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When Darkness Comes...conclusion

posted 3/7/2013 2:38:57 PM |
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Now he continued…

“You know that spot up on Canyon road they call Dead Man’s curve?” He didn’t wait for my response.

“It’s narrow and sharp and no guardrail. It drops off sharply into the canyon. Farther up is Shantytown, you know, just a few dilapidated shacks that have been taken over by druggies. I’d heard through a pretty reliable source that Corbin was meeting one of the bigger dealers in this area up there tonight. I figured he’d be pumped…and high…and pushin’ his bike hard.”

“I went up to Dead Man and strung a heavy wire across the road, then I waited. I left it limp layin’ flat but had it ready to tighten at a moment’s notice…I didn’t wanna screw up and hurt nobody else. I figured I had enough daylight if Corbin didn’t screw around too long. It was all a matter of luck.”

“I watched several of his buddies go by, some in groups and hoped to God that Corbin would be alone. He was…and he was flyin’ like a madman…even for him, he looked like a demon with a deathwish. I ain’t too practiced with something like this and I knew timin’ was everything ‘n sweat was pourin’ outta me like rivers!”

“Brianna, I swear what I’m about to say is true…honest! I watched Corbin come into Dead Man’s curve…fast! His bike was leanin’ into it so far I coulda sworn his handlebars was scrapin’ the road. I wasn’t countin’ on his leanin’ like that. If I yanked that wire taunt, it’d miss him by a mile!”

Now Jake was hyped, shaking. It was like he was having a hard time himself believing what happened next.

“I yanked the wire Bri…hard and it straightened out tight and woulda been about chest high if Corbin hit it…but he didn’t. He cleared it by inches he was so low to the road. I just stared in disbelief. Then it happened. Something on his bike caught the pavement maybe or Corbin just simply lost control. Next thing I know his bike is skidding wildly down the road, sparks flyin’ fuckin’ everywhere and Corbin is flyin’ through the air then he disappeared over the embankment. Ya know, Corbin never wore a helmet, thought he was too cool for that, I guess.”

Jake must’ve heard the sharp intake of my breath as this scene unfolded rapidly in my head. Corbin flying to his death. I didn’t feel relief over anything, only sadness for the waste of his life. Jake again turned to me and took me by the shoulders, almost shook me as he thought I was about to lose it. I took his face in my hands and assured him I was alright and asked him to continue.

“I didn’t go look Bri…I couldn’t. I didn’t wanna see him and I didn’t doubt for a minute that he was already dead. I just grabbed up that wire and hightailed it outta there! It wasn’t a minute later that I heard his bike explode. I knew the cops would be crawlin’ all over the place real soon. I didn’t want anyone seein’ me come off Canyon road so I took an old unused trail that about killed my bike…and me, ‘cause the last half mile, I had to push it through tangled brush. It brought me out on old state road 90 and lucky me, there wasn’t a car in sight. I hightailed it home to clean up and just calm my nerves. I opened a beer, took a couple of swigs, held it up and thought, no more, enough. I knew then, it was just sending me to an early grave.”

“I layed across my bed for awhile to go over in my head what had happened. I know Bri, I KNOW that wire never touched Corbin but maybe he saw it at the last minute and maybe that’s why he lost control. Maybe he hit his brakes hard or yanked the handlebars, I just don’t know. Maybe he didn’t see it, maybe it was just his time to die. I’ll never know for sure. But I do know you’re safe now and as much as I hated Corbin Porter, I’m not jumpin’ for joy that it took his death to free you from his hurtin’ you. But I think I’ll always wonder if…” He didn’t finish, he didn’t have to.

I pulled him to me and just held him for awhile. Then he pulled away and said, “Let’s go down to Pete’s…we have some people who are worried and need thanked for what they’ve done.”

We took my car and headed south.


I slipped out of bed and padded down the hallway, the carpet soft beneath my feet. The nightlight by the crib was all I needed. My son was whimpering and chewing his fist. I stood for a minute and just looked at him, drank in his baby smell, watched his baby feet kick under his blue blanket.

His eyes caught sight of me and now his whimpering turned to crying…such an impatient and hungry little boy. I lifted him from his crib and carried him to the rocking chair for his 2 a.m. feeding. I sang to him softly and listened to his suckling noises. Then movement by the door caught my eye…Jake.

Yes, me ‘n Jake married about a year after Corbin’s death. Just about a year later, little Jake arrived. Jacob Allen Denton, after his daddy.

We still ride our Hogs and we still go to Pete’s. Finally my family is proud of me and between the grandparents, little Jake is spoiled rotten.

Neither me or Jake drinks anymore. Jake still works hard but we take the time to play. Our baby boy will grow up strong because he has a good daddy and someday, maybe he’ll have a baby sister to torment as big brothers are apt to do.

Mt. Desiderata watches over the three of us and reminds us that God is good and we are blessed.

The End
©bl David
All rights reserved

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Mar 7 @ 3:04PM  
Awwww!!! I love that ending.

Thanks for another great story Softie!

Mar 7 @ 9:02PM  
A great story.

Mar 7 @ 10:45PM  
Great story Softie and you know I love you writing.
I did make a hard copy of this that I will put in a binder and display on my coffee table for all to see! The cover will say,
by his favorite author
Thanks for my story Softie I will treasure it allways,

Mar 7 @ 10:48PM  
Damn! ! I forgot you green thing!

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When Darkness Comes...conclusion