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Once Upon a Halloween...conclusion

posted 11/1/2012 10:59:25 PM |
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Bella had to get her bearings…she needed to see for her plan to work, so she pleaded with him. “You said I can’t see you yet but I do wish I could see my beloved forest. It is so beautiful at night in the full of the moon. Can’t I at least see the forest?” He was silent.

“Please? She asked in her sweetest voice. As before, the shades were peeled from her eyes and she could see, although he was nowhere to be seen. Now she knew where she was.

“Can we walk awhile? You can tell me more of Bell.”

“Walk if you like,” he said, “I’ll follow.”

“Tell me about Bell.” She said to distract his attention. It must’ve been the right thing to say because his voice softened and he began to describe Bell’s beauty. She’d given him many children. They were happy until…here he faltered and his voice took on menace. Had she made a mistake to ask him to talk about Bell?

“We were happy,” he said, “Until your people invaded the forest. They destroyed much of it that bordered the village. We needed to fight back. Everyone fought, even the women. We all thought Bell had been with us long enough. She’d come fully into her gifts. But we were wrong. You see, we can’t be destroyed but since she wasn’t fully one of us, she could be, and was. That’s when we moved much deeper into the forest and no longer concerned ourselves with your people. Yet, I came from time to time over the years…I knew, in time, I would find you.”

She was alarmed…can’t be destroyed? Now she wondered if her plan would work. Yet she thought it would or at least allow her time to escape. She’d read about things like this…people like this. They weren’t really people…more like spirits and not good ones at that. They may not be able to be destroyed but if she remembered right, they could be sent back from whence they came…she was counting on that.

As they walked and he talked, Bella kept watching the sky between the treetops, hoping she could gage the time. They traveled paths where she could see the waterfalls again and followed the stream so she could listen to it sing. Then he grew silent and wanted to take her to her new home. She hadn’t been unaware of all those shadows around them, they’d been with them from the time they started walking and now there were many, many of them. It felt like ice water shot through her veins. She could only pray that the timing would be right.

“I’d like to see my other home just one more time.” She said quietly. “Please?”

She heard him let out an exasperated sigh. “If you wish,” he said, “then you must go with us, right away. It’s getting late, the sun isn’t far away.”

“Okay, I promise.” And they turned on the path towards Devonshire.

Bella watched the sky, saw its inky blackness turn to a shade of deep gray. She tried to pace her steps. She tried to remember what the sky looked like on those times she’d come to the forest before daylight. She remembered the first time she’d seen the sun break over the horizon and the awe that beheld her, dazzled her and touched her very spirit, her very soul. Now she only had to time her steps with the sky and get the right position. She said a short prayer and hoped God was listening.

In a while, they came to her ‘time alone’ tree. Here she paused, touched it tenderly as she eyed the sky. She only needed a few more minutes so she told him of the hours she’d spent here dreaming dreams. Suddenly she heard whispering…frantic whispering. She knew it was time.

“Just one more minute, please. Walk with me to see my old home…I’d like you by my side when I say goodbye.” It worked!

Then he said, “You may see me now if you like.” With that, he was in front of her. She tried hard not to grimace. Oh, he didn’t look like a monster but shining from within him was pure evil…black and ugly. His face showed that he’d seen her disgust and just as he reached for her, she pointed over his shoulder and exclaimed, “Oh, LOOK!”

Before he could stop himself, he turned but it was too late.

The sun broke over the treetops in the distance and its brilliant rays hit the cross on the top of the steeple of the Hillside church and threw a huge shining sunlight cross directly onto him!

For a second, time stood still for Bella. She clasped her ears as the whisperings turned to shrieks, then groans, then faded away altogether. For another moment, he stood in the shining of the cross. Then he turned his face towards hers and anger was mixed with astonishment and suddenly he let out a roar, a bellow of defeat and disappeared as though he’d never been there!

Bella’s knees began to shake but she fled towards her home, stumbling and crying…and thanking God with every step! Quietly she let herself through the door and up the staircase. Her loft never felt better to her! She was safe and something inside her told her that it was all over…she would hear no more whisperings.

Even though she was tired to the bone, she went to her closet and pulled out that luggage. She caressed it with her fingertips and although she would pack later, she knew now that it was time for her to find her own way, in another place far from Devonshire. But for now, she only needed to sleep peacefully.

The End


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Nov 1 @ 11:29PM  
This one is different than the ones you have wrriten in the past. I really enjoyed reading this story.

Nov 2 @ 10:03AM  
That was an awesome ending!!! One I wasn't expecting. Kudos for another great story Softie.

Nov 2 @ 10:57AM  
Well Linda 'n Sugar...I even surprise myself sometimes. Halloween stories are the hardest for me to write. I like them to be scary but I don't like getting into anything like demons or the devil...although I can dance around the edges of those things.

I write some drama stories dealing with bad guys but they're not my favorite either. I suppose romance stories and fantasy stories are my favorite to write.

But, there is a 'but' here...

I'll have to say that since my "love life" has pretty much bottomed out, it may be hard for me to write romance stories now. Last summer, the turmoil was so great for me that the only answer I could find to keep my sanity was to just shut myself down emotionally. In other words my mantra became, "I don't care" and "It doesn't matter". That works for me but the side effect is...I feel very little about anything.

I think all women have dreams of what they want in that 'perfect' romance, even if we know it doesn't exist in reality. All love comes with its ups and downs. But for me, my heart has become hardened and I am a living example of being a very jaded soul in the love department. The only trust I have in a relationship is trusting that I'm gonna get hurt. My claim that I'll never go there again isn't an empty is a fact set in cement for me. At 68, I just don't need the bullshit anymore.

I don't know if I'll shoot for a Christmas love story or not...I'll see....

Thanks for reading my story and commenting and for all the nice compliments. It means a lot to me...(((HUGS)))

Nov 2 @ 11:49AM  
Oh Softie!!! I really hope things between you and Susie haven't gotten that bad!!! You were so happy for a while, I'd hate to see that end.

But yes, I did love your Halloween story, and looking forward to a Christmas story.

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Once Upon a Halloween...conclusion