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When Darkness Comes (story) ch. 5

posted 3/5/2013 12:18:53 PM |
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Chapter 5

Jake was my friend, had been since high school. He wasn’t much to look at although he had quite the body. Beneath a nice head of hair, his face took some getting used to. His eyes were small and squinting beneath bushy eyebrows. Along with a pock-marked face, it and his nose had seen the ravages of heavy drinking. He tried to hide behind a beard but it was thin and scraggly. His teeth weren’t the best, clean but crooked. His lips were thin to almost nonexistent.

Oh, but Jake had a heart! He worked hard and although he’d never married, a lot of his money was spent caring for his elderly parents. He was the first one there when diaster struck, be it weather related or just a family down on their luck. His skills as a carpenter and auto mechanic were known far and wide and so was his caring heart.

Jake and I had bummed around in high school and ever since. He was gentle and quiet when sober and even when he had a snoot full, he was gentle. But drinking made his inhibitions disappear and his sense of fun and humor would shine.

Sometime in late summer, I began to see a different side of Corbin. He began to make snide remarks aimed at me…or me and Jake. He became burly and by fall, he became mean as hell.

I don’t abide mean and one night at Pete’s, I told him so. That was the first time he hit me. With blood running down my chin, I threw my pool stick at him and headed for the door but he beat me to it. Grabbing me by the hair, he pulled me out the door and slammed me up against the building.

“You little bitch!” He hissed at me. “No one tells me how to act and gets away with it. You belong to me and you’ll do as I say.” With that he back-handed me again. I slid to the ground, my head reeling.

“Where’s your friends now, you little whore? Huh? Where’s your buddy, Jake? I don’t see any of them gettin’ ur back!” With that, he kicked me. His boot would’ve landed squarely in my stomach but my arms deflected it. I fell sideways and covered my head and waited for another boot to land somewhere on my body.

Instead I heard his Harley fire up and roar away. That’s when I heard a siren in the distance coming in fast. Oh gaud…my family would have a fit over this! Next thing I knew, gentle arms were picking me up and carrying me inside.

Aw, bless Jake! I couldn’t fault him for being so scared of Corbin…hell, everyone was. No one wanted to cross him. He was bad enough before but lately he’d turned crazy. So they’d called the cops.

My friend, Charlotte, said, “Take her to the restroom and I’ll take care of her.”

As we headed to the back of the bar, I heard Pete shout, “Get outta the way!” Then I heard glass shattering…I thought Corbin was back and fear shot up my spine.

I found out much later that the breaking of glass was done by none other than Pete himself. I knew he was my friend but not until that moment did I realize just how much of a friend he was. In order to keep me out of the middle, he broke a lot of his beer glasses, turned over a couple of tables ‘n barstools and when the cops got there, he said there’d been a fight but the guys had left. Never once did he mention Corbin…he knew better!

I got a restraining order against Corbin and stopped going to Pete’s except when I knew Corbin was at work. But the restraining order was useless…Corbin just laughed about it. Even the cops were reluctant to mess with him.

I began to a search on my computer for somewhere I could move to. I hated to leave my friends and family but now I felt I had no choice. I had money, my family saw to that. I would change my name and disappear although in my gut I felt it would probably be useless…I figured Corbin would find me anyway.

In the meantime, I found out through the grapevine why Corbin had turned so mean…drugs. Anything he could get his hands on. He was a user when I first met him but only recreationally. Time had changed that as he fell deeper and deeper into the ugliness of a world where the mind turns mean and cruel.

It all came to a head one night when I’d heard Corbin had gone on a road trip with his drugging buddies. I felt safe going to Pete’s. I could finally join my friends and enjoy an evening playing pool and dancing. I should’ve known better. Drugs makes people lie and deceive.

That night, Corbin strolled in just after eleven. Suddenly everyone got quiet. I was about to put the eightball in the side pocket but I stopped to see what was going on. Before I could even straighten up, Corbin had me by the hair. Everyone froze. Corbin never said a word, just yanked me towards the backdoor to the alley. He was brandishing a gun.

“Anyone calls the cops ‘n you can figure ur time is limited on this fuckin’ earth!” No one moved. “I hear a siren and this bitch is the first one to go.” No one moved.

Continued in comments...

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Mar 5 @ 12:19PM  
Shoving me out into the alley, he ripped my blouse off then ordered me to remove my jeans…I did. That gun was just inches from my head. Stepping out of my jeans, I stood up just in time to catch his fist that caught me in the ear. I went down like a sack of potatoes with my ear ringing like a siren!

He was on top of me instantly. As he pounded his cock in me, I could feel the gravel mixed with broken glass cutting into my back and ass. I opened my mouth to scream in pain but his hand went around my throat and squeezed. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears and a buzzing growing in my head.

Then suddenly, the pressure around my throat was gone, then Corbin was gone. He’d planned this. He’d parked his Harley behind the bar and walked around to the front door. Now his bike came roaring to life and he only stopped long enough to kick me hard before he went screaming off into the night.

I didn’t go to the ER. Jake and Charlotte took me to her house where they picked glass and gravel out of my back and ass and cleaned me up. I stayed with Charlotte several days. Jake and a friend of his took my bike to Jake’s house for safe keeping.

It was a week later that I began to hear the rumors and from what I was hearing, my friends at Pete’s were beginning to lose their fear of Corbin or the need to stop my getting hurt was becoming greater than their fear….

To be continued...

©bl David
All rights reserved

Mar 5 @ 3:27PM  
Damn it Softie You got me wanting to have a word of prayer with this Corbin and I can feel my blood starting to boil! Your putting together a great read and I swear I'm so into it.I actually pissed!
Of course I'm send another green thing!

Mar 5 @ 4:17PM  
Easy there Hog...this is just my imagination runnin'

Mar 5 @ 6:47PM  
Drugs can be a nasty Achilles's heel for a person. What a twist to this story!

Mar 5 @ 10:56PM  
Softie, I had to open a quart of apple Pie just to calm my nerves! And that was the last of my supply now what do i do if I get snake bit! LOL

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When Darkness Comes (story) ch. 5