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When Darkness Comes (story) ch 8

posted 3/7/2013 12:41:08 PM |
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Chapter 8

If Corbin was outside my door then it wasn’t his body that had been found out on Canyon road.

Someone was coming up my steps. I stiffened, braced myself for what I figured was coming…only this time I figured I might not live through it.

Then a soft knocking…Corbin never knocked, he just barged in. I couldn’t move, was Corbin just fucking with my head?

“Brianna…it’s Jake, hun.”

I flew out of my chair, tangled in my blanket and fell headlong onto the coffee table which flattened like a pancake. The crash was deafening in the silent night but it brought Jake through my door like a shot!

“Oh gaud Brianna, are you alright?” Lifting me to my feet, I stammered through the pain that I thought I was.

Then we were hugging and crying…or at least I was, but his cheeks felt wet, too, against mine. I’d never been so glad to see anyone in my life! Then I let him have it!

“Where the hell you been? I’ve been worried sick about you. I suppose you don’t believe in returning phone calls? Whatsa matter with you anyway? I could just….”

“Bri, Bri…hun, slow down! You’re gonna have a stroke, lady!” and he laughed as he hugged me tight again. Then he took my hand and lead me to the couch. “We have to talk babygirl.”

“Wanna beer? I asked before I sat down. “No, hun, no beer but thanks anyway.” No beer? Well, this must be serious!

We sat facing each other and the light from the fireplace was just enough for us to see one another. Jake took my hands in his and for a couple of minutes he said nothing. Then with a deep, shuddering sigh, he began…

“Bri, this conversation has to be just between us…forever. Do you understand that?” His eyes gazed into mine and I could see fear there. Not mistrust, but he needed to know that I understood the seriousness of what he was about to tell me.

I felt a slight jolt of fear all my own but Jake was my forever buddy and I could keep his secrets so I nodded.

“Corbin ain’t never gonna hurt you again, hun…that was his body the cops found up on Canyon road.” Here he paused, winced then added, “I know ‘cause maybe he had a little help in goin’ over the edge.”

He studied my face to see my reaction. I guess he saw none so he continued.

“Your friends down at Pete’s…well, we’d been talkin’ about how to help you without gettin’ ourselves killed in the process. I’d been thinkin’ about that, too. I told them I would handle it and the less they knew, the least involved, the better.”

“Charlotte was the one to come up with the plan to put together enough of your friends to take up a vigil, a watch, over you yesterday and today in case Corbin changed his plans. Ya see, I knew where he was headin’ earlier tonight and I sorta set a trap for him but knowin’ how his brain is messed up with drugs, I knew anything could happen before he headed out to Canyon road. He’s had a big drug deal goin’ down so we all hoped he’d forget about you, but we still wanted to keep an eye on you anyway.”

I heard him but my brain stopped on the trap…trap? I shivered and fear gripped my heart for Jake.

“Trap? Jake, what have you done? My gaud, I couldn’t stand it if you get caught and went to prison for murder! Oh-my-gaud-oh-my-gaud…” and I burst into tears.

“I’m not gonna get caught, baby, trust me. If you want to know what happened, I’ll tell you. If not, that’s ok, too. No one at Pete’s knows anything. All they did was watch over you. Oh, a few might suspect I had a hand in Corbin goin’ down but not a one of them, not one will ever ask or volunteer anything to the cops, of this I’m sure. It’s a little sad, but everyone down at Pete’s will just think good riddance!”

That was true. Corbin terrorized Pete’s place and not even the cops could stop him. I wasn’t the only one he hurt, there were others who’d felt his fists and his boots.

Now Jake turned to rest his elbows on his knees and rake his fingers through his hair. I’m sure his nerves desperately wanted a beer, lots of beers but his better judgement said no.

©bl David
All rights reserved

To be continued...

Note: This was suppose to be the conclusion but it got too long to post. It is finished and since I'm leaving to go out to dinner with my family, I'll post it before I walk out the door. So...stay tuned folks...the end is on its way!

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Mar 7 @ 1:47PM  
Oh take your time and enjoy your time with the family. I'm enjoying this story.

Besides, I don't want it to end yet.

Mar 7 @ 10:23PM  
Softie, THe chair can get new uphostry or I can get a now one! If I don't read the end will it still be over!
All kidding aside this has been one of you best are at least of the ones you written sense I've been here. And to think you really know nothing of the bikers life and I knew that from our e mails but you made me believe every word. And sweet lady I've been a biker all my life! Rode with a club for 20 years and retired my colors!
You can ride with me any day!

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When Darkness Comes (story) ch 8