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What's your pet peeve(s)?

posted 3/20/2013 10:30:45 PM |
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tagged: straddle, people, life

Everyone has at least one pet peeve. What's yours? Mine would be...

1. People showing no respect and consideration for others out in public.

2. Cell phones being used when driving

3. The slow McDonalds drive through in Portsmouth in Ohio (I think they have nothing but slackers working there).

4. Long baggy ass shorts or pants that hang off peoples asses today.

5. Texting

6. People who feel like they have to have a smart phone, but yet can't afford anything else.

So what's your pet peeve(s)?

Repost from my blog from May 2008

I did add the last 2 new ones to my list however.

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Mar 20 @ 11:26PM  
I just got my iphone and I can afford it. And it's the first one I've owned. huge pet peeve for me is when people get a puppy because "it's so cute", and then, when the cuteness wears off, the poor dog is outside chained to a dog house (if it's lucky) and ignored except for when it gets food and water. I just wish people would be more responsible when it comes to pets.

Another pet peeve, the idiot at the stop sign who sits there forever, and then pulls out in front of you and you have to slam on the brakes.

And on the theme of drivers...the jerk who passes you on the expressway, moves over in front of you, and then slows down! Really????


Mar 21 @ 1:11AM  
Sagging pants... and the to tight on anyone but especially guys where you can see his everything... leggings on fat women they are back... 80's denim it's back in fashion yucky... training teachers get that is useless because the rules are changed to the whim of whatever bureaucratic idiot has their fingers in the educational fund pie... pseudo experts who don't know shit but profess to and tell those who do a fantastic job they are stupid and more depressing is make said fantastic person think maybe they are after being beaten down by said expert... I have a shit load of pet peeves....

Mar 21 @ 2:54AM  
People who call more than once a day when it is not important
People who blow off paying back money they borrow'
Drivers who speed up at city crosswalks when there are people crossing the street,
people who play talk radio loud in the car when the subject matter is of no interest to anyone but them
any discussion of politics at family gatherings even though they know it gets on everyone else's nerves
people collecting for the fire department and the police department associations who harass you two to three times a week asking for more money,
people who let their kids run wild in stores tearing up the tables and racks right after they watched an associate fix them

Mar 21 @ 6:00AM  
The first are from my comment on the original blog.

In no particular order

1. Companies sending credit card offers and catalogs for my ex wife to my address when she hasn't lived here since 1989.

2. Pharmaceutical companies running expensive TV ads for prescribed medications to treat medical conditions like Flomax (if your doctor thought it was the best treatment, he/she would prescribe it regardless).

3. Parents that bring toddlers and infants to public places like a nice restaurant or movie theater that won't retreat somewhere else if the kid starts crying or acting up.

4. People that don't speak understandable or fluent English manning a drive thru.

5.Veterinarians charging me $20 - $30 for a generic antibiotic for one of my dogs that would cost four bucks at Wal-Mart if prescribed for me.

6. People (usually geriatrics) writing checks at store check outs.

7. People leaving the shopping cart in the middle of the aisle so as to block it.

Mar 21 @ 8:04AM  
Well, here I sit and I gotta think a bit as I have a shitload of them....hmmmmmmm

1. People who make excuses or try to justify bad or poor behavior. (Top of my list!)

2. Kids left to run the neighborhood without adult supervision.

3. Unattended barking dogs left to bark for hours on end.

4. People who won't return phone calls...mostly business people that I need to talk to.

5. Frikkin' paperwork! Fill this out, initial here 5 X...sign this 'n this 'n this...grrrrr

6. Phone books. Nothing is ever listed where you think it should be. Leaves a lot to be desired to the saying "Let your fingers do the walking".

7. People who are too lazy to learn about their computers and depends on me to do it all for them. (Susie and my Sis are at the top of THAT list.)

8. People who think their interests are all important but could care less about mine. (Again, Susie and my Sis among others)

9. Cashiers who wants to visit with the customers instead of keeping the line moving.

10. People who are insensitive to others feelings. (shoulda been #2)

So there's my top 10...kinda fun so kudo to you.

Mar 21 @ 12:25PM  
One of my pet peeves are drivers who pull out into the lane next to you as you are passing them! you don't know if they're going to blend into traffic or T-bone you!

Drivers that lay on their horn even after an incident that pisses them off!

Drivers that rocket down a parking lot isle as you're backing out, without beeping their horn, almost causing a collision. That really pisses me off!!

But all of the above, (and other lousy drivers) could be resolved with a few heat seeking missiles, from a launcher mounted on top of your car!

Waiting in line at a grocery store for someone to write a check or swipe their credit card for a $3 item or, for the cashier to input a bunch of coupons for someone!

Another big pet peeve, is waiting for my return phone call from: Charmaine Star Ok... so she's a Filipino porn actress- so what?? I'm still waitinnnnng............ Charmaine!!


Mar 21 @ 8:34PM  
1. Think My biggest one is people who demand respect but refuse to give it, 2. People who are on answer their cell phones while in line and stop everything to chat holding up the line. 3. People who snap their fingers are a server .


Mar 21 @ 10:46PM  
Rude and selfish people.

Mar 22 @ 9:22AM  
Here is a list from the last place I worked.....

1) practice what you preach. I worked 60hrs a week and my boss was averaging 35.

2) the sale$man would snap his fingers at me to get my attention.

3) people need to learn to spell

4) backstabbing. Show the truth and nothing becomes of it.

5) there is work to be done, but playing with a phone is more important...

Mar 22 @ 12:39PM  
Charmaine Star
Now it's a sex site


Mar 23 @ 8:45AM  
1. Women that complain about being horny (Most... just need to say "YES"! lmao)!!!
2. PJ's worn in public!!!! (not just Wally World!)
3. Doctors offices that do Not answer the Phone!! (goes straight to their answering system)
4. (Speaking of McDonalds) Too much mayo on the $1.00 Chicken sandie that they have!!
5. Ppl that put Animals over PPL!!! Yeah I know....they are ppl too ...but damn!!! Some ppl will walk over 20 homeless ppl to get to a stray doggie or cat...WTF?
That's just a few things that are plucking my nerves at the moment (Pet peeves or just bitching...helI don't

Mar 23 @ 5:44PM  
Oh, I forgot one biggie for me. People that copy/paste email bullshit into a blog without checking out the validity first The real pisser is the ignoramus that gets mad at you for pointing it out and later says, "I don't care if it is true or not, it is still a good story."

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