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Advice to all the guys on here

posted 12/2/2012 9:21:32 PM |
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tagged: advice, guys, messages

Hi Guys,

I and many if the other women on this site get bombarded with messages. More often than not they are a straight up invitation for a fuck or asking for naked pictures. These are the two fastest ways to make girls lose interest in you. Please guys have some imagination. Say something we haven't already been told a hundred times since we logged on.

P.S. just to clarify, when I say bombarded I mean literally a message every few minutes when I'm online.

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Advice to all the guys on here


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Dec 2 @ 10:32PM  
well this is an adult site so thats expected considering the amount of females to males, what do you want them to do? recite shakespeare poems?

Dec 2 @ 10:58PM  
If you don't like all the guys sending you messages why does the opening line on your say message me and tell me what you want sounds like an open invitation to contact you.

Dec 3 @ 3:16AM  
Clearly I'm not expecting Shakespeare and of course I know this is an adult site. That is essentially what we're all here for. All I'm saying is that if a guy is really interested in somebody then maybe he should be willing to put in the effort to send a few messages to find out about somebody first. Believe me guys this will be greatly appreciated and will most likely improve your success rate.

Consider it this way. If you were in a night club, how much success would you have just going and asking people to fuck? Not much right? In a night club environment you would chat to somebody for a little while before you left a club with them (or took them in the toilets or alleyway, etc.). My point is simply that a few messages before an invite to fuck would be great and the more imaginative you are, the more likely us girls are to respond positively.

Dec 3 @ 3:26AM  
In response to the second comment. I fear my point has been missed. Of course I want to be contacted. All I'm saying is that if you seriously want to get anywhere then you'll do something other than straight out asking for a fuck. This seems massively desperate and us girls get hundreds of these messages. If you want is to respond to your message then something more imaginative than "Hey baby let's fuck" is more likely to get a response from us. This is simply advice, you don't need to take it but if you guys are serious about meeting girls through this site then maybe you'll take some notice of this.

I'd love to have some comments on here from other girls to show that it isn't just me.

Dec 3 @ 3:26AM  
Good for you. Just like the girl above commented, it's a free site and most of these guys are illiterate and have no idea how to approach a woman. You can delete them, block them, or chastise them. Either way they don't read profiles and most are incapable of more then a partial sentence.

Dec 3 @ 4:17AM  
It just goes to show, you get what you pay for But, yes, ladies you are on point. Unfortunately, many men are neanderthals... if at first you don't succeed fail, fail again.

They fail to realize that there are real people on this site and they are not sexually depraved nymphomaniacs on a remote island

Dec 3 @ 4:46AM  
Well, the first response from the girl obviously doesn't get the content of your post. The second guy is a smoker and his comment misses the mark as well, but I would guess he would welcome any comments no matter how deformed. Just accept the cretins for what they are......including those who respond to your post.

Dec 3 @ 7:15PM  
ok nice discussion

and to the poster "he should be willing to put in the effort to send a few messages,before an invite to fuck ".. and yet women rarely even try approaching a men (including online),, so hypocrisy too much?

to the other girl it seems she can't speak her mind without having to resort to nonsense profanity, being totally biased towards men. but whatever feel free to express your opinion..

Dec 3 @ 7:24PM  
There's no hypocrisy going on here at all. You may not get any women approaching you on here but personally I have made the initial contact with at least half of the people I regularly message on here.

I've read your profile and I can understand why people don't contact you. Maybe if you actually put some effort into answering a few more of the questions and actually writing a bit about yourself then people may be more interested. Just a suggestion, feel free to ignore it if you like.

Dec 3 @ 7:39PM  
yeah beacuse keeping a low profile is very disrespectful... but ok ill try to fill some up to see what happens, altough this is getting a bit off the thread topic..

Dec 3 @ 7:47PM  
It's not really off topic. The blog was called advice to all the guys on here. You are a guy and I'm giving you advice which is applicable to the wider male audience if they care to read it.

Dec 3 @ 9:33PM  
Congratulations on getting your Masters Degree Sarah and welcome to the blogs.

Dec 4 @ 9:04AM  
The second guy is a smoker and his comment misses the mark as well,

Perhaps I missed the mark, but I just have to ask: What does being a smoker have to do with the subject being discussed???

Dec 4 @ 5:58PM  
A smoker is a euphemism (in this context) which is a harmless word that usually replaces one of a more derogatory nature. I'll let you figure it how from there.

Dec 4 @ 6:35PM  
A smoker is a euphemism (in this context) which is a harmless word that usually replaces one of a more derogatory nature. I'll let you figure it how from there.

Thanks for the hint and education. I will confess to being somewhere between obsolescent and obsolete on a lot current slang. I don't get around too much now but I am cool with it. Hell, I had to do a recent search on what a pillow princess was

Dec 4 @ 9:26PM  
She is absolutely right. Show a little gentlemanly charm, rather than just crudeness.

Dec 6 @ 9:46AM  
I have to say to WoW and Borty...this is kinda neat, isn't it? I mean this blog and Lane's blog subject...kinda reminds us old-timers of the old days. It may not be a new subject but it's so good to see all the responses like it's breathing new life into blogland...kudo for you Lane! input. Men rarely read profiles. From my past experiences (when I was younger and still lookin')..."wanna fucks" are just a normal day in AMD. Men assume if a woman is here then she's not very classy or deserving of respect...not to mention that few men can think above their

Getting to know a woman and engaging in anything intellectual just isn't their forte just strains their brain so all thoughts drop to below the belt. (Gaud I wish my emoticons worked!)

Good luck Lane...ur gonna need it.

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Advice to all the guys on here