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Four years wasted

posted 1/25/2013 10:48:19 AM |
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And on what? People who think you are a joke. You vowed to close the site down, it's still here. True, it's not what it used to be, things change, but you sure as hell didn't succeed in running off people or bringing down this site.

Must suck huh? You spent how much money over what was it? 7 years? More or less? Thought they wouldn't kick your ass to the curb for harassing others? Found out that your money wasn't good enough for them to look away when you acted like an asshole. That must have really sucked, because that was 4 years ago, and here you are, fake profile after fake profile, still harassing others who see you as nothing more than a joke.

It has to be a really sad life to sit there everyday and think about a bunch of people on a web site who don't give you a second thought. How does it feel to be so obsessed with people who don't give a damn about you? Oh yeah, I'm acknowledging you now, but I'll soon not give you a second thought. Delete is a wonderful little button. I open your little missives, and just hit the delete button. I don't bother reading them. How does that feel? Knowing you wasted your time to write your little insult, and it wasn't even read? Oh, and the old, activate the account, post your drivel, and then hurry and cancel so the Mod doesn't kick your sorry ass to the curb know it's a matter of time before your 2 latest fakes are canceled.

The funniest part of all of this? I don't give a flying fuck that you are here. If you were to have a profile here for the sake of meeting someone, and blogging, I wouldn't care. But, that's not what you do. No, you come on here with the sole intent of harassing others, trying to run them off. It's been 4 fucking years have accomplished NOTHING. People are still here, people are still blogging, people DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

You have a sad, sad, life if all you can do is obsess over this little site out of millions and the people who participate who could really give a shit about you and your insanity.

Yes, you got me to acknowledge you in a blog. And like the well trained puppet you are, you're going to write a blog directed at me insulting my job, a cheap shot about my dogs, or some other childish little tantrum that you are so well known for. Guess what? I'll be laughing at your attempts because you are so predictable. Let me're going to make a comment about me scrubbing toilets...Oh...guess you missed that little announcement a year back about another job and pay raise. Should have paid attention. I'm sure the rats and bugs living on your filth are happy.....but, that is also why you're so lonely. No person with any self respect would come a mile near you.

Sucks to be you.

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Jan 25 @ 1:11PM  
It doesn't bother me all that much anymore. Pretty bored with his foolish antics these days.

Jan 25 @ 1:17PM  
So am I actually, but, he's been so desperate in trying to get he got some attention.

Jan 25 @ 1:55PM  
I feel fortunate that most of his ids never paid me any attn til recently. Seems when hairypus got angry with me, all of a sudden my inbox was flooded with mail from ids that were cancelled by the time I saw they were there

Jan 25 @ 2:29PM  
It may suck to be him, but he's still getting what he wants. I ignore the trolls... period.

Jan 25 @ 7:29PM  
He says he's paying me a visit... well my town anyway!

I don't seem to be too worried about this.......


Jan 25 @ 11:42PM  
I judt delete the mail from the men who cancel their profiles right away. If they don't want a responce why even read the posts

Jan 26 @ 8:19PM  
They don't want a response.... sometimes they just want to try to make some sort of statement or senseless point!......

Jan 26 @ 8:27PM  
It may suck to be him, but he's still getting what he wants

Well if what he wants it to sit day after day creating profile after profile (AND a new email address to go along with each new profile) then yes! He is getting what he wants!

I just don't get the need to unleash his "hell" on this site like he thinks he is. It's just so laughable! I'm doing good to just log in here, read emails, read blogs and maybe reply around the insanity. And I work a full time job as most of us do. I don't have time to sit and make up stupid crap in the name of trying to make others miserable.

But then again... this only gives him a little bit more attention... that's what he craves. But we aren't miserable like he thinks we are. We do live our lives.... daily! Without actually another thought of him, other than signing on to this site and seeing him make a fool of himself each and every day with new profile after new profile. I have gotten emails from him for the past few days, each under a new name. what kind of person really does that? A sad and lonely and desperate person!

I don't really have anything bad to say about anyone on this site... because I don't know them personally... and I just have better things to do than stir the pot!

That's another 5 minutes I'll never get back! Thanks for the platform sugar! I've really been trying to avoid it actually but... who gives a shit anymore?!?!?

I love my friends here! MY FRIENDS that is! I do have quite few!

Jan 26 @ 8:38PM  
I love my friends that I've made here too. All of them.

As to the other.......that is something that it's mother should have swallowed or spit out rather than let it fertilize an egg.

Jan 27 @ 2:53PM  
who ever yall are talkin about must be a real wall head and prolly had cramped fingers to Lmao

Jan 27 @ 4:56PM  
that is something that it's mother should have swallowed

YIIIKES!!! Somehow, that reminds me of watching those old Alien SciFi flicks a few years ago, when the unborn alien would pop out of its host's stomach! Better to spit in that case!

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Four years wasted