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posted 11/14/2012 12:59:58 PM |
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I feel ratty as hell this morning. I haven't a clue why, sometimes I just wake up and feel like Oscar the Grouch. Maybe it has to do with going 90 mph gettin' stuff done then when I'm finally caught up, it's like smackin' into a brick wall...all of a sudden I have all this time on my hands and it's hard to shift into a slower gear.

As some of you may know, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and to make matters worse, I have very little patience. I use to come to AMD to play, vent and just unwind but anymore it's more of a frustration than anything else.

If I understand right, AMD has updated to new software...or something like that...and they're suppose to be working on getting out the glitches but what the hell is taking them so long??? Here is my complaint list...

1. No emoticons

2. My "select all" doesn't work...and..

3. I have my settings set to NO NUDE PIX but now I open AMD and guess what? Every stiff dick pix is displayed which would tickle most gals fancy but not MINE! Am I being a prude? Maybe. Yet they give us a choice to view them or not so maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't wanna see guys dangling dicks or some guy proudly gripping his pole like it's the most important thing in the world to him and it's his only good 'selling' point to win women. But I guess if all he wants is a cheap fuck then displaying his wares is his business...but I prefer not to see it. My choice and there ain't nuttin' wrong with that choice.

And I'm probably pissed at myself for sticking around here like a kid addicted to candy when there's really nothing of substance to keep me here and for staying in a site that isn't maintained. I would put a 'beating my head on a wall' pix here IF my damn emoticons worked...bang, bang, bang so you can get the picture!!!

Maybe my nerves are maxed out because I have to go through the holidays without glasses. Or because I can't get that other procedure until after the first of the year.

Maybe it's because the pain in my hip and knee keeps spreading and I hurt like hell and I can't get anything done until after the first of the year...I just pop pain pills and endure.

Maybe I feel like Oscar the Grouch because I'm getting OLD and guaranteed, it ain't for the weak, that's for sure! If one is prone at my age to have arthritis, then look out! Any slight injury and arthritis sets in and you're doomed. I sprained my wrist a year ago last never healed and I suspect it's arthritis. I fell outta bed over a month ago (good gaud almighty, what the hell was that all about??) and my forearm caught the brunt and jammed my arm into my shoulder. My neck muscles are still sore and it's likely to stay that way the rest of my life...if arthritis doesn't get me then fibromyalgia will...they both attack injuries and then just hang on and on and on.

And the last big frustration (at least for now) is...I've always enjoyed Zelda. For those here that aren't acquainted with Zelda, let me introduce you to her. Zelda is my computer and my alter ego. She has been my joy in writing and my escape to fantasyland for many years. I keep her immaculate and she keeps me entertained.

But since moving to my new home 2 yrs. ago, I began to spend less and less time with Zelda in order to go out into the 'real world'. I involved myself in life around me until I realized...I just wasn't having that much fun...I'm not real social...and, to me, the 'outside world' is just a hassle.

So, I come back to Zelda and discover that I've lost my touch with writing, with words. It makes me terribly sad. I still enjoy Zelda but I'm so rusty. I've forgotten how to do so many things that use to be a breeze and now I have to work to remember all the steps to some of the simple things. I use to put photos here but now it just seems too much work to have to download them in some photo program before I can put them here. Nothing is ever simple like just going to my pix file to get them...NO...they have to be moved and with blogland the ghost town that it is anymore, it just ain't worth it.

I'd end this blog on an upbeat note but yanno what? I just don't feel like it. It's an Oscar the Grouch day 'n that's just the way it is.

Big sigh 'n I'm outta here....


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Nov 14 @ 6:16PM  
And I'm probably pissed at myself for sticking around here like a kid addicted to candy when there's really nothing of substance to keep me here and for staying in a site that isn't maintained. I would put a 'beating my head on a wall' pix here IF my damn emoticons worked...bang, bang, bang so you can get the picture!!!

Here, I'll do it for ya.

How's that?

You're so right, it's a ghost town here anymore. Not worth the time it would take to download pics, and then link to them here. Although, I've always loved the pictures you take. Hopefully there will be enough on "the other side" to keep your attention. It just isn't happening here anymore. Everyone has moved on to other adventures...facebook or the vanilla site or wherever they have landed.

I miss a lot of the old gang...Ynot, Ewe, Skwirl, DKW, BlueEyes, Sunshine, Flavor, Xquesme, DeDe, Dominus, all of them. Although, I do keep up with Skwirl and Ewe over on facebook. And a few of the others have wandered to "the other side".

Nov 14 @ 6:40PM  
Thanks for the I have a headache...LOL LOL LOL

I don't do much on just can't hold my interest.

I'll play around on the vanilla side and see how it goes. Maybe I'll fit in again...maybe I won't...time will tell.

I personally think management should just know when to fold 'em with this side of their site. If all goes well for me 'over there', I will most likely make my profile here disappear permanently. Might as well. Blogging here is mostly wasted energy anyway....JMHO

Nov 15 @ 12:14AM  
Softie, you are not the only one that woke up being a grouch. I woke up in that kind of mood too. Could the weather change have anything to do with it? First it was warm and back in the 70's and now back down to the 30's. My son even told me to call him tomorrow when I was in a better mood. Maybe tomorrow will be better, at least I hope so.

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