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A New Year...any special plans?

posted 1/19/2013 10:06:19 PM |
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tagged: life

As you know, I went through the holidays with the misery that seems to be sweeping the country. Nasty stuff I tell ya...just nasty! I'm still not out of the woods...still have a chest full of crap which creates some really creative coughing to keep from choking.

But all 'n all, the holidays were good and I enjoyed the Christmas spirit. Most of those around me had the spirit and some didn't but ya know was always in my heart throughout the whole season.

But then New Year's came and it wasn't so good. It was the peak of my illness and a miserable few days. That's when I got a little scared and sought out my doctor. Now after two rounds of a Z pac and I'm Iookin' to have to see the doctor again... Ahhhh such is winter...

But I did make it through the end of the year and finally arrived at a new beginning...a new year with a clean slate. Do you make New Year's resolutions? I don't....I just revive last years....and the year before and...well so on 'n so on.

I really don't save resolution lists but if I did, my list would be getting so long by now that I could wallpaper my living room with it. I think about those things that I'd like to change throughout a new year and I have to chuckle...lose weight? Never happens. Save money? Never happens. (gotta be something left every month to save! )

I think about all the things I want to do in the new year. Being 68, my list ain't very exciting let me tell ya and mostly the first thing on it is "Please God, let me wake up every morning all year long!"

I've lived here in my home now for 2 years. I knew life would be different here but little did I expect the whirlwind of continual activity from early spring, well into the holidays! Aside from the usual auctions and garage sales, my friend thinks we should go to every fish fry or tenderloin supper or festival within a 20 mile radius.

Then there's 2 weeks every year, June 'n October, that we have "HIllbilly Christmas"....otherwise known as town wide cleanup. It's a hoot, but very exhausting.

Now this doesn't count the myriad of 'around the house projects'... There's flowerbeds to make...and plant. Decks to paint. Garage projects. Then comes summer and I groan over once again planting too many flowers. Now it's water 'n pluck 'n weed; fertilize, spread weed killer, weed-eat all the weeds outta cracks 'n corners. There's just too much activity to mention.

By August, I'm beginning to long for January. No more flowers or festivals or any of the summer hulabaloo. January is quiet...serene...COLD...and not one activity in sight!!! Sometimes I have trouble shifting gears after the holidays. It's sorta like slamming into a brick wall at 90 mph...I feel rather stunned with the silence.

So I think about resolutions for the new year. It isn't a long list but it suits an old fart like me. I'd like to do a little more fishing and a little less yard work. I'd like to sit on my patio and read a book and to heck with projects. I'd like to ride around the countryside and take more pictures this year. Or go to the State Park and watch the buffalo...they're about as active as I am so we just sit and stare at each other but it's good for both of us...

Probably the strangest thing that I'd like to do just once this summer is go someplace...not far a little town on a lake where I can explore. A little town with interesting little shops and a little family style bar. I'd like to get a motel room for the night. I like the thought of being somewhere where I don't know a soul and they don't know me and just leave all my cares behind me for 24 hours. But then I think about the epidemic of....bedbugs! That worries me. So I don't know if I'll do this or not...

I guess if I had any New Year's resolutions they would be to just coast gently through this year...relax and enjoy life at an easy pace. Not to get caught up in projects and the whirlwind of getting things done and trying to get them done YESTERDAY.

Continued in comments...

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Jan 19 @ 10:06PM  
I wanna have more campfires after dark, roast more hotdogs, drink a few more beers. I want to spend more time in my backyard and on my patio just lounging and reading. I wanna make more floral arrangements and other crafts. I wanna see more of my kids.

I think this just might be the year that at least some of those resolutions will actually happen. Although I'm certainly not ready for a rocking chair and laprobe, I'm at a time in my life when I'm ready to relinquish a life of busyness for a life of leisure. Sounds good, doncha think???

Ya'll have a good evening, be happy 'n keep smilin'....


P.S....I copied and pasted this from over on the vanilla side and it brought the emoticons right along with it...amazing! Now I know where I can write a blog for here and use the

Jan 19 @ 10:46PM  
I got the flu 11 days ago on Jan. 8. I'm nearing the end of this shit. Still coughing, but it's finally starting to die out finally. I'm not one to get sick, let alone get a flu of any kind. This is the first flu for me in years.

The one silver lining however is I lost my ability to smell and taste my food for 5-6 days, and wasn't hungry, and lost about 3" off my waist, and some weight in other areas. I got my scent and taste back about three days ago, so hopefully I won't put the weight back on.

Jan 19 @ 11:02PM  
I lost 7 lbs. in about a week and a half...trying desperately to keep it off! I rarely get sick with a flu or cold but it finally caught up with me this year. Once about every 4-5 years so I'm really not complaining (well maybe a

Jan 19 @ 11:43PM  
My mom went to the emergency room the day after Christmas. I don't know if you saw when I blogged about her falling and breaking her hip back in November, she had to have hip replacement surgery. She was home in time for Thanksgiving, she was doing fine, had a therapist and a visiting nurse coming to the house to see her.

Christmas, I went over to my parents house after work, and I noticed Mom see "tired". I commented to my sister about it, and she said something about it might be low sodium, and she seemed worried about it. So I asked her what all that means...and she said it can cause a decrease in blood pressure, and can also lead to a person falling into a coma. So I asked her why in the hell no on has called the nurse yet about this, and she said it was because Mom wouldn't let them. I told my sister that sometimes, it's better to be safe than sorry. And then we saw Mom get up, use her walker to go to the bathroom, her color was I told my sister, call that nurse first thing in the morning. She did, and the nurse said to get Mom to the ER.

Mom spent a couple of weeks at the hospital, then another week or two at a rehab place, she finally got home yesterday. So her holidays were shot too. But she is doing much better, and both the nurse and therapist were there yesterday and have said that she will be using a cane by spring, and by next fall, she should be able to walk around on her own again without having to use a walker or cane.

But then I think about the epidemic of....bedbugs! That worries me. So I don't know if I'll do this or not...

Yes, those little hitch hikers are a pain. Best I can tell you about that is to call the hotel you are thinking of staying at and ask them their policy dealing with them. No hotel has been spared, they have all had an incident or two. But a place that is proactive will tell you what their procedure is if any are indeed found. Just call ahead and ask.

Jan 20 @ 4:59AM  
When I told you to write I didn't mean for you to continue in the same rut. Write for God's sake, use your imagination and quit dwelling on the mundane. You have a talent and if you have come to the conclusion that it's easier to write drivel then apply yourself then you are truly done. The joy is gone. Don't put pen to paper just to ramble. Writing is about establishing a thread, weaving a dialogue or story that engages the reader. If your purpose is to keep this sorry site alive then you are relegating yourself to mediocracy. Write to enlighten YOURSELF. I know you feel the pride and I know what it feels like when your mind feeds your passion and you excede yourself. All the rest is redundant.

Jan 20 @ 5:30AM  
The only resolution I make is to just make it through one more year without other people driving me crazy. LOL Both of my sons are living here right now and one of them is about to drive me up the wall and has to be reminded exactly whose house this is.

Jan 20 @ 6:42AM  
If your purpose is to keep this sorry site alive

You again The man with a thousand faces (actually profiles). Why don't you go scrub that nasty shower stalll

Jan 20 @ 6:55AM  
This year will be one of change and for the better In about four months my social security will kick in and I'll have some disposable income The University of Missouri is 15 minutes away and there are some blues clubs in town near it I will put forth an effort to meet some people to pal around with as we get closer to spring.

The area I am at now is vastly different than where I was last year. I was in a farming community where nobody does anything as they roll up the sidewalks after sundown. I am now minutes away from a city, yep city, with over 100,000 people that is the liberal bastion of the state There are multitudes of restaurants and sports bars. There are even two micro breweries

I am also going to do my garden thing again and it will literally have be started from the ground up. It will be scaled back as there is almost an infestation of raccoons and they are tough to combat unless you completely fence in the garden including the top. So my emphasis will be on leafy vegetables and not much being put into tomatoes and other summer crops beyond green beans.

Jan 20 @ 5:38PM  
Is chambermaid Abby? Jest asking

Jan 20 @ 10:45PM  

As ever was,
DRCOCKTAIL:) :) :) :) :)

Jan 21 @ 6:51PM  
Sigh, sigh, sigh....

Yes Chambermaid/cocktail and all the other personalities that you are...I can still write and I damn well know how to write something beside rambling and drivel but maybe for now I choose not to.

Maybe right now I have enough to struggle with like trying to kick this flu I've had for almost 2 months. Maybe I have other priorities that need my attention. Maybe rambling and drivel is all I feel like doing for the time being because for the moment I'm too tired and feel just too damn rough to apply anything to my hurts enough already.


Maybe I know you'll hijack anything I write with all your IDs and criticize it into oblivion so....why bother?

Quote: If your purpose is to keep this sorry site alive then you are relegating yourself to mediocracy.

You jest! But then again, maybe I should take that as a compliment...ME? Keep this site alive? I can't believe you think I have that kind of power or talent to do that...but thanks anyway.

Don't you know that nothing is gonna keep this site alive? Even if you went away totally it wouldn't revive. The damage is done and it's permanent because even the site administrators don't give a shit maintainence, no monitoring...for all intents and purposes, they're gone.

What would be the motivation for anyone to make any efforts in writing a blog? It's too late....rambling 'n drivel it is.

Shrugs 'n walks away.

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A New Year...any special plans?