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posted 2/12/2013 12:24:53 PM |
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tagged: life

We are born, we are dependent on our parents for our care. Hell, we can't get up and run off yet. We have to cry for attention, for food, and for a clean bottom.

Then, there comes that day when we figure it out how to scoot around or roll around, and we always do so when Mom had the diaper off. And then shortly after that, we figure out how to use our hands and knees to get up and crawl, now Mom is really having fun because now we don't just roll away, we can crawl away! And not long after that, the real fun begins when we figure out how to stand up and run! Of course, that doesn't come without a few bumps and bruises, where we learn this nasty thing called "pain". That is just not fun. But, as the old saying goes: "no pain no gain"...something like that.

So, then for a while, life is great, we can run off on Mom. It's amazing how sometimes she will laugh, and then there those times where she seems scared, and then when she sees us, she is at first smiles, and then frowns and yells. Why? Just wandered off to check out that pretty black and yellow fly (which later on to our dismay we find out is not so nice when it bites us! ) Or we saw that bunny hopping in the yard and followed it. I mean, why did Mom get so upset?

And then comes all this talk about school. WTF is that? Oh, Mom says it's a new adventure with other kids. Wait!!! You mean there are other kids besides my little sister who does nothing more than scream?? Ok!! Let's go!!!! Oh hey, this isn't so bad!!!! We get to play with crayons, and we get to eat the lunch Mom sent with us, although, I still don't think the nap was necessary when I'm busy having fun. And then there is Mom, coming to take me back home to my sister where I can tease her and tell her how I had more fun than she did. And then I notice it's cold, and there is this white stuff on the ground that is cold...where did this come from? I don't remember seeing this before now? Whatever it's FUN!!!! We can scoop it up and smoosh it into balls and throw it at each other and laugh when it hits because all it does is go "poof!" and it doesn't hurt! And we can lay down in it and pretend we are flying and when we get up, it looks like angels. The adults call this white stuff snow and they seem to not like it. Why? It's fun!!!!! After a while, it starts to get warm again, and all that snow disappears, and all of sudden, Mom says I don't have to go to school anymore. What??? I can't see those kids I had fun playing with? Mom says to not worry, I will see those kids again in a few months. What is a month?

Mom and Dad are now talking about this thing called a vacation. What is that? Oh, it's when Dad doesn't go away all day and come home when my sister and I are sleeping. We get to go up north for some days and play in the woods and in the sand piles, and go to the beach with cousins... Dad goes with Grandpa and Uncles to do this thing called fishing. Grandpa would "clean" the fish, and Grandma would cook them, and we ate. During the day while playing, we would catch bugs, Mom and some of the Aunts didn't like that...they would yell at us to get those things out of the cabin. Oh...and the pretty colors in the sky and the BOOM!!!!, Mom called it Fourth of July. Don't know yet what that is all about, but those things that Mom calls "fireworks" are pretty!!!! And these sticks Dad gives us, called sparklers, are fun!!!!!! Except when those little sparkles sometimes land on the arm, stings a little bit. But they are still fun.

continued in comments...............

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Feb 12 @ 12:32PM  
And then there are the flashes in the sky and the loud booms and rain...Mom doesn't let us play outside during those..she calls them thunderstorms. But it just looks like more fourth of July..what's the difference?

Oh good!!! It's school again!!! I get to see those kids again! And naps this time!!!! We're big kids now, we don't have to take naps!!!! And there is this new thing called recess where we get to go outside and play!!!!!! And the teacher shows us this neat thing called writing our name. And what the alphabet is and what numbers are.....and this new stuff, it's colorful liquid called paint. Wow!!! I had to put some on my hand because it is so pretty. Teacher says we aren't supposed to do that. And when I show Mom, she says it's pretty, yet, she washed it off. It's starting to get cold again...hey!!! That snow stuff, it's coming again isn't it???? And so it goes, now we're learning about days, time, months, seasons, and other things called math, English, grammar, how to put these letters together to make words, and how to write these words. Wow, there are so many different ways to write, big letters, small letters, and this cool way of writing where the pencil stays on the paper till the word is spelled, it's called cursive writing. that, dividing numbers. a number bigger.

As time goes on, we start to learn about how our bodies will change. What????? You mean to tell me that my body will change? So comes the day when all the girls go to one classroom and all the boys go to another classroom. (I later find out the boys got to watch cartoons ) And the girls watch this movie about how when we get older we will get these things called "breasts", (I always wondered why Mom had those bumps on her chest), and then there is this thing called "periods". What?????? We bleed for a week??????? No way!!!!!!!! And what are they talking about this thing called "cramps"? What are those? Go home and ask Mom about this stuff...and that is when Mom tells me about these things called tampons. What??? Hell no!!! They go where???? Oh no....don't want anything to do with this...just doesn't sound fun to me. As time goes on, forget about this, and one day in 7th grade, back feels achy, and there is a strange feeling just below the stomach. Ask the teacher if I can use the hall pass to go to the bathroom and there is a spot of blood in my panties. It started!!!!!!! And I'm only in 3rd hour!!!!!!!! I went back to class, told the teacher I wasn't feeling good, and she let me go to the office to call home. Told Mom my period started, got the talk about those tampons again. That is when I first realized that us girls have 2 holes down there!


Feb 12 @ 12:34PM  
Thus begins the teen years.....and even though the whole period thing sucks....these are the FUN years!!!!

Driver's Ed...yeah...time to learn to drive!! Got my license, and from then on, driving everywhere!!!! And then find out how fun snow is with a car when going into an empty parking lot to "practice" winter driving skills! And with that car came this new thing called responsibility. Cool. I'm getting to where I feel more adult with the benefit of still being a kid......except that whole grounding business...I swear, Mom somewhere lost her sense of humor. And snow days!!! Perfect time to grab the sled or toboggan and go to the parks and have fun!!!!!

And then, jobs, bills, more responsibility..yet, now, freedom. And now, I also understand why Dad complained about snow. It's not fun digging out the car.

But ya writing this and reflecting back, there is really only 3 gripes about winter: digging out the driveway, higher utility bills, and dumb drivers...other than that, winter can still be fun. I was outside with the dogs last week after Nemo went through and throwing snow balls for them and having fun. Wasn't even cold till I went into the house.

Don't get me wrong, I still want spring and summer...but now I sorta appreciate winter again.


Feb 12 @ 3:52PM  
That is when I first realized that us girls have 2 holes down there!

Double (actually triple) the fun

Feb 12 @ 8:37PM  
This deserves more than just one kudo.

Feb 13 @ 5:15PM  

Feb 13 @ 7:15PM  
I'm so glad I visited today slipped you a dog biscuit

Feb 15 @ 1:58AM  
loved it green thing

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