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Putting in an appearance...

posted 3/20/2013 2:20:47 PM |
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Sigh...I do get lost sometimes, my apologies. I can't even remember alot of where I've been or what I've been up to...just this 'n that I guess.

We have been doing some early auctions and a couple of early garage sales. I've been working on Zelda and cleaning out her innards...sort of a spring cleaning thing for her. I still have more to do. It's kinda amazing what a slow process that can be. What happens is, I open something to see what I, at some point, thought was so important, then that leads to clicking here, then there, trying to figure out what was on my mind at the time I saved it that I thought I just couldn't live without.

Then there's sites that I joined but didn't have time to explore when I joined, so I'm off 'n running, seeing what they have to offer. I'm still occasionally looking for good blogging sites for those of 'advanced age' like myself. Not too long ago, I was surprised to find that AARP has a blogging site so I joined but didn't have time to see what it was all about. So the other day, I spent some time there. It's a rather complicated site and from what little I could make of it, the blogs looked like what you'd see on MD...political...just not my thing. So I tried to delete my so pisses me off when they don't give you that option and not even an option to hide it! Now I'm occasionally getting e-mail that is pretty much sexually oriented and I can't be sure where it's coming

This generated a day of changing all my passwords in case somehow someone was fuckin' with me by discovering how to get into ANY of my sites...I even changed my internet password...still got something this morning...grrrrrrrrrrr! I may have to call AARP and raise a little hell.

Then there was this other blogging site called 'The experience project'. Another one that I joined but didn't have time to explore until the other day. I opened it and right away my avast popped up a warning! I immediately removed my profile then done a full computer virus check...everything was ok...whew! I think there was one other site I was looking into, didn't like it and could not delete my profile but I think I was able to hide it.

Now I'm thinking...fuck it...AMD works for me when I have time or I'm in the mood to blog and it ain't worth the headache trying to find other sites. It ain't worth exposing Zelda to viruses or other bullshit. I think Zelda is probably the most UNDER used computer around as I don't (or rarely) surf or look up anything. Last year, my 'puterman cleaned up Susie's computer, my Sis's computer and gave Zelda a physical...all in the same week. The other day, he did one on Susie's again and found she had a virus. She gets lots of e-mail so I'm guessing that's where it came from...she has no sense in being careful about what she opens. Maybe she surfs...I don't know...but I do know Zelda is squeaky clean 'cause I keep her on a very short leash!

By the way...has any of you ever heard of StrongVault? It comes up on Susie's computer when she starts her computer up. It is just a window with 2 files, each followed by a long string of numbers. There's nothing in the files when you open them.

So anyway, I've been pre-occupied lately and although I have chores to do, I thought I'd take some time to say 'hello' and do a little catch-up here.

And now to get into some physical things (no...not sex so get ur mind outta da Some of you may remember that last summer/fall, I was having a lot of problems with my one knee and hip. I talked the doctor out of a couple of pain prescriptions to get me through until I could get full coverage insurance this year. Funny thing though, I didn't have a lot of trouble with them all winter but for whatever reason, both of them have come screamin' to life lately so I knew it was time to find out what the problem is. Then, too, I figured I ought to get my heart checked, too...just 'cause I should at my age. Then.......

Last Sunday morning, about 5 a.m. I woke up and my heart was going crazy....very out of rhythm. I mean, it was flopping around like a fish outta water. I didn't know what to do so I just layed there wondering if I should be as scared as I felt. It lasted about 2-3 minutes. I did get up and it quickly went away. I had no chest pains or anything else, just my heart floppin' around.

For years, I've frequently had very brief palpitations and also angina but the last time I had my heart checked, it was fine. But this episode scared me so I got right in to see the doctor...yesterday.

Continued in comments....

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Mar 20 @ 2:21PM  
We talked about everything including my knee and hip. So first off, they did an EKG in their office. My heart seemed fine except my heart rate was too's always been on the slow side and doc says that's why I get those palpitations as it's trying to keep its rhythm. They made an appt. for next Wed. for a stress test. Then on April 3rd, I go get labs done to do a full blood checkup. THEN I went for x-rays on my hip and knee...they took pix of both left 'n right sides.

Once the results are in, they'll know where to go from there. I have a feeling the x-rays won't show anything because I think the problem is more in the ligaments and tendons and that will lead to an MRI. Anyway...I've got a start on this and hoping to put an end to this damn pain once 'n for all.

End of physical report! lol

So that's about it I've got work to do. Some days I feel like doing housework, some not. Today's a NOT but I guess that's why it's called work 'n chores...sigh...

Ya'll have a good day.

'Til next time, stay warm, be safe 'n keep smilin'....


Mar 20 @ 2:58PM  
I get spam related to site I recently joined and tried to drop

Mar 20 @ 6:30PM  
Damn Softie, Sound like your knees are in need of some serious attention. They are doing some good work on them now compaired with just a fue yeaars ago. May be you will have to slow you pace a little and not spend so much time running to the auctions and yard sales until you get them looked at!
And the heart thing would scare the heck out of me, sounds like you may end up with a pacemake, Have you had heart problems before? I've got a couple stents and it sure made me feel alot better.
Hey how in the heck you going to be a motorcycle momma if you can't get on you knees or your heart isn't up to all that sex? LOL
All my friends got a big laugh out of you telling me you allways wanted to be a Motorcycle Momma! LOL
Take care of yourself for us that love ya!
Your bigest fan, HOG

Mar 20 @ 8:48PM  
A little info reading for you about StrongVault:

Unistall StrongVault

According to the article, it installs itself.

I'm glad you went and saw the doctor, that with the heart is some scary stuff! I'll be thinking of ya Softie and hoping for the best.

Mar 20 @ 9:27PM  
the blogs looked like what you'd see on MD...political...
A lot of the same people over there seem to blog only political crap, and nothing else.

Like you, AMD is like home to me. Met a lot of friends on here over the years, and most of them have moved on, while a few of us still come on to see what's going on and blog.

Hope you start feeling better.

Mar 21 @ 7:31AM  
I hear ya WoW...I think if it's possible, before I join any site, I'm going to their help page and see if they have a way to delete one's profile...if I can't find it or can't get on their help page then I ain't joining!

Ok Wayne..."down on my knees"???? Whatcha got in mind there (like I don't know) LOL And since my heart rate is SLOW, I'd say sex would be a good thing...speed it up to where it should be so maybe I should have sex more often? Save myself from gettin' a pacemaker??? And no, I've never had heart trouble before.

As for being a motorcycle mama...I don't wanna be one of those after you told me what the meaning of that really is...nope 'n no siree!

Thanks a million Sugar for the info. I was gonna look it up but just hadn't taken the time. Susie doesn't download anything but I have my suspicions of who does. All I have to do is get ahold of my 'puter man and ask a few can that old girlfriend of her's get access to Susie's computer if she has her passwords. If that's the case, I'm gonna go ballistic! Susie's old gf is addicted to playing games and buys them online by the case full and Susie has a ton of games on her computer and I know a lot of them the old gf came over and downloaded but Susie knows I can get grumpy when the old gf comes to visit so maybe they found a new way for her to download games without actually sitting at Susie's computer??? I'll find out....(whistling emoticon here)

Yanno Shawn, I could enjoy MD and I know there are a number of people there who like my blogs but they (my blogs) disappear so fast due to the political blogs it hardly isn't worth it to post anything. AMD might be about dead in the water but I still love it here. (ya hear that MOD? So won'tcha please start fixing things? It would put more fun back into this neighborhood.)

Mar 22 @ 11:45PM  
My poo poo loves it on little kitty kitty.

Mar 27 @ 9:12PM  
Hey softie. How you feeling? I'm popping in myself and was hoping you'd get zelda cranked up. Pop in for a laugh because we've got a new 'whapper', only this guy is of the threatening variety, a full bull goose looney (which I never considered whapper). Needless to say he's taken an automatic liking to Again, I hope you're doing well and dust off zelda, it's spring!

Mar 27 @ 10:54PM  
Well Dr. C (I like Dr. C...sounds distinguished) anyway, thanks for asking how I feel. I'll try not to go into details so as not to bore you. I did my stress test today and they really are thourough. Lots of breathing test through a tube. Then the bicycle test. Haven't a clue how I did and won't know until May 8th.

My hip and knee xrays were good but my knee isn't so I suppose that means an MRI in my future...the bicycle test didn't help it either!

As for firing up Zelda...I try, I really do. I just can't seem to get out of this whirlwind I'm caught up in or...I can't get my schedule cleared so I have enough time to think.

I decided it was time to pre-arrange my funeral (that's lots of and tomorrow I have papers to sign then rush off to get a perm. I'm sure hoping the rest of the week is free time!

I saw lots of 'new people' blogging but only had time to scroll and no time to stop on anything. I only read titles that catch my interest anyway. Tonight is a little free time so I will see what's there until my eyes begin to droop. Actually, I'd forgotten all about whapper...must be old age? Oh well....

As for hasn't arrived here yet. Gonna be in the 50's this weekend then back to the deep freeze next week...wahhhhhhhh!

Again, thanks for thinking of me.

Mar 28 @ 12:20AM  
A record for me....3 bans in one day. I'm quite certain I'm being a bit too obvious but it only takes a few minutes and a few keystrokes to come back from the


Mar 28 @ 12:20AM  
A record for me....3 bans in one day. I'm quite certain I'm being a bit too obvious but it only takes a few minutes and a few keystrokes to come back from the


Mar 28 @ 12:22AM  
I just realized.....were I a plagiarist I could use your story.....


Mar 28 @ 1:01AM  
Thanks for the compliment. I don't think it's one of my best but yanno, it was fun to write. I just wish I knew more about puncuation and the format for conversations and when it's proper to start a new paragraph.

Yeah, it's easy to come back and it's easy to do multiple profiles. I had another profile here off 'n on for awhile and I found it hard to write 'like someone else' as I think my writing style is recognizable. Then I had to make up a life as this new person and it was sorta like lying and trying to keep the lies straight. I don't lie and I never was comfortable with trying to be someone else...but it was fun for awhile.

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