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posted 11/8/2012 11:13:30 AM |
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I can't believe FOUR of me is still on the front page! Even the "old" regulars aren't posting's a ghost town for sure!

Once again, I have been swept up in busy-ness and no time to post anything. Now I'm finally getting caught up...again. But this 'eye thingy' is really getting to me.

Here's the latest...

Now they tell me I have what is called a secondary cataract in my right eye. It's a cloudiness that developes on the something-or-other in front of the new implanted lens. It can be fixed with laser surgery. But....

My insurance won't pay for it anymore this year...I will have to wait until January...I could just SCREAM!!!

Sooooo...I called my regular eye doctor and I can go ahead and get glasses made with a corrective lens for my left eye and a temporary reading lens for my right eye that can be changed after they finish with the laser surgery in January. I have dealt with not being able to see well for as long as I can stand it. I do not want to go through the holidays like this.

My daughter called me this morning to invite me down on grandkids 'n great grandkids are going down to combine both the great grandsons birthdays and probably it will also be an early Thanksgiving thingy, too. I just really don't want to drive that far with the way my eyes are so I'll miss the fun...and no, I can't catch a ride with the grandkids 'cause their car will be too full and they will probably stay overnight and with that many people (plus 4 dogs) I just don't wanna spend the night.

Then there's Christmas.

I'm beginning to feel like a prisoner caught within a 10 mile radius of home...and no night driving. I could deal with another month of this but 2 months? NOT! I will have some extra expense by getting the temporary lens but to me, it will be well worth it.

Looks like we're gonna get blessed with another 2 days of Indian summer and I am ecstatic! I have some projects to finish up in the garage and yard and now I won't have to freeze my butt off getting it done.

Well, the election is over and I have absolutely nothing to say about that 'cept a welcome GOODBYE to all the bullshit political ads on tv. I adjusted my facebook, too. I have a niece that is such a zealot and apparently has lots 'n lots of spare time to post end to end rantings and I'd hoped that once the election was over, she'd give it a rest...not! Then there's all her tribe of kids that follow suit.

I just got fed up with it and went in, changed my settings to friends only then took them off my friends list. I spent too damn much time hiding their postings on my facebook...they even reposted so much crap and when it didn't end after Tuesday, I just put my own stopper on it. Knowing her, she'll go on and on for months. It is want it is, what it is...ranting won't change it. Time to move on in my opinion.

Ok...gotta run. Maybe no one will even read this since no one seems to be here anymore. Such is life....sigh....

Have a good one


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Nov 8 @ 1:02PM  
I read it! My husband went though what you are going through with you eyes. After the finally surgery, he was glad he did it. The process of getting too where he could see again was an ordeal. He was not a patient man and all that surgery was hard on his nerves.

Nov 8 @ 4:41PM  
Some of us pop in from time to time. Just don't post here anymore. Well actually, I was going to post a little something for everyone to smile about.

Anyway, Indian Summer? What is that? It seems to be skipping us this year. As to the election...OMG, I'm SO HAPPY it's over!!!! Like you, that ads were too much, and I got so damn tired of those robo "vote this way" damn phone calls!!!!!!!! I think before the next election I'll be dropping the land line phone and just going with my cell phone. Not saying that will stop all of it, but at least with a cell phone, it's quicker to "reject" a call.


Nov 8 @ 11:31PM  
Hi 'n Sugar, my faithful friends! Love you both. Well, I had to change my mind about getting a temporary lens for my right eye. Ya see, I want transition lenses and they can't do that in a temporary lens so I'd end up with one side that turned dark in the sun and not the would not only make me feel lopsided but it would look silly as hell. So I will just bite the bullet and see this thru to the end. I had to give myself a talking to...I should be grateful that I can see and the problem can be fixed. There's a lot of blind people that would love to see as well as I can so I need to quit bitchin'...!

Yeah Sugar...Friday, Saturday and Sunday is suppose to be in the 60's...but windy. Then the bottom drops out on Monday...only in the 40's and rain all day. Personally, I'd rather have a little snow than rain...I said a LITTLE! I'm kinda looking forward to the Christmas season, the decorations and music. It isn't a hectic time for me. I normally can't afford gifts but since I shopped the auctions and garage sales all year long, I pretty much have my shopping done. First time I've had gifts to wrap in years...I think it will be fun.

I think I'll take advantage of the nice weather to do a little decorating outside...not much but a little. I think this winter will be a good one for me. Life has calmed down and it's taken me TWO years to finally get settled and organized the way I wanted things. I have some projects to do for the winter that I'm looking forward to. And I hope to spend a little more time's that? LOL

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