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I challenge ALL women

posted 12/5/2012 4:52:02 PM |
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I have been on this site for quite some time now and have noticed that the majority of the women on here are web camers, scammers, fake, flakes, and prick teasers. Many of you women do respond to messages received by men and at times have conversations. Some of these conversations include agreeing to meet each other. Keep in mind I am not saying all of you women are this way but there are a large number that do this. When it comes time to actually meeting, the women get cold feet and flake out. This leads me to believe that these women on this site are nothing but gameplayers and fake. They are not interested in meeting guys or engaging in any fun or sexual activity. Many of them have posted on their profiles and essays that they are looking for a man to have discreet sexual encounters with because they're not being satisfied in their present relationship or that they're lonely and frustrated. It's a bit unnerving when we men are the ones that are called dogs and liars. This brings to mind the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. So… without any further bashing, this is my position.. I challenge any of you women out there that are "real" and truly interested in meeting a man to satisfy your said needs and wants to put your money where your mouth is and actually step out and meet me. Enough of the bullshit that you women like to tease men with. To reiterate, I don't think any of you women on this site are for real. You're all talk and no action.
I challenge all you women to prove me wrong.

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I challenge ALL women


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Dec 5 @ 5:20PM  
i'll be surprised if u find an honest woman here most want men to use his credit card to a site she blongs to i always tell em i'm not gonna do it u can find another sucker or go work the streets

Dec 5 @ 7:08PM  
I don’t think anyone will meet your challenge. I have been on a couple of sites in the past few years and EVEY ONE OF THEM was full of shit! The majority of the women on these sites are nothing but scammers & all they want is your card number! Sites such as Just Hook Up does not have one real woman on it. Every post is some a-hole working for these scammers looking to rip people off! As things stand I’m with you & I really think that the majority of the women here are FAKE! I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am because of past experience!

Dec 5 @ 9:51PM  
yeah smartasses making profit out of some men's sexual frustrations...i dont think that will end any time soon.

Dec 6 @ 9:11AM  
I have it many times but I'll say it again. A site like this is a lot like a barbecue. There is always going to be flies that you have to ignore. It is all part of the "free" offering.

Dec 6 @ 9:15AM  
Hun, it's normal for the kind of women (scammers) you mentioned to be in these kinds of's to be expected.

As for those other women who talk big then back out...well...that's rather normal too. You see, it's easy to say daring things in one's profile and women really think that's what they want so they aren't actually lying about it. But when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road, they get's VERY scary to actually meet a virtual stranger so they fold like an old lawnchair and back out.

Casual sex sounds good to a woman...she thinks "if men can do it then so can I" but for most of them, that's not what she really wants. From the women I've talked to, most of them are looking for a serious relationship under all the bravado they put out there.

I've heard others are just what you describe...they get a kick outta teasing men and promising them a sexual adventure but never come through. But I could tell you a long list of what men in these sites promises women and never mean a word of it so it's about six of one and half a dozen of the other.

I learned a long time ago (the hard way) that sites like these are treacherous and full of bullshit. It's a big "at your own risk" kind of deal. Wishing you the best of luck....but be verrrry careful....!!!

Dec 6 @ 9:53PM  
Wordsofwit I like your analogy. As I’ve said before I have been on a few sites & collected some data. Sites such as Just Hook Up, and sites that are advertised here such as Adult Friend Finder, & most of all Fling are total SCAMS! I remember creating a user account on Fling, but had not yet entered any data. Within 5 min. of creating my account I got 5 or 6 messages from “women” who were interested in me. I waited about a month & I got a ton of messages from these supposed women. I decided to pay for one month just to see what would happen & no sooner did I pay than ALL contact stopped. When I replied to these emails I got NO reply back. As soon as my paid month expired than these “women” started sending me messages again!

I know this is a free site & yes there’s that old saying “you get what you pay for”. Well I can tell you that 90% of so-called swinger sites are a total scam & you will get NOTHING for you money!

I can also tell you that there are many lying scammers on this site as well & this little blog hit a nerve with at least one P.O.S. I believe that you JUNGLECAT also got an email from some loser trying to insult me & said in this message that “she” also contacted you saying the same thing. This looser piece of crap cunt was not worth my time even replying to so I just reported this a-hole as a spammer & blocked them. I would not be surprised if this so-called “women” was really some 30 year old, limp dick, lard ass looser living in his mother’s basement, and don’t have the brains or balls to make it in the real world

Dec 7 @ 7:26PM  
Well Junglecat all I can say is thank you for starting this blog. Yes you are right in what you say. It is such a shame that so many out there want nothing more than to rip people off. I have found that for every “real” person out there looking for friendship, a companion, or…yes…sex there are about 1000 a-holes looking to steal as much money as they can! There is nothing wrong with sex, if it were not for that NONE of us would be here! There is nothing wrong with two people who just want to have sex for the sheer pleasure of it. What I take offence to are scum bags that just want money & will do anything to get it (anything that is but be honest)!

My job puts me into contact with many women every day. If all the flirting & sexual frustration were a lightening bolt we would be a pile of ash. But because of the nature of our jobs any “encounter” would cost us dearly. That is why I started looking on the net but I found nothing but bunch thieving, lying a-holes (& YES I’m talking to that stupid cunt that sent me that e-mail)!

Anyway, I will keep looking on the net, but most of all I will keep posting every where I can warning people about the crooks & a-holes out there who are just looking for money! So thanks again for creating this blog :)

Dec 9 @ 12:40PM  
It is also a case of supply and demand. there are alot of horny guys out there looking. And many think that a one liner will get a woman to drop her panties. Women can be picky about who they fuck.

There are a few guys out there who know how to charm the few available women out there and they have no trouble getting laid. The others are just scammer prospects.

Dec 12 @ 11:02PM  
Best policy is to take anything said on these sites with a grain of salt until you actually get to know the person. There are always scammers, people full of shit and some just plain flakes on most sites free or paid. I find them somewhat amusing at times and annoying at other times. But if you just take it all as worth what you pay to be on this site, you will do ok.

Dec 13 @ 7:13PM  
just message all the plain looking chubby girls and you cant go wrong, although unfortunately those are the kinds of girls most guys tend to avoids and therefore the most likely to find on this site and, does anybody see the catch 22 that btw is exactly what the scammers are playing on?

Dec 14 @ 1:45PM  
Your right about the web cam girls ,when you find one report them, I also have more then one e mail addy so when they send me their spam I never have to open it,and another for the real deals.

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I challenge ALL women