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Once Upon a Halloween...chapter 4

posted 10/31/2012 9:41:21 AM |
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Chapter 4

Bella’s heart lurched briefly in her chest then a soft peace fell over her spirit. She stood and watched, not knowing what to do, or what to expect. The dark shadow was still and Bella realized she could see the moonlight through its shape. Still she felt no fear.

Then the shadow disappeared abruptly. Bella blinked once, then again. Was her imagination working overtime? Then off to her right, it reappeared, closer this time. Bella waited. Again it disappeared.

Bella’s eyes scanned the forest but she saw nothing. As she mulled over whether to stay or return home, she felt a warmth behind her. Somehow, she knew to just stand still…and wait.

She closed her eyes so she could concentrate without being distracted by anything around her. In spite of the peace she felt, her body was tense. At first, she felt the warmth intensify. Whoever this was, they were drawing closer to her. Then there was a connection, a full body connection and the heat intensified. Then rather quickly, the heat filled her whole body. Her mind seemed to expand, filled with a whirling collage of visions…and whispers.

Then she heard the voice. It came from inside her and it was definitely a male voice. It was deep and commanding, resonating, yet gentle.

“Open your eyes, Bella.” Came the command.

Slowly she lifted her eyelids. Standing before her were shadows, lots of shadows. As she stared, it was like a film was being peeled from her eyes and she saw people…men and women. They all seemed ageless…neither young nor old. Their manner of dress was peculiar, flowing garments that neither hid their bodies nor exposed them. They all seemed of substance yet beneath the garment, their bodies glimmered as though wet and glistening.

Both men and women had long, black flowing hair. It shined like expensive satin, blinking with tiny stars as the moonlight fell through the trees in shafts to caress it. Each one possessed those large black eyes that she was so familiar with when she gazed into her mirror. Those sculpted faces…so alike yet each so different. Briefly, she wondered how that could be.
Then there was a shifting inside her. She felt caressed, petted and the fullness of warmth stirred through her veins.

“These are my people.” The voice said. “We have lived in this forest since the beginning of time. There are many of us and we stay hidden. But there was a time Bella when your world intruded…a story to be told another time.”

As he spoke, the people once again became shadows then faded and then they were gone. Was he gone, too? She didn’t think so for the warmth still filled her body. It felt peculiar. There were stirrings of feelings she’d never experienced before and in places that had never been touched by these warm caresses. A restlessness filled her inner being; tinglings and pulsings that left her feeling breathless.

“My little Bella.” His voice startled her. Briefly she’d forgotten about him as she fell victim to these new sensations.

“Who are you?” Bella asked.

“I’m the one who has waited centuries for you.” He replied. “You belong to me…to us. But for now, you must go. Go celebrate your birthday with your given family, those who have raised you and kept you safe for me. Soon, I will call you and begin to teach you the ways of your true family and the ways of the spirits of the forest.”

Suddenly the wind blew through the treetops and a chill surrounded her…the warmth was gone. In the distance she heard a howling, something she’d never heard from this forest in her whole lifetime. It filled her with apprehension, yet it touched something in her that gripped her senses.

The following morning she awoke to begin her birthday celebration but something was different…her family seemed wary of her. They spoke in hushed voices of the howling that had awakened them in the night. They watched her with knowing eyes…


To be continued…

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Oct 31 @ 1:29PM  

Oct 31 @ 6:25PM  
I'd hoped to get this all posted by midnight...I'm hurrying...really!

Wanna hear something funny?

Now, when I'm writing, I really get into for all intents and purposes, I am Bella. So I'm sitting her engrossed in her being in the is dark, she can't see a thing and she is wondering if "he" is gonna show up. Then, she hears the's long and low....

Ya with me here?

Well...about the time I wrote the words "long and low..." the TIMER I'd set so I wouldn't miss the news went off just inches behind me and I about shit my pants!!! OMG...what good timing that was. My heart about stopped in my chest LOL

Ok ok...I gotta hurry. If I post one chapter an hour, I just might get this in before Halloween is over!

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Once Upon a Halloween...chapter 4