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When Darkness Comes (story) ch.4

posted 3/4/2013 1:35:17 PM |
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Chapter 4

The pool challenge never did materialize. Yes, we played pool…sometimes I won, sometimes he won and although we were competitive, never seriously so. We had other things to be serious about…

For the whole summer, we biked throughout the state, finding parks and the ever-present wilderness where we would spread out a blanket and make love. Sometimes slow, sweet love and sometimes wild, passionate love. We made love whenever and wherever we could.

Once we found a secluded pond nestled at the end of a long and winding dirt road. We’d twisted and turned, kicked up tons of dust, laughed as we bounced through washouts and over washboards. The trees were thick and choked with brush and it was hot, hot, hot! Then we rounded a bend and there was the most beautiful pond I’d ever seen. The water was clear and the bottom sandy. Someone had built a pier where an old rotting rowboat was tied to bump endlessly against its mooring.

We stopped the bikes and for a bit we just sat and took it all in. Then Corbin said, “You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” Well, damn! He knew I was! Killing the bike’s throaty rumbling, we dropped the kickstands and crawled off. Corbin pulled off his boots, cleaned out his pockets as I kicked off my sandals and I don’t know who set off running first. Didn’t matter. Next thing I knew, we were in the water, clothes ‘n all.

For awhile we swam and played, splashing and ducking each other, then suddenly, it turned serious…just a catching of the eyes and the fire erupted. Corbin pulled me to the pier where he pulled me to him and kissed me, long and deep. As his lips pulled on mine, he slowly removed my blouse…no bra to bother with. Then it was my turn. It was too hot for his leathers and his t-shirt was easy to pull over his head. Quickly they landed wet and haphazardly on the old wooden boards of the pier.
Now he pulled me to him, chest to chest. I could feel his chest hair tickling my tits as they smashed hard against him. His lips left mine, working their way down my throat, wet and hot. Slowly…slowly…

Filling his hands with my breast, he first kissed them as he worked slowly towards my nipple which he was squeezing between his thumb and fingers. I groaned…I wanted to feel his tongue on my nipples and I was getting impatient! Suddenly his tongue flicked over it, lightly and teasingly. I tensed…oh, please hurry!

Then his mouth closed over it as his tongue teased lightly, quickly, again and again. Grabbing his hair, I tried to hold him to my breast, force him to take hold of my nipple and suck it hard! But he resisted…he wanted to tease. Cupping my tits in his hands, he drew them together, brought the nipples almost together then he began to work on both of them, flicking his tongue rapidly over them.

Now I was writhing and panting and I could feel my pussy beginning to swell and fill with spasms. Then Corbin got serious. He captured one nipple and sucked it into his mouth, massaging it with his tongue, sucking, nibbling. Then the other nipple. Then both together! It was too much…the explosion between my legs caught me by surprise and took my breath away! My shouts of ‘oh my gaud’ reverberated across the pond to bounce back in small echoes. Either that, or I couldn’t hear them well with the roaring in my ears!

I clung to him while the waves of orgasm slowed and receded.

Slowly now, he removed my shorts, then I removed his jeans. The urgency had subsided and now we played for awhile, touching, caressing, kissing. Soon our needs began to fill us but a softness had settled upon us as though this deserted pond, so beautiful, had shushed us, filled our passion with such love. Our fire still burned but now it didn’t roar, it just overwhelmed us with a wall of warm, warm love.

Leaning his back against a water-smoothed post, Corbin lifted me to bring my legs around his waist. Quickly his hard shaft found what it was looking for. Pressing gently, just its head entered as he rocked me easily in the bouyant water. I could feel my pussy begin to stretch with his thickness. “Easy now.” He whispered. For long minutes, he toyed with me, gently in and out, in and out.

Now I pushed away from him. Finding the sandy bottom with my feet, I backed away as I lowered myself beneath the water to take him in my mouth. Needing air, I lifted him to the surface where I took more and more of his big cock into my mouth. Then I used the bouyance of the water to assist me in taking him in…just a little at a time until he filled my throat.

His moaning began low in his belly, heavy breathing, groans. The intensity was building but I sensed his controlling it. Then suddenly he pushed me away, swung me around and pushed me back in the shallow water. I felt the soft sand on my back and ass as he lifted my legs clear of the water. His shadow fell over me and now the gentleness was gone.

He entered me with one hard thrust and held it there to grind as his hips made small circular motions. Then the pumping began. Slow at first, then faster. Now my moans came from deep within me and began to build.

Continued in comments....

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Mar 4 @ 1:35PM  
But not to be outdone, suddenly Corbin withdrew and just as quickly, his mouth was on my clit. It was but seconds until I exploded in a full blown scream of pure joy! I heard no echoes this time. I was drowning in convulsive spasms!

Before my scream ended, Corbin had plunged his cock in me and was pumping hard. Time seemed to stand still. His control was awesome as the slap of wet skin pelted our ears. It lasted probably only minutes but it felt like a wonderful eternity before my muscles stiffened in pre-orgasmic mode…just an instant freezing then every muscle in me just went crazy. Corbin knew me well, knew when I froze it was time. His head went back and all hell burst loose as we came almost simantaneously.

His pumping began to slow as the muscles in both of us returned to normal. While our breathing slowed, Corbin lay atop me, we kissed and whispered words of love.

That was several months ago. I have to wonder where that all went. When did the ugliness start? And why?

To be continued…..

©bl David
All rights reserved

Mar 4 @ 7:11PM  


Mar 5 @ 12:07AM  
Wow Softie I had forgotten how well you write the story is amasing the way you keep even my old biker ass glued and waiting for the next chapter!

Another green thing for the the story and for being you!
PS You would have made a good[ OL LADY!] LOL

Mar 5 @ 4:16PM  
FOUR thuds Sugar....ya need an aspirin??? LOL

Yanno Hog...It's kinda hard for me to write such an explicit story anymore...I blush This is more along the drama lines...I prefer writing mystery, fantasy or romance but I thought you'd like this one.

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When Darkness Comes (story) ch.4