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Tonight's Vice Presidential debate

posted 10/12/2012 1:04:18 AM |
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tagged: politics, election, straddle

I thought Biden was very rude, obnoxious, and interrupted too many times, and was very crass with misrepresentation of the facts. There's no doubt that Biden came out swinging for the fence in trying to make up ground that his boss lost in his debate with Romney on Oct. 3.

Ryan needed to be a little more aggressive in disputing some of the talking points and some of the lies Biden used early on and throughout the debate. There's no doubt that Biden controlled most of the debate tonight with his energy and constant interrupting, however, I'm not sure smirking, laughing, showing no respect, and lying here and there from Biden will play well with the independents.

Biden is undoubtedly more seasoned and experienced in his debating, and it showed tonight. But a lot of it was BS.

As for the mod, I felt that she interrupted Ryan more often when he was getting to making his point.

Bottom line is, both men played well to their bases tonight. As for the undecided and independents, I don't think it did much good. I really don't expect this debate will do much of anything as far as movement in the polls go. We shall see...

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Tonight's Vice Presidential debate
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Oct 12 @ 8:28AM  
I think they both did very well and will appeal to the bases of their respective parties. I felt that Biden was much more knowledgeable and you could tell that he had done his homework on Ryan. Ryan struck me as very sincere and likeable but not really very convincing on having in depth knowledge on foreign affairs. I found Biden to be more presidential on substance, Ryan more presidential in style and demeanor.

I thought Biden was very rude, obnoxious, and interrupted too many times

I agree and would add that he came off as very condescending with the smirks, head shaking and rolling his eyes to ceiling.

Bottom line is, both men played well to their bases tonight. As for the undecided and independents, I don't think it did much good. I really don't expect this debate will do much of anything as far as movement in the polls go.

Again I agree. I doubt that very many men watched it as it went up against the Orioles/Yankees and Steelers/Titans. I watched the debate early this morning on CSPAN, while toggling last night between two great games

Oct 12 @ 12:20PM  
As much as I can't stand politics and worse, politicians, my point of view is strictly limited to what I actually saw during the, so-called, "debate." I think most people figured that Biden was going to come across as a 'goof ball' (that's really the reason why I watched at all, was my perceived notion that Biden was going to screw things up by opening his mouth.) He did actually but not in the way I thought. He came across as experienced and knowledgable but I think he was harmful to his party, do to his antics against Ryan more often than not through the debate!

My impression of Ryan was that he didn't appear to be as prepared as maybe he should have been (take into consideration though, Biden's years of 'service' and 'experience) and appeared somewhat weak because of Biden's interuptions while Ryan was talking, not to mention Biden's condesending attitude in general- very unbecoming for someone in the position he holds of V.P. Childish behavior actually! Ryan should have spoke out at least to the 'moderator', whom in my opinion, wasn't in control all that much anyway, to let Biden know his turn to speak, would be next!

I try not to paint with a broad brush but I will say that from what I've seen during 'some' political discussions between sides on competing cable news networks (yes, networks), is that the democrats tend to use tatics (interuptions, talking over their opposition's verbal reply etc.) to disrupt and get their point(s) across- in other words, the 'last word' on whatever point(s) he/she wants to make- regardless if it's fair or not- bullying if you will!

IMO, Biden's tactics only added to Obama's weak performance in last week's debate! I'm pretty sure he didn't help any! Ryan needs to become more assertive and a more knowledgable about what this country needs to get back on tract but that comes with experience. In either debater's case, I was not too awfully impressed. Hopefully, the next debate gets better but, we ARE talking about politicians, after all!


Oct 12 @ 12:29PM  
Ehhh couple typos:

"and a more knowledgable"- should be:

'and more knowledgable'.

"back on tract"- should be:

'back on track'.


Oct 13 @ 12:06AM  
About the rude part. These guys were at a debate not a Sunday social. I was on the political debate team at NYU. The idea was to crush your opponent and if you could make them whine or cry so much the better. If someone can't take the heat they should stay the hell out of the kitchen. Joe was Joe. He did his homework and came out swinging. And that is how debating is done. At least Joe had substance while Ryan was dancing around the issues and I did not know much more about their policy than I did before the debate. Except on their stance on abortion which I totally disagree with all together. I don't know about other woman but I don't want congress legislating my vagina.

I am hoping the President was taking notes last night and comes on just as strong in the next debate.

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Tonight's Vice Presidential debate