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There used to be a time

posted 11/20/2012 3:53:11 PM |
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tagged: thoughts

Where when one clicked on the blogs here in Pervia, it was lively, full of fun. We talked about music, days events, sex, Straddle had some blogs that gave him the name "King of Freak". There were jokes, and all around fun. Anything was talked about.

Then came the dreaded trolls...not just one, but many of them. People who are so miserable in their life, they want others to be miserable also. And after a while, people got fed up with the dumb asses. Calls to the Moderator were answered quickly, but even the Mod got to a point of frustration with such stupidity. But, they plodded on, trying to boot out the trash as fast as it would create new id's.

Eventually, it got to where any and all newcomers were looked on with suspicion. Is it that troll again? Or is it really a newbie to welcome with open arms. Scammers are pretty easy to spot.. Then came the political blogging. It's a hot topic on the "other side", but here, it's always been a topic not really discussed much. Same with religion. It was like there was a silent agreement that those two subjects would cause too much strife. It's one thing to discuss these topics, but it never seems to stay a discussion. People take offense too easily, and then friends start fighting.

Well, with all of the trolls and other things going on, bloggers looked elsewhere to have fun and not have to deal with some whose only goal seemed to be to insult or harass. We're all still here, we all check in from time to time. But we have better things to do than worry about a troll or some other moron wanting to stir up a fight. I keep hoping for a return to fun here. Would I like to see some of the old gang come back? Of course I would. But, a lot of them have moved on, they have found significant others that they are happy with and sharing their lives with. But there are new people joining the site...and maybe some day there will be a new group who will breathe life back into the blogs again.

Till then, it will continue to be quiet here. Pervia is sleeping, awaiting for the new crowd to wake it up.

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Nov 20 @ 7:44PM  
BOO!!! See??? I'm still around but I'm one of those that has a few "irons in the fire" these days too so, I just pop in occasionally to see what's up! I have strayed a little though, peeking in on MD from time to time purely for my amusement mainly because I find that there is a core group of people on MD where polyticks is a big deal to them on both sides of the fence!

Guess what? I find that after reading quite a few comments on polyticks on MD, is exactly like reading and/or watching debates between the real polyticksians, where all they do is point fingers at each other, call each other names, call each other stupid etc., (guess neither of them have mirrors in their homes to reflect upon themselves with), blame the other party for our country's problems, never negotiate with each other and in the end, never solve anything... why, isn't that pretty much what the real polyticksians do? Whoda thunk eh?

And these people are suppose to be grown up adults on MD too! What either side never seems to realize is that as soon as you take one side or the other... you're automatically biased in your beliefs (the real polyticksians love to see this in our citizens). Objectivity never enters in debates, so negotiations never happen, so nothing gets accomplished!

Anyway, have a nice Thanksgiving Day sugar!


Nov 20 @ 8:41PM  
You are so right about them over there on MD about the "polyticks". Try to be the voice of reason over there, and there are a few who will automatically label you "liberal".

Believe it or not, there are some very calm, reasonable folks there, they just get overshadowed by the "louder" ones.

Nov 20 @ 10:58PM  
I started in the vanilla site several years ago. Then I snuck a peek over here and found one didn't have to watch their language here and there was more freedom in what was blogged about. For awhile I went back and forth then finally stayed here, mostly due to not having enough time to manage both sites.

There'd be a war here and I'd go back over there and when calm returned to blogland, I'd come back here.

I apologize to all who may read this comment but yanno what? I have little desire to blog here anymore. It takes time and effort to write a good blog and for the longest time, all it got ya was criticism. Not that I cared what certain people thought but it was just an irritation I didn't need. Now those who liked my blogs are also on the other side so why should I bother with this ghost town??? It's a waste of my time.

It's possible that a whole new breed of young'uns could revive this place but yanno what? I am pretty sure us old farts won't fit into their style. The era of the fun blogging time for us oldies is probably over and to tell you the truth...I doubt that the newbies could ever match what we had at one time.

Me? I'll stick to the vanilla site now 'cause I'm just a vanilla kinda gal....(thumbs up here...frickin' emoticons! Another reason not to stay here...I don't like things that don't ever get fixed.)

Nov 23 @ 8:53PM  
I just think times have changed and there are too many outlets for this site to be what it was and I expect it to go the way of the BBS of the 90s. As for the politics, it is fun to kick the anthill once in a while for a chuckle or two, but it gets boring if that is all people talk about on a site. These days I come and go on here, depending on how crazy my real life is.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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There used to be a time