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My My My....

posted 1/17/2013 2:20:30 PM |
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tagged: rambling

Did ya'll see? Dr Cocktail blessed my last blog with a comment. He is an asshole but an intelligent one 'cause he isn't so far off the truth when he says I am fraught with insecurities.

Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway...I deleted my last 2 blogs and that is the END to that saga...from now on my private life will remain private in the area of my relationships. Venting is good but my life needs to move on and I need to quit boring people with boo-hoo blogs.

Maybe I can bore you with a weather report...fuckin' COLD and gonna get colder. Short but to the

Life is quiet around the neighborhood but then again, it's winter. The couple that lived behind me moved just before Christmas. I called the man "Fat Boy" because he was huge and I never knew his name. His wife was Asian, slender and pretty. They had two barking dogs they let out in the fenced in yard and we had several incidents where we clashed over those damn dogs but they finally heeding the warning of calling the cops and never let the dogs bark for very long.

So what did I get in exchange when they moved? A family that moved in from just down the street from me. They had THREE dogs....2 huge ones that I use to have to listen to them barking endlessly from a few streets away and now they were in my BACKYARD! Then I got lucky...I found out the other day that they got rid of them and as far as I know the only one they have now is an itty bitty dog that just fits in the hand. But......

They have FOUR KIDS!!! We had a spat of warm weather and my gaud...the boys was playing in their yard just hollering and yelling. They were playing football and the ball ended up in my yard. I watched the one boy scurry over to get it all the time watching my backdoor to see if I was gonna raise hell with them.

You see, just after they moved here, I was at my backdoor smoking and they were in their yard. I said, "Are you my new neighbors?" They said their dogs bounced around the yard. Old bitch that I can be, I told them that I would not tolerate barking dogs...period. Nor would I tolerate a bunch of noise...period. So now I'm the neighborhood witch/bitch and that's fine with me. I have no doubt that there will be trouble this summer with hollering, balls in my yard, having to look out my windows at a yard that will be trashed. Rumor has it that the mom 'n dad are into drugs and dealing them so I foresee a summer of headaches comin' at me.

They're aware of the neighborhood watch group and I suspect that's why they moved from where they were...the neighbors there got tired of their shit. Trust me, it ain't gonna be any easier for them here...Susie and the town cops are tight and it's a sure thing that shit will hit the fan before it's all said 'n done.


I have to say I have an early case of spring fever...too early! I suppose because we had a warm spell, the trees are already showing signs of budding. We were looking in my flowerbed the other day and there's a few green sprouts coming up already! I know when it turns cold, they once again go dormant but it sure feeds my spring fever.

Maybe because I have some exciting plans for this summer is why I'm anxious for winter to be over. I've said for years that I'm gonna break outta this hermit mode that I'm in and experience life outside my four walls but I've never really accomplished that. But life has a way of changing things and I think I'm ready to cut loose and fly. Actually, I plan on doing that before summer gets here. I'm not only bored but I feel too confined to this little world I've carved out for myself. I've allowed myself to once again be tied down and I don't like the way it makes me feel. I have friends and although they're back in my old hometown, that ain't so far away that I can't resume my friendships from a couple of years ago.

Ironically, when I moved here, I was sick and tired of the Eagles lodge. I haven't missed it until recently. Nor had I really missed my friends there but now I do. The Eagles will never be "my life" again like it use to be but I do miss the atmosphere and being able to just crawl up on a barstool and relax, listen to the jukebox and bullshit with people about nothing of great importance.

Who knows, I might just get brave and visit the big Eagles lodge up in the big city. It ain't so far away and maybe I can make new friends!

On a sad note...I do miss my old friend, my Bobbsey twin from years ago. We had a few minutes to smooth over a rift we had but no time to really patch it up before she died. When I go to my old hometown, I still can't believe she's gone. I find myself looking for her car or I walk into the Eagles and expect to see her there. It just all seems so unreal.

But time marches on and life changes pretty fast sometimes. I think losing her was an eye-opener for me. I tend to put all my eggs in one basket and I'm afraid there will come a day when that basket will break open and life, the way I knew it will all spill out and I won't have anything or anyone to call my friends when I will need friends the most.

Continued in the comments....

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Jan 17 @ 2:20PM  
That old saying, "If you want a friend then you have to be a friend" is sooooo true. I am notorious at not being a friend...blame it on my insecurities (there ya go cocktail if you read I do have a couple of friends that contact me occasionally but I never reciprocate and I'm not real sure why. I have this idiotic notion that I "don't want to bother anyone" yet it doesn't bother me when they call me!

I'm also notorious at wanting to do things on the spur of the moment...I don't like planning anything or making a date for something. That can tell you that I'm moody...IMAGINE Maybe meeting a friend on the weekend sounds good today but then the weekend gets here and I don't feel like going anywhere but since I made a date, I feel obligated to keep it. It never fails that when I do that, I always have fun and glad I went. So why the hell can't I KNOW this and start planning to spend time with my friends??? (picture here the emoticon scratching its head and shrugging)


Tomorrow, I have scheduled an appt. to get a perm over in my old hometown. I am gonna contact an old friend and see if she wants to meet me at the Eagles when she gets off work. I'll also contact my daughter and see if she wants to do the same.


My gf has other plans for Friday night then I'll ask her what she's doing Saturday! This is the Saturday when Susie and others take clothes to the homeless. I just can't go with them in the winter as it's all outside and I can't take the cold. So I want to go do something that I wanna do instead...and not sit home and do nothing. If all else fails, I might just go to the city and explore some thrift shops. belly is growling so I guess it's time to eat something. I'm outta here for now to see what else I can get into.

Ya'll have a good day, stay warm 'n keep smilin'....


Jan 17 @ 2:43PM  
Cold? What's that? It's a "balmy" 26 here today.

I already bitched about I enough on that.

I really hate reading/hearing about people with dogs who are not responsible with their pets. I have 5 as you all know, and I don't let them bark for long periods of time when they are outside. I don't like hearing them bark, so I know my neighbors don't appreciate it either. It's called being considerate and responsible. And I wish you all the luck in the world with those new neighbors cause they sound like they're are going to be a "headache" as you call it.

I remember a while back some new neighbors moved into one of the duplexes across the street from my house. They always seemed to have company in and out. One day, I got home from work, and there were 6 damn cars in MY driveway!! I had to park my car in the road. Hell no!!!!! I followed the sound of the music blaring, pounded on the door, and when they answered, I told them flat out their company has 5 minutes to get their cars OUT of my driveway or I'm calling township police and the towing company to have them removed. I went into my house, let my dogs out, changed my clothes, and by the time I was done, every car was out of my driveway. If they had only approached me beforehand and asked, I may have been ok with a couple of cars in the driveway. But to come home and my driveway is full, and it's not my way. If that makes me a be it. Oh, and the landlord eventually evicted them people a few months later.

For the most part, it's a fairly quiet neighborhood here, not a whole lot goes on.

Jan 17 @ 5:46PM  
I think we are in for an early spring as the waterfowl are already showing up, about two or three weeks early.

Jan 17 @ 9:28PM  
It shouldn't matter to anyone what the delusional little idiot thinks. Have fun and continue blogging, Softy.

Jan 18 @ 5:22AM  
Delusional?????? That's a Bengals fan, and at least I know I'll be wearing men's clothes at night......LOL>>>>Oh, I'm a woman trapped in a man's body. Sorry straddle, but I'm not the one who's gender confused. For me it's a persona to stay online, for you it's a daily decision about whether to buy panties or hose.

Jan 18 @ 5:48AM  
You are certainly blessed by my presence

Dr Cocktail AKA Hairypus

Jan 18 @ 6:35AM  
Whos this cokctail, he sounds like a pathetic faggot

online now!
Jan 18 @ 6:58PM  
Whos this cokctail, he sounds like a pathetic faggot

Well, being one of those lefties, I don't use the faggot word. And in any case, I won't venture a guess as to cocktail's sexual orientation. But pathetic definitely applies.

Personally, I find it sufficient to describe him as a boil on the butt of humanity. He's annoying but he can't really hurt anyone. I don't wish him ill.

Okay, that's not entirely true. While I wouldn't wish him a fatal disease or anything, I'd be okay if he came down with an incurable rectal itch.


Jan 18 @ 7:25PM  
I'd be happy if he drove his car into a tree personally!

He's been a pain in our ass for what, 4 years now?!?!? it's insane! And you can bet he's reading THIS one too!!!

He emailed me last night... or should I say dannydoes emailed me!

He's weird, he's bored, he's lonely apparently and he's never going to stop TRYING to terrorize this site or any of us that come hard as he has tried, in 4 years! I don't know if he's a sociopath or a psychopath but he's a pathological fucktard!

WOW! There's a minute I will never get back!!


Jan 18 @ 7:29PM  
For me it's a persona to stay online, for you it's a daily decision about whether to buy panties or hose

And just how many persona's are you up to now cockfail?!?!

Yeah... a ridiculous amount! Grow up!

Jan 18 @ 7:53PM  
And just how many persona's are you up to now cockfail?!?!

He's probably created over 5000 of them. Talk about someone without a life.

Jan 19 @ 3:09PM  
Oh my goodness! Didn't this blog take a turn into left field! It never ceases to amaze me Cocktail how easily any mention of you can illicit so many responses. Entertaining to say the least.

Seeing that only Sugar and WoW responded to my basic blog I see no need to add anything else.

Sad...........really sad.

Mar 27 @ 3:13AM  
It never ceases to amaze me Cocktail how easily any mention of you can illicit so many responses. Entertaining to say the least.

It's a gift......

And just how many persona's are you up to now cocktail?!?!

He's probably created over 5000 of them.

Actually when it comes down to a count I believe you have more prissy posts you call blogs then I do personas struddle. Wonder why the police academy didn't straighten you out? What happened there, maybe problems in the men's locker room?

Apr 4 @ 3:32AM  
yo, soft touch, I've got your back! sick ol 958 is sick, in fact, I'll start posting my own work up here soon. Us writers have to stick together you know? Keep rocking!

Apr 4 @ 1:50PM  
Yanno dr, I'll admit I'm not the brightest bulb in the package so I have to say since I don't follow much of what's going on with Cocktail, I am somewhat in the dark. Oh I know he's been a pain in the butt in the past and he and I have had our "exchanges" but I made the decision that I wasn't gonna get caught up in it...if his comments in my blogs were respectful then I left them there...if not, I deleted them.

I regret even mentioning him in this blog for as you can see, everyone sorta went ballistic about him and missed everything else I blogged about...I won't do that again!

Dr. Cocktail...and whoever else he might be has been nothing but respectful to me and as long as that last, I have nothing negative to say about him. If he chooses to change that, then I will handle it in my own way...delete 'n everyone else should've done instead of jumping on the attack bandwagon.

I appreciate your offer to 'have my back' but I really don't wanna get mixed up in this. I just wanna blog occasionally and enjoy it.

Apr 5 @ 7:17AM  
Softie, I think you said it all here!
"I appreciate your offer to 'have my back' but I really don't wanna get mixed up in this. I just wanna blog occasionally and enjoy it."
But you knows I luvs ya,

Apr 8 @ 11:34PM  

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