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Just a quick report...

posted 9/22/2012 12:05:14 PM |
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Ok...I don't want to discourage anyone from having cataract surgery...k?

I had my left eye done last Monday. I know it's still early in the process, but I'm getting discouraged. I get conflicting reports. The laser center says my distance vision should be great by now. My personal eye doctor says not necessairly so. But yanno, after almost a week, I'd think the blurriness should be almost gone but it isn't.

To aggravate the situation, there is an abrasion on my eyeball and doc says it's from the tip of a drops bottle...and accused me of being the culprit. He was real snippy with me about it. I had to go see him the day following the surgery and I complained (loudly) about the scratchiness. When that scratchiness wasn't gone but was worse by Thursday, I called the laser center who had me go back to see my regular eye doctor so they worked me in on Friday morning.

He tried to say I hadn't complained about the scratchiness before and I practically barked at him that I most certainly DID! After checking his papers, he conceded that I had.

I just knew that I wasn't the one who'd touched my eye with a bottle tip and after thinking about it, I KNOW it wasn't me. Why? Because the abrasion is located on the top, left part of my eyeball. When I apply my drops, I pull my bottom eyelid down and look up to put them in. At the laser center, they pull the top lid up to apply them...dozens 'n dozens of them. I wouldn't have known they touched my eyeball because it was so numb I wouldn't have felt a thing. That awful scratchiness was there from day ONE!

I think all the drops I have to use irritates my eye...too much burning in my opinion. But I don't understand still having such blurred vision.

I'm distressed at this point whether I should have my right eye done next Thursday or maybe I should wait to see if this eye gets any better. I just don't know...

They say my eye is dry and all the watering is from the irritation, sorta like your eye watering when peeling onions ( goes over my head) so I have to keep artificial tears in it too...more frikin' drops!

All this is frustrating enough but I have so much to do in the next few weeks. I need to sort and price all my Christmas decorations that I want to get rid of with a garage sale towards the end of October. The weather is cooling down early this year and it's a job getting summer stuff put to bed for the winter.

I did get my car cleaned inside and out before my surgery...even gave it a good wax job so it's ready for snow and other crap. But I still have some grave saddles to make for the winter season...I junked the idea of fall ones, I just don't have the time.

I've managed to get some fall decorations sprinkled around my house and although I wanted to do more, I think that idea is gonna go by the wayside, too. never ends 'n before I know it, the holidays will be breathing down my neck...sigh....

So anyway...that's about it. My Sis's new squeeze is up here from Florida for a week. I met him 'n I'm not real impressed. He's nice enough but he thinks he's a comedian...he can wear on my nerves. Susie and I are joining them and my other sisters for lunch today so my other sisters can meet him...HIS idea...he wants to meet all her family and gaud forbid he wait until tomorrow when we have our family picnic... Sis isn't sure if he's "the ONE" and I think he's pressuring her far too much for only knowing each other for a couple of months. She did fly down there and spent a little over a week with him in August but's just too soon and he shouldn't put so much pressure on her. Oh's her life.

Gotta keeps movin' on and I can hardly keep up.

Catch ya'll safe 'n keep smilin'....


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Sep 22 @ 12:36PM  
Sorry you're having it rough with the eye. Hopefully when those scratches go away it gets better. Maybe they are why the vision is still blurry? Go with what you feel is better for you in regards to having the other eye done Thursday. Myself, I'd probably wait till the other eye is healed.

I know, fall is here now. I am enjoying the cooler temps. Leaves are changing color already, and in some cases, some are already starting to fall. One of the reasons I love fall is how colorful it gets with the leaves changing. And, most days, we can run around outside without a coat/jacket, needing it only in the evening.

Does remind me though..need to get the fall cleaning done on the house soon. Windows cleaned, especially the outside. I mowed the lawn a couple of days ago, got the lawnmower put away for the season. I doubt if I'll be needing it anymore.

Here's hoping the dinner with Sis and her new squeeze goes smooth. Yes, it is her life, her decision to make. Don't ya just love the ones who think they're comedians and they are stale as..........................well, ya know.

Sep 22 @ 1:18PM  
Sorry that you're having a difficult time with this. In my opinion, I think it's probably wise to wait to have your other eye done, and to make sure the eye you had done starts coming into focus. You don't want both eyes not working.

Sep 22 @ 2:34PM  
As Roseanna Roseanna Dana used to say, "Eet chus goes to cho you, Ees always somesing."

Sep 22 @ 3:15PM  
Well believe it or not Sugar, in the last couple of hours, there's been some improvement on this eye...go figure... It's not quite as blurry now and that abrasion must be healing...not hardly scratching at all... I still think those drops cause a lot of the irritation. I'll see what Monday brings...maybe better yet? I sure hope so!

We left a couple of hours ago for lunch and the sky was rolling with heavy black clouds. We drove through rain 'n wind and even some small pea sized hail. It's cold and the wind cuts through the bones but now the sun is shining and looks like it's clearing up. What can I say? Damn Indiana weather...

You're right Shawn...don't want both eyes messed up! Hopefully since it's gotten better in the last couple of hours, maybe it's on the mend. I can say that with that eye, everything is brighter and's amazing. Looking with just my right eye, everything looks brownish like it has a heavy coating of nicotine. I never realized how darkish everything looked before.

Yeah IS always something...especially since I moved here a couple of years ago. Never a dull moment here...and sometimes I long for some dull

Sep 22 @ 4:19PM  
Did you get a lens implanted??
They can be slightly irritating too.

Sep 22 @ 5:30PM  
hey my friend sorry about all the issues your going through. Ain't life grand? lol I miss you and our talks give me a call sometime (when you can see the phone numbers)

Sep 23 @ 10:40PM  
Yes Doc, they implanted a standard lens. I'm suppose to have good distance vision without glasses. Right now, that remains to be seen...

Life is so busy anymore Lisa... Wist it was only the cataract problem. I'm having a hip problem (left one) and the left knee. I suppose when I get done with my eyes then I need to start on solving those problems. Getting old is not for the weak but I keep plodding along. Not much else I can do I guess.

Sep 24 @ 10:27AM  
I have had cataract surgery in both eyes many years ago and there were no complications with the result being greatly enhanced clarity. However, I wound up getting bifocals this year, but I don't wear then very often (too vain).

Sep 24 @ 11:24AM  
I am sure I'll have clarity with colors (brightness) but their telling me that right now I should have excellent distance vision without glasses, I think is an overstatement. I realize it's still early and the complication of one of the nurses making an abrasion on my eye with a bottle top is just aggravating the situation. My vision without my glasses is blurry in that eye...and obviously blurry with my glasses since the lens prescription is now wrong for that eye.

Once I get my right eye done, I will not be able to see much at all with or without my glasses until I get new glasses...a MONTH they tell me before my eyes are healed enough to get new glasses...a real bummer!

Hopefully in the end I will be happy with the results.

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Just a quick report...