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posted 2/7/2013 12:12:23 PM |
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Blog #2 'bout cookin' 'n strange stuff in the back of ones 'fridge...

Well WoW 'n Sugar........I've gotten that tip about freezing leftovers before...mostly from Susie. It provokes some embarrassment for me in how I feel about frozen leftovers. Let me back up here alittle...

All my life, I never considered myself a picky eater...well not to extremes anyway. My married life consisted of plain cookin', nuttin' fancy, nuttin' out of the ordinary and no experimenting with new stuff, just...same ole same ole.... But that's how we liked it...and leftovers were gone quickly.

So then came the years of widowhood and I ate what I liked and cooked rarely...ah life was simple those years. Then I moved HERE. Susie discovered a few years ago that she not only likes to cook but she's very good at it and OMG does she like to experiment...and she's good at that, too. short order, I discovered I am a very picky eater and to extremes. In self defense, I do believe one of my medicines may be a culprit in the changing of my taste buds. Whatever the problem is, my list of dislikes grows almost daily...and I'm sure would seem weird to J.Q. Public.

I do not like thawed out, heated up leftovers. Let me add here another quirk (yes, there's more)...I am finicky about textures, how it feels in my mouth. (now there's an opening if I ever saw one for those who have dirty I think potatoes and meat that's been frozen become mealy in texture...they FEEL weird to my tongue. Thawed out veggie soup or stew becomes watery and looks (another quirk o mine) unappetizing...more like barf in a bowl.

Some things doesn't have to be frozen for me to not like reheated. Most meats, especially CHICKEN, when reheated tastes like it's old meat even if I reheat it the same day. Once it's cold, I don't like it. I can shred cold chicken, add it to noodles and like it but, well....I don't like reheated chicken 'n noodles either. Hamburger reheated taste old...kinda like old lard.

Getting creative isn't an option...I don't like to cook in the first place so I have stunted imagination to begin with in the kitchen. So many things I use to like, I don't like anymore. Bologna, orange juice, most cereals, bread, name a few. Some things are becoming 'iffy' is one of them. Some days something may taste good and other days they don't.

So there ya have it...picky, picky, picky. I don't like food preparation, I'd rather just 'grab 'n growl'.

A little side note here...

You'd think that as picky as I am that I wouldn't have a weight problem would you? But yanno what? It's my belief that there's overweight people who are that way not because they over eat. I can tell you, if I didn't have to eat to survive, I wouldn't miss food at all. But because of this, I don't eat properly...on a schedule or the proper foods. The worst thing I can do being a diabetic is skip meals but I do it every day. I have no appetite or want anything to eat until mid to late afternoon...then I just often nibble around the rest of the night. I get hungry around 9 or 10 at night and legitimately so...that is supper time for me. Yeah yeah...I have no discipline when it comes to eating. But it's so hard to make myself eat when there isn't ONE thing that I want and the thought of food makes me wanna hurl.

Anyhoo....yes, I guess I'm hopeless in the food department. Maybe I should just have a big 'food garage sale' (against the law methinks) and get rid of everything in my cupboards and freezer then take the money and buy those protein drinks that replace meals...I could handle that I think. Add a few frozen dinners here 'n there and I think I'd be a happy camper (thumbs up here)

So there ya have it...Softie on the silly side...weird 'n odd but uniquely me. Now I think I'll go try to choke down some toast and have another cuppa coffee. Ya'll have a good day...


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Feb 7 @ 1:15PM  
Unique? Yes. Odd? No. We all have our preferences. You don't like reheating food, it doesn't taste good to you. Nothing odd about that. I know plenty of people that way.

What I was referring to is I was told to prepare the dish, and what I don't intend to use, to freeze so I can cook it later. It's not really "cooked" all the way. But, again, if it doesn't taste right or feel right (oh dirty mind went there too ) in your mouth, then that is the way it is.

Doesn't feel right in the mouth..... ................... .................

Oh damn...gotta say it.....not hard enough? Not throbbing?

Sometimes it's just hard to resist the occasional smart comment.

Feb 7 @ 2:12PM  
I won't argue with you with freezing the leftovers except that I depends on who you do it. Yeah, it can be blech, but it was often overcooked blech to begin with Many things like soup and spaghetti sauce improve after freezing

I just often nibble around the rest of the night.

After being told by doctors for decades to not munch late at night, my doctor is now telling me to have a bowl or cereal with milk late at night so I will rest better

I think that I will follow my grandfather's advice. He said that he always rested better if he had a little nip before going to bed. So I am looking for a Japanese girlfriend

Feb 7 @ 6:18PM  
I think God invented picnics so man could have cold chicken. I often want eat but a single piece of chicken fresh out of the pan but let it get cold and I can probably eat a whole chicken.
Pinto beans are allways better the next day reheated.of course, but you still need cornbread and raw onions.
I guess I'm just country!

Feb 7 @ 9:38PM  
The freezer here is usually full of leftovers because I will cook enough for a few meals and immediately freeze part of it, Most of the time food matters very little to me, If I am hungry I will just eat the first thing I can get out of the freezer and nuke, I have eat enough strange and weird foods in my time to not be too picky,

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