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Just checkin' in...

posted 2/7/2013 1:01:05 AM |
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Hi ya', I didn't die or anything like that. I'm old but still kickin'...well, that's

So....what's new? SS,DD (same shit, different day)

I'm finally beginning to feel human again. Doc says I've just had one hellava sinus infection that is causing all the crap in my bronchial tubes that kept me coughing. High powered antibiotics seems to finally be working.

In the meantime, I have been very busy with Zelda. I have several projects I've been wanting to do with her and one of them was proof-reading all my poems, reprinting them and categorizing them into their own notebooks. ALL DONE! But oh, what a crowded mess Zelda's room was with a cardtable set up, there was barely room to turn around.

Then there has sorta been a war of the 'roses' the past couple of weeks (friends will know what I mean) but yanno, I stuck to my guns and things finally got hammered out and I think maybe this time, things are gonna be fine.

I made an angel food cake today and cleaned out the 'fridge at the same wasn't pretty let me tell ya. I think all kitchens should have counter space that goes all around the room! My mobile home has very little.

I had an unusual amount of leftovers to start with that needed shifted into smaller containers. I had a package of bacon that needed split into individual portions. I had a musk melon (whole one) that needed cleaned and cut up. I had 2 large water jugs that needed smaller containers.

So anyway, I elbowed enough room to prepare the cake and got it in the oven. It tells you on the box, when it's done to immediately turn it upside down on a bottle. Obvioulsy you can't rest a hot angel food cake pan on a plastic bottle! But I was totally amazed that I could not find one glass bottle in this house! I finally glanced atop the 'fridge and there was a Peach Schnapps (misp??? shrugs) bottle. Does any booze come in plastic bottles? Dunno...don't do the drinkin' thingy anymore but I did make a batch of Peach slush, hence the booze bottle and thank goodness for that or what the hell would I have done with that cake?

So now, make powered sugar icing...shift, elbow...wash the damn beaters, get the ingredients. All in vain. I haven't a clue which ingredient was the culprit but yanno I don't bake much (or cook much for that matter) and something about it tasted old...the butter maybe? I even spread some icing just on top of the cake and thought it would be alright...not. Scraped it off and pitched the whole batch. But now I've added to the mess.

Stop and sack up trash 'n take it out to the dumpster.

Now there was a couple of things in the 'fridge that I had second thoughts about being edible anymore...bag 'em. (Trip to the dumpster) Shove shit around, find the musk melon, clean the guts out, bag 'em. (Trip to the dumpster)

Now I need counter room to pile all the dirty dishes from the sink so I can run hot, sudsy dishwater....lots of it! I need to get out the dish drainer...shift stuff to the stove top, some to the table. Get the funnel and transfer the bottled water into small bottles (big bottles were on sale). (Take empty big bottles to the dumpster.)

Cake is cool. Cut into pieces and place in storage bags. Look at residue cake in pan that has to be dealt with, scan the mess that use to be my nice neat clean kitchen and think to myself...

Was it worth it?

Yanno, grocery stores are full of frozen Jack's pizza (yummm) TV dinners, all kinds of pre-prepared foods 'n they're pretty good! No muss, no fuss. I coulda picked up an angel food cake for 2 bucks...what was I thinking??? Really good icing comes in CANS...what was I thinking ('specially when I had at least 2 in my cupboard!)

I have 2 freezers full of meat (to cook)...what was I thinking? And I really don't like to cook that well...what was I thinking???

I'm really not complaining (about the food) when I think how so many people are struggling so hard and groceries are outrageously high. I'm just grumbling about the cooking. Cooking for one person is the pits.

I was kinda disappointed though. I use to be able to handle this kinda mess in a flash, no problem...mulit-task. Well, today, I got 'r done...but gaud, I felt like I'd been wrestling an alligator all day...just plum wore me out! I think I didn't get old to do this shit...been there, done that.

I think I'll share my abundance with my kids...hand it to them and let THEM make da cookin' mess. I have more meat than I can eat before it gets freezer burn and I'm sure they could use a little grocery help.

I think about all the work preparing meals that just produces leftovers 'n makes messes. We have a restaurant 'n good ones and I just heard they opened a new hotdog place that rivals the famous coney island hotdogs. We have a bakery in this lil town that is famous all over the state. Yanno, if ya plan it right, eating out when you live alone isn't anymore expensive than making meals at home...and minus the work....

What was I thinking????

Goin' to bed now. Ya'll sleep tight, stay warm 'n Sugar....I hear ur getting a lot more than 5 inches of snow....better you than me...whistles off to get a good night's sleep...: )


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Feb 7 @ 5:10AM  
Yesterday, I found myself doing some of the same things in rearranging the freezer and cleaning out the fridge. One of the things I encountered was a post script to this blog, Yes We Have No Bananas. She had baked five banana concoctions for a get together and the dog had gotten three of them. She was concerned that there wouldn't be enough for the guests after he munched them. She need not be as there was still remnants of one in the fridge a week and a half later. So the dogs got it too.

This sort of thing happens a lot. She decides to bake something and bakes enough to feed a football team and the coaching staff. I also found a few homemade cinnamon rolls in the back of the fridge that had been there for a month. Being as nobody we know plays hockey and needs any pucks the dogs got them too. It took them awhile to eat them as they were more than crunchy, kind of like chew bones with icing on them.

I also processed a lot of fresh vegetables to put in the freezer including a couple of relish trays that were largely untouched from the Super Bowl, Beyond them there were a couple of bunches of broccoli, two stalks of celery and multiple bags of peppers. I also rearranged the spice rack by putting things in alphabetical order.

I also took the remains of a spiral cut ham and made a navy bean soup. It was delicious. I had three bowls with some Bavarian rye bread

Yesterday, also marked the last items coming in that had been in storage elsewhere since the move in early November.

Feb 7 @ 9:52AM  
I had complained about left overs to a friend at work and she told me when I prepare a meal, like a lasagna or casserole, to put in single serving containers and freeze for future use. Been doing that ever since. Cause the only boxed lasagna that is "ok" that I like is Stouffers, and they can get a little expensive. I tried an off brand once, and didn't like it.

I'm just waiting on Spring to do my spring cleaning around the house. I know, I'm procrastinating, but oh well.

Glad you're feeling better and glad your "War of the Roses" seems to finally be settled.

Feb 7 @ 10:36AM  
single serving containers and freeze for future use

I do that and also take left overs like from a roast chicken or beef roast and freeze them for future use as components in soups or casseroles. It really cuts down on the prep. time and I can put something together in a hurry with some noodles/rice and a can of cream of mushroom soup I can freeze the leftovers from that also

Feb 7 @ 10:53AM  
Well crap....I started to comment on my comments and it's turned into more of a blog so stay tuned for da followup...thanks!

Feb 7 @ 10:56AM  
^^^ ^^^

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Just checkin' in...