn't that I can't say "NO!" It IS, so much of the time, something that starts out very simple, something I don't mind doing and before it's over, it's turned into an overwhelming big deal for me.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a day from hell. My S.O. needed some work done by remote on her computer. She is computer illerate...and why not? I am learning that that's what I'M for. Anyway, I went over to her house at 9:30 a.m. and first off, the scheduled time got mixed up and the guy was to start at 11:00, not 10:00. Then when he called, since I don't own a laptop, I was struggling with it. A number has to be typed in and it wasn't working so I had him start on her PC first.

Anyway, we finally got both of them in his control, then it was a waiting game. Her laptop was a piece of cake. Get this, her ex bought this laptop for her a few years ago and set it up in her own name! My S.O. wanted that changed and she wanted a virus program installed. It was all done in short order. But.........

Her PC was a MESS! Between her and her ex, she has hundreds of games downloaded so when a virus scan is done it takes forever to run...the tech man had to run numerous scans.

To make a long story short, she had a virus and a ton of corrupt files. And remember that StrongVault that I mentioned in another blog? It IS a virus and it's hell to get rid of. That probably took the longest and mostly because of all the full computer scans he had to run....checking all those hundreds of games. Grrrrr

My S.O. was going to an auction that afternoon. I didn't wanna go...too frikkin' cold! I thought this shit would be done in an hour, maybe two. Wasn't gonna happen. She left for the auction and I waited and waited for her computer to get done. She keeps her thermometer I swear at 40...well not quite but damn I about froze to death! She has nothing of interest laying around to read. I didn't wanna watch tv. It was more interesting to watch those scans! But most of the time I was bored to death. I was able to come home just a little after 5:00. Seven and a half hours later!


My Sis was in Florida from Jan. 30th until the 21st of this month. Oh gaud you won't believe the story behind's just too fuckin' STUPID. Short version.,,kinda. She met this guy last summer...she visited him, he came up here and visited her, she went back to visit him in November but came home for Christmas. She liked him but by the time she came home after Christmas, she knew he was a bullshitter and a full blown liar. Do you think she dumped his ass? HELL NO! Now by gaud, she was gonna trap him in his lies then dump him. So.....

She filled out a new profile and posted a pix of a pretty woman she got out of a wig magazine and sure enough, although he SWORE he wasn't talking to any woman besides her, within 24 hrs., he contacted this new profile. So...she carries on a conversation with him thru messages and prints them all off. So now what does she do? She wants to confront him face to face so she hops on a plane and off she goes. But THEN....

When she gets there, she doesn't wanna confront him til just before she comes home so her time there will be smooth without tension. Let me interject here. She knew when she went down there that 1. He is a liar. 2. He's deep into porno. 3. He didn't have the kind of money he professed to have. 4. He's not in good health.

But when she gets there, she comes to learn...1.He's REALLY into porno and 2. He hasn't paid taxes for years and he's borrowed money from an internet site that is charging him 40% interest! So her 'vacation' was spent doing 2 things...getting his finances in order and calling me numerous times a day asking me questions on how to find shit on his computer...she wanted more proof. She had all his passwords. He has incredimail and according to her, he has more that one hundred thousand messages in it...can that be??? (shrugs) But she still wanted to 'set him up', more proof so she had me go into that site with her new profile and send him a message from that gal she was professing to be, a message she dictated for me to send.

Just before she came home, he got really sick and ended up in the hospital so she delayed her return home by almost a week. Now....she gets home and she's like a woman possessed. She's on her computer and I think the first day, she called me a dozen times or more...'how do I' kind of questions.

Finally, tonight she called me. Two things...1.He finally answered that 'other gals' message, bitchin' about "company from INDIANA that spent 7 WEEKS" with him and he apologized and yes, he still wanted to meet her. 2. My sis's computer is all fucked up and I'm sure it's viruses...even her laptop.

Continued in comments..

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I'm gonna ramble, just cause I can...


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Mar 28 @ 12:53AM  
My Sis is so upset and I just can't get it through her head to just read him the riot act, drop him and move on. Hell no! She wants to make a phony date with him first, then call him the next day and ask him how his date was. THEN she'll confront him. (Oh gaud, is she crazy or am I? It's all so stoopid!)

I just can't figure does my S.O. and my Sis's computers get so fucked up? They each swear they don't go surfing. But I do know they both get lots of e-mails forwarded to them and they just open it all even though I've warned them both about that. I wouldn't give a shit but everytime their computers screw up, I get a phone call..."Can you fix this?" Sis will call me a dozen times until I get it through her head that I can't fix viruses...CALL THE DAMN TECH! My S.O. will call the tech but she wants me there to handle the remote. Oh how I wish I had the head-banging emoticon, I'd put it here a hundred times! LOL (by the way, I am gonna download Firefox so maybe I'll get them back.)

Folks, this is just a sample of my life...a small drop in a bucket. A quick trip to the store with my S.O. can turn into a dozen stops along the way. A small favor for my Sis can turn into a feature film with cartoons 'n newsreels and no popcorn.

I realize (have realized for 2 years) that I'm being taken advantage of and MY time is irrelevant to them. They know how I feel but for whatever reason they apparently conveniently forget. They 'get on a mission' and just assume I wanna go along for the ride.

I think it's time I set rules and boundaries and put it in PRINT. I am prepared for them to get pissy with me...well, at least my S.O. Sis is more apt to understand. I am not going to spend another summer getting drug all over hell's half acre just to fulfill their whims.

I have another reason for nipping this in the bud which I will blog about another time. It's gettin' late and I gotta get up in the a.m. and hit it again!

If ya made it this far, thanks for listening. I find when I rant about this shit, it reinforces my determination to take control of my life. I'm tired and I've felt better and I believe most of that is having to deal with their problems and no time for my own. I need respect for my time and my space and it's time I made it happen.

Ok...end of rant. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight. Ya'll take care 'n keep smilin'...


Mar 28 @ 1:26AM  
Softie, you just gotta dig in your heels and say "NO" once in a while. Sure, they may pout, but so what? There are times where you have to put YOU first.

As to the virus', I'd say those two need to learn what the spam filter is for.

Mar 28 @ 1:28AM  
I need respect for my time and my space and it's time I made it happen.

DO IT...... and DO NOT put it off because knowing you, you'll just talk your self back into it. The alternative is NOT UNDER CONSIDERATION.

Mar 28 @ 11:07PM  
Aw Sugar, you'll never guess what I gotta do. These are strange circumstances so that calls for strange solutions. I have pitched a bitch for 2 years about the ex but yanno what? I'm at a place now that I'm more than ready to cave in and just let go of it all. I told my Sis today that Susie has such a need to have someone with her when she does her runnin' around and if I just shut the fuck up and tell her to call her ex then I'd be off the hook of being her constant buddy.

I do know there isn't anything going on between them and I'm the one with the jealousy problem. I think, to me it's just the fact that they use to be partners and that has ate away at me for 2 years. I do trust Susie and I do know the ex doesn't want her back. I guess the jealousy comes from knowing they enjoy each others company and they're so comfortable with each other.

But Susie does need someone besides me to bum around with and if that's the ex, then I've made peace with that if only because I just want sometimes to be left alone to do my own thing.

I am setting boundaries with both her and my Sis. I've reached my breaking point and I don't think "NO" will be so hard to say anymore. I miss my alone time, my space to just be me and enjoy the peace and quiet. I want it back and I will make that happen. If giving Susie the green light to bum around with her ex will get this incessant being on the go, go, go off my back then so be it. I love her but it's time to get my priorities straight....and no more being a major computer consultant either!!

Thanks DC...

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I feel like ranting....