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Reenlisting in Parenthood

posted 3/24/2013 10:06:50 AM |
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Those of you who have known me over the years will recall that I was very hardline about a woman having a kid at home being a deal breaker. I probably need to print this blog in particular to have for lunch as I will need to eat my words as I have been thrust back into the daily grind of quasi-parenthood

My grandson is much more of a pain than his mother was at his age and I don't think that the divorce has anything to do with it As time passes the ordeal of having to endure the increasing bad attitude, demands, whining, temper tantrums, and behavior problems at school is steadily eroding my serenity

When I reflect back on "the good old days" it takes on a different meaning as they were when the pitter patter of little feet was limited to four legged creatures.

My 92 YO dad is in decline and could pass on at anytime. As long as he is happy every morning when he wakes up, I hope that he lives to 105. When he steps off into the hereafter, it is entirely possible that I could become a relatively affluent man.

She depends on me to help make ends meet. But if I do wind up in vastly improved economic circumstances, I will probably buy her a small house and get the hell out of here.

I don't even want to contemplate what the junior high years are going to bring. In about fifteen years the kid will either be in graduate school or prison

Have you ever had to return to parenthood as an obligation? If not, could you handle it if the situation arose? If so, how did it go and what was the difference from the first time around?

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Mar 24 @ 10:27AM  
As long as I am lamenting, let me point out that there has been six inches of heavy wet snow fall here in the last three and a half hours It is forecast continue until tomorrow and dump about a foot, but that estimate seems low at the moment More tree limbs ought to break off from the weight of it

Mar 24 @ 11:11AM  
In a way I never left parenthood until this past January when my mom passed away. My oldest son moved out so for right now it is me and my youngest son sharing the house while he finishes college and gets his post military life back on track, He is laid back and we get along well,
I think my parenthood will be limited to babysitting my two granddaughters every now and then from now on, I am enjoying a bit more freedom and have no intentions of giving that up, with the kids and my mom I did over 35 years of parenthood and have no desire to go back there now, Could I? Sure I could but the fact is I just do not want that responsibility anymore, I did my time and have the gray hair to prove it,


Mar 24 @ 11:34AM  
I know it may seem that I am over reacting on the grandson. But we are talking about a child who got suspended from the school bus for a week twice at the age of five. It is very rare that a week go by where he doesn't get dispatched from his classroom to a special room for unruly students. About third of the days he gets sent to a desk in the corner due to being disruptive.

I am not exaggerating. I have only seen one kid that age in my life get in trouble so much at school. That kid was ADHD and his mom had to quit her job, move in with her parents and home school him because he had gotten expelled from three schools.

Ashton is not nearly that bad, but he is often a problem child and frequently maddening.

Mar 24 @ 11:51AM  
Nope, have not returned and hope not to! However, should the need arise I believe in doing what you have to. Unfortunately.

I'm sorry you are having such a time with your grandson! I recall some similar issues when my son was between the ages of 5 and 7, which I do believe were a result of the divorce. I can also recall crying on y way to pick him up from two different daycares when he was kicked out. There were only two daycares in town... I am glad to say that somehow he has become a fine young man, that I don't worry about. Much, LOL! His middle school guidance counselor swore he was ADHD (her two boys were), but after testing it was determined he was not; just bored. Obvioulsy there were issues in school also, LOL! Oy. So glad those days are but a memory!

I love snow! However, I am ready for Spring now, or any time now, like yesterday!?

Mar 24 @ 12:29PM  
If I can pull it, I may find a decent place on some land and move a trailer in for a second place. Then I can fulfill obligations and watch him for the hour and a half from when he gets off of the bus until she gets home. That is doable and a win/win situation for all concerned

Mar 24 @ 12:38PM  
Ashton's attention span is right here, right now. I've seen his mom spank him and several hours later he has no recollection of it I am kind of thinking that longer term consequences in loss of privileges may be in order to help him remember, like no dessert for a week We are already targeting TV restrictions and they seem to help somewhat. But those are only in effect on a daily basis so the restrictions as a reminder are not being drilled in.

Mar 24 @ 4:32PM  
I know what you are talking about . I have my granddaughter who came to live with me when she was 12. We found out about a year before she had type 1 and was not adjusting well and her mother was not helping. Anger set in against her Father for getting full custody after a nightmare battle . Did not help his job sent him out of state sometimes as long as 10 day at a time . But we made it And I would not trade it,she has grown into a lovely teen.

Mar 24 @ 6:15PM  
I went through the same as you are going through right now. At the age of 9 we found out that she was bi-polar and medication did help. Sometimes I was she that age again because at the age of 19 she believes she can do what she wants and when she wants.

Mar 25 @ 1:23PM  
Ashton is not nearly that bad, but he is often a problem child and frequently maddening.

Perhaps he is just bored and school is not enough of a challenge for him, A lot of teachers do not want to bother with kids that need something more than a standard lesson and contribute to some kids becoming bored and acting out.

I would be concerned with my kids attending Missouri schools anyway as I have been hearing quite a bit about changes they want to make in science classes with teaching creationism instead of the proper timeline.

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Reenlisting in Parenthood