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posted 12/21/2012 10:20:14 PM |
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We have made it through 12/21/12 intact. For the most part. Some states have been going through a major snow storm called "Draco". Yeah, meteorologists are now naming snow storms much like they do hurricanes. Guess it's easier than saying "blizzard of '11". Around here, got a little over an inch of snow and slippery roads. And as usual, seems those living up here forgot they are supposed to slow down when there is a bit of ice on the road. Keeps the tow trucks busy.

So, with "the end of the world" passing us by..and it looks like life will go on as usual... it's almost Christmas time. I was a little late in getting the house decorated. Did that last night. Between classes and work, yeah, some things kind of got pushed off to the side. Oh, btw....I my Degree. Thinking of maybe pursuing a Bachelor's. AND....I have got all of my Christmas shopping done! I actually got it all done early (for me) instead of waiting till the 23rd to go out and duke it out with other last minute shoppers.

It's a bittersweet Christmas this year. While I appreciate that I have my family and my friends around, I can't help but feel for those families in Newtown, Connecticut. And I hear all the usual things flying around after such a tragedy: more gun control laws, or, it's the fault of the entertainment industry. The V.P. of the NRA suggests an armed police officer/retired military/security guard at all schools. My thoughts on all of this:

Gun control: we don't need more laws written, what we need is stricter enforcement of what we already have in place. I don't know, maybe make it mandatory that a person buying a gun have a mental evaluation done, at their own expense, to prove they are "stable enough" to own a gun.

Armed security in our schools:

Let's look at Adam Lanza. He went to Sandy Hook with more than one gun on him. He had a few on him, and magazines of ammunition. He had clips for his rifle. He shot his way into that school. Even if there had been an armed security official....chances are, Lanza would have gunned that person down and still got inside, and possibly still carry out those horrible murders. OR, he gets in, the armed guard aims, shoots, misses, and now there is an exchange of gunfire, inside the school.

Armed security may have prevented him from getting far, but, one of the two above scenarios could just have easily happened also. So, let's look at something I don't see anyone mentioning:

Replace the glass windows with bullet proof glass. Make the doors steel entry, they cannot be kicked in, nor can they be shot through. The President of this country rides around in a limo that is equipped with bullet proof glass for windows and armored all the way around. Why can't the schools be that way?

No, it's not fool proof. Nothing is. But when kids are involved, I'd rather not see a gun in their school if at all possible.

I know others have their ideas....hell, maybe we can come up with better ideas than the clowns elected.

So, if you haven't done so already, hug that family member and tell them you love them. As 26 families in Newtown will tell you, tomorrow is not a guarantee. RIP to those who died in Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and any who have lost a loved one to violence. Let's put aside the ugliness, at least till the holidays are over, and appreciate our loved ones.

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Dec 22 @ 12:10AM  
Congratulations on getting your Degree- what temperature was your Degree when you got it??

A-n-y-w-a-y... I have a solution for stopping tragedies like what happened at Newtown!

Everyone that belongs in school on any given day, should be issued paintball rifles and paintball hand guns (if they make paintball hand guns) for the day- that includes the students and the faculty! Paintballs hurt and can cause painful welts. So, if any lunatic comes in with a weapon, everyone starts shooting him! He won't have time to fire his weapon, he'll be too busy dodging paintballs until someone grabs him!

So, there you have it, my solution!


Dec 22 @ 6:23AM  
Kind of an odd comment, Som. Perhaps a humor attempt

At 8:30 central they interrupted the sports talk radio show to go live to Newtown. A church bell rang 26 times. It was chilling

We got about an inch and a half of snow on Thursday. My front yard looked like a Christmas card with all of snow on the evergreens. It was and is slick. I slipped on packed snow while taking out the trash yesterday evening. I bashed the heel of my right hand cutting and bruising it. It still aches.

Congratulations on graduation What are your prospects for getting a job in that field?


Dec 22 @ 11:02AM  
Armed security in our schools:

There are plenty of people with many view points. I will refrain from echoing the sentiments of others. That being said, I can tell you that in Texas a commissioned security guard makes $20.00 an hour and Texas is not a state known for good wages. For the cost of an armed guard you could get another teacher.

There are schools in Texas where everything is fenced and everybody coming in the one entrance (there are many exit doors in case of fire) has to pass through a metal detector.

Dec 23 @ 1:10AM  
Congratulations on your graduation.

Dec 25 @ 5:24PM  
Congradulations gal!

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