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Once Upon a Halloween...Chapters 9 & 10

posted 11/1/2012 7:06:48 PM |
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Chapter 9

The howling stopped and it was like blinders were removed from her eyes. She was no longer sitting by the tree but she was standing at the edge of a strange village, yet it seemed vaguely familiar. There! By the side of the road was a sign…Devonshire, it read. Devonshire? She began to walk down the streets. There were people everywhere yet no one seemed to see her. They were dressed in long ago era style clothing.

She approached the village square and stopped…what the hell was this? A stockade? But that isn’t what startled her…it was who was locked in the stockade…it was that man or whatever he was that had come to her in the forest, the one who’d filled her with warmth that night. How could this be?

She watched into the late night a scene play out before her. The evening of ridicule and torment. Then the drifting away of his tormentors well after midnight, then all was quiet. Soon a shadow appeared out of an alley, a woman in long flowing skirts and a shawl draped over her head and drawn close around her face. Approaching the stockade was risky…it was still lit with low burning torches. The man who had been slumped and hanging by his arms, now stood slowly and painfully.

As he raised his eyes to hers, he saw her smile gently as she pressed her finger to her lips in a guesture to keep him quiet. “I have seen you before in the forest, many, many times.” She said to him now. “You don’t know me as I’ve watched you in secret and you touched my heart.”

His lips were dry and cracked so she wet them with water from a pouch attached to her waistband. He strained to speak to her but it was little more than a whisper, so she bent her ear near his lips. “T’was no secret my dear, I always knew you watched me from the shadows. I touched your hair as you slept beneath that giant oak tree. I know your name is Bell as I’ve listened to your mother call for you to come home.”

Bella could see she was startled at this information as she quickly stood up with a jerk, causing her shawl to fall from her head. Now Bella gasped in surprise...Bell was her grandmother’s name far down the line of ancestry and she herself, had been named after her. But now she could’ve been looking at herself in the mirror!

Quietly Bell unlatched the locks on the stockade and freed the man. Bella saw him take the woman by the hand and just as they disappeared into the forest, she saw someone who resembled her grandfather come running into the street.

As she stood in this strange place, trying to figure out what she’d just witnessed, the air around her turned cold and the wind kicked up…the blinders were back over her eyes and she was back in the forest.


Chapter 10

“Bella.” His voice was close to her ear as he continued, “Yes, Bella, that was me in that stockade. And that was your distant grandmother who saved me. I’d watched her for years and allowed her to see me from time to time. I knew she was intrigued and with time, I felt sure she began to love me…that’s why I allowed myself to be captured, hoping she would rescue me.”

“How could that have been you all those years ago?” Bella asked.

“Me and my people have always existed deep in this forest. Your people came to know of us centuries ago, quite by accident…a mistake we own. We’ve learned much since then to keep from being found again and we’ve become the foundation upon the many legends that continue to this day.”

“What has all that to do with me?” Bella hissed at him.

“It’s quite simple, really. Although Bell didn’t realize it…as you don’t…she belonged to me. As in every family, large or small, there will eventually be one who isn’t happy, who leaves their family to find a new life. Bell was a descendent of one of those children…a female who belonged to me and eventually she married an outsider. She gave him many children. Bell was a decendent from this marriage.”

He continued, “Bell was like you, she had a gift, many gifts actually but they had been watered down through bloodlines that were not of her real people. I found her the same way I found you…wandering in the forest. I knew, even when you were a child, who you were. Not only were you drawn to the forest, but your features told the story…Bell’s decendent.”

“If I’m so gifted then why can’t I see you now?”

“Not yet my dear…not yet.” Was his reply.

She felt him brush against her and he felt cold. Where had the warmth gone, she wondered? Now fear invaded her senses. She must be brave and stay calm. The pleasant smell of the forest was gone, replaced with an odor of decay, rot. Bella knew now that the voices had spent a lifetime…her lifetime, luring her. They’d taken advantage of her loneliness to deceive her with friendliness…oh, she’d wanted to believe!
Was she really a descendent of theirs? Probably, in a land before time, but not now and she never would be! She had to survive this night. If she could survive until daylight, she was sure they would be gone from her life forever. But how?

Deceit, that’s how. If she had any part of them in her, watered down or not, then she could deceive them, too. She had a plan.

©bldavid (conclusion will be posted in a couple of hours!)

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Nov 1 @ 9:12PM  
I am really liking this story. Again, thank you for posting it.

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Once Upon a Halloween...Chapters 9 & 10