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Don't Ignore ME! I Can't TAKE it.

posted 8/31/2012 8:05:36 PM |
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A response to a response to a response... or something like that.

Good Friday Evening my luvs... and you other freaks too. There's a Blue Moon out tonight. I've had a great day, today, thank you. And this evening will be pretty good too. Wicked Witch here has to go out and do some work under the moon tonight. I just can never remember if we're supposed to kill the virgin and rape the goat or .. just what it is... I'll get back to you on that. For ignorant fuckers.. yeah I'll be making Christian Baby Stew so I can fly on Halloween. (like it's not cheaper and easier to buy lard at the grocery store?)

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes, more reasons to vote Repulitard this year.

1. I believe in Legitimate and Illegitimate Rape. You can't get pregnant by Legitimate Rapeā„¢. We will now start calling Illegitimate rape Republican't rape.

2. I don't want to be taken care of in my old age. I'd rather have to eat catfood and live in a cardboard box on the corner.

3. Cuz I'm Illiterate and cannot look up the big words or do any fact checking of my own.

That should be enough reasons. None of this means I think the Demoprat candidate is any better, just he's the devil we know.. but I'd prefer a non evil to vote for. Voting for the lesser of two evils still leaves you with evil.

Y'all vote how you wanna vote, but for gawds sakes have a sense of humor. Here, I think you dropped yours while looking for a big can of 'My Opinion is the Only Opinion'.

"But Skwirl! My way is the ONLY way! Don't ask me to think critically or to do any work to make sure I have the truth of the story as it stands!"

You're right. In your world... only you matter. Do what you want, but if you can't laugh about it.. don't make it public knowledge .. cuz someone, somewhere, is gonna laugh.

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Aug 31 @ 8:20PM  
I will not ignore you by posting on your blog and telling you how much I disagree with you on what ever topic you posted about ( I honestly didnt read it. I saw the title) And this is my contribution

Aug 31 @ 8:28PM  
I fucking lub jooo.

Aug 31 @ 8:30PM  
jooo can be taken as a derogatory racial slur. please adjust your response to my comment to appease the masses so as not to create dissention in the AMD blogs. Thank you for your time and cooperation!

Aug 31 @ 8:32PM  
Hey!!! It's my favorite Skwirl come to remind me there is a blue moon tonight!!! (what in the hell am I doing inside????? ) I gotta check out the blue moon!!!

Election...I've already decided...I'm gonna do a write in candidate...Tigger!!!! Cause tiggers are bouncy!!!!!!

That's about how I feel with this whole election this year. I still say both candidates are shit piles. And Tigger...what's not to like? He's so cute, and, and, and,...well...bouncy!

I'll leaves ya a kudo cause ya gave me one earlier. And because I's happy to see a blog from ya.

Aug 31 @ 8:32PM  
Ok.. I furkin luv juice!

Aug 31 @ 8:34PM  
I'ma vote Green Party this year.. cuz damnit .. the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Aug 31 @ 8:35PM  
Damnit.. I want a like button on the comments.. like facecrack has.. cuz I'd kudzoo Sugar again.. just for her comment. And Rnj cuz .. cuz he's him.. and well.. you know.

Aug 31 @ 8:40PM  
they was gonna install a like button for comments here but i woulda blown that shit up with every goddamend thing i say. so my bad. didnt mean to ruin it for the rest of yous by being me

Aug 31 @ 8:47PM  
I knew it hadda be you. Well, you and that other guy... you know the one.

Aug 31 @ 8:56PM  
not to down the other guy...but he aint me. So he dont really matter. Lets face it....if not for me this sight would be dead. I am what makes things happen!

Aug 31 @ 9:02PM  
Is it good to be a GOD?

Aug 31 @ 9:07PM  
I wouldnt know what its like to be a I am GOD

Aug 31 @ 9:21PM  
Me voting for Mickey Mouse just cause he has cute ears.. And maybe he would listen..
I forgot about the blue moon myself.. Went and looked and can't see it..
So now I'm in a blue mood..

Aug 31 @ 10:59PM  
Blue Moon

Sep 1 @ 6:36AM  
I would rather Suck Polly's dick.... than to talk about Polly Ticks!!! Does that make me Gay? (ut oh..someone might be offended in my humor..huh? It was a Joke I tell ya!!! )
Nice seeing you Skwirly Girl!!!! ya Wanna?

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