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For my Republican and Democrat friends...

posted 8/28/2012 8:44:37 PM |
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tagged: straddle, funny, humor, politics

I saw this one posted over on my FB by my mom and a few of my friends. Enjoy!

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For my Republican and Democrat friends...
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Aug 28 @ 9:59PM  
Very funny!

Aug 28 @ 11:46PM

Aug 29 @ 12:55AM  
Perfect for Democrats and Doc's Republican link


Aug 29 @ 6:34AM  
A very low, but surprisingly precise blow, Straddle. It's even funnier than it looks at first blush, because liberal politicians only seem as if they have no brain to voters who DO have a brain. They seem that way, because the liberal politician makes the out-of-hand presumption that the voter has NO brain and speaks to him like one moron would communicate with another. He sounds perfectly studied and informed to the liberal voter. The politician only sounds brainless to a voter WITH a brain. The bottom line is that the politician is better defined by the word "duplicitous" than he is by the word "brainless". have to be born without a brain to miss that. Yuk.

Aug 29 @ 11:22AM  
Damn Dems anyway, always saying mean lies about me

Aug 29 @ 2:20PM  
On Doc's post: I thought Mitt paying only 14% taxes on his investments last year was the original attention getter- now I read that he hasn't paid any taxes on his investments last year!

Mt personal opinyun in that matter, is that someone realized the mistake of saying that Mitt paid only 14% on his money he made last year (not investments or income but money he made). His investments equates to 14% taxes paid probably because of some losses he had as an investor (any investor big or small) gets to deduct against over-all gains.

Considering that any gains made in investments for the year is called 'Capital Gains', which is taxed at 15% and not 'income', which is taxed as much as 35% to 40% or so, far as I know, is never translated properly for self serving reasons no less, you can understand how lies and disinformation on both sides are used against each other- that is if one cares to even look for them!! And all this rhetoric is put forth by so-called adults- and these people are vying for the most important office and administration positions on the planet??

Oh... I'm so upside downish on this confusion infusion going on by both parties, my head hurts! But it does explain my underlying reasoning of why I choose to ignore polyticks and polytickians all together.

Just my 2¢ worth and then I probably have change coming back!

BTW- I'ma gonna be away for 7 days in Orlando visiting my grand kids with my daughter- well, either visiting or as part of a clean up crew- one of the two!


Aug 29 @ 3:22PM  
Liberals have been trying to make something out of nothing with his tax forms and foreign investments. Bottom line is, he paid his taxes and used the system like any taxpayers would try to. With Reid and Debbie Wassurmann-Shultlz running their mouths about the foreign investments with Romney, they too have a lot and are not willing to release their own, and both are elected officials that vote to raise taxes on everybody else while trying to avoid paying huge sum of taxes from income and investments they make. Very hypocritical.

The real issues are not being talked about as usual by the liberals. They just want to attack and pit people against others. Same playbook play over the last 35 years *YAWN*. The class warefare card, the race card, and the gender card continues to be played every four years because the liberals have nothing else to offer voters. Lets talk about the economy and how a lot of people are without jobs, and the fact that Obama wants to put more and more people on welfare and foodstamps and continue making people dependant on the government.

This country is losing it's place of a world leader thanks to Obama. With the deficet coming up on 16 trillion (Obama added almost 6 trillion to it in only 3 1/2 years time....and here he called Bush unamerican for adding a lot to it in his eight years).

Let me ask you this, Doc, why won't Obama release his college transcripts? What's he hiding? Could it be his writings on socialism and markism, and how to bankrupt the U.S.? Do I think that he wants to? Absolutey, look at his actions, along with the people including the people that's had an influence on his life over the years.

Obama wants to spend everyone elses money. Romney earned his, and I certainly have respect for people like Romney when it comes to that, as to Obama got where he's at because of his race, Chicago politics, and stupid voters who were fooled by that twirp.

Obama and the rest of the die hard libs can continue their little game right out of their 35 year old playbook all they want, but anyone with a brain can see how bad this economy is, and hopefully those who did vote for Obama will vote this time for a better candidate, or just stay home because they no longer have faith in him. Either way works for me. A lot of you dems are jumping ship.


N.Y. Times

Aug 29 @ 4:53PM  
That about sums it up, only kidding peoples.

Aug 29 @ 5:33PM  
Let me ask you this, Doc, why won't Obama release his college transcripts? What's he hiding?

I have no idea what or if he's hiding anything But this whole thing isn't about Obama

Just looks a tad bad for Romney not giving up his taxes..Makes him look like he's hiding something from the public..I have no idea about that either.

Aug 30 @ 11:38AM  
Oh yeah: right wingers, revdoc (great guy) the resident liberal, and cockfail incarnations on a social networking "sex" site. It's all the same

Aug 30 @ 5:51PM  
College transcripts, tax records...who's gives a damn? I don't care about either one because they don't affect me.

College transcripts---obviously he passed and got his degree.

Taxes-----personal, and if there is fraud, then sooner or later the IRS will catch up with it. If there is no fraud, then it's none of my business nor anyone else.

Those two things, to me, are personal information that I honestly feel no one else has any business knowing about. I don't sit here and broadcast to all what my tax returns are, and I sure as hell don't expect anyone else to do so....and that includes ANYONE running for office. Again, let me repeat: If there is any fraud, then that person can deal with the IRS. Again, college transcript----don't care. He obviously passed and got his degree. Enough said.

Why waste time on such b.s.? And please, don't give me the "we got to know if he's educated enough" crap. I remember seeing reports that G.W. Bush was a C average student in college.

There are more important issues these candidates should be focused on, which is the economy, immigration, global economy, and those lunatic terrorists groups.

Aug 30 @ 7:25PM  
Why waste time on such b.s.? And please, don't give me the "we got to know if he's educated enough" crap. I remember seeing reports that G.W. Bush was a C average student in college.
On the contrary, seeing these college transcripts would fully shine the spotlight on as to what Obama's agenda and intentions are as how to best deal with the economy, or in his case on how to destroy the U.S. economy and culture as we know it. From what I have heard, he wasn't much of a student. I do believe that he's not what he says he is simply by going on his actions over the past 4 years, and what he's said during his entire adult life. So seeing his college transripts would be very telling on his economic if a lot of us didn't know already what he's about.

As for Romney's tax forms, if he was guilty of anything with them, don't you think the I.R.S. would have already gone after him? They do with anybody and everybody regardless of how rich and how much influence someone has. History has proven that, hence nothing is more sure in life than death and taxes.

For you to claim that you're more in the middle politically, you sure have a way of showing this by backing a hard nose radical leftist liberal in Obama that has left a trail of deceit, socialism, and some markist along the way.

You and a few others of you say politicians are one of the worst people. Obama's only job has been one, that's it. You contradict what you say sometimes, and in this case, it looks that way.

I'm not that big on Romney, I was for Newt, or even Santorum, but I will certainly back Romney for a numbers of reasons. One of them is to get Obama the hell out of there. We're worse off than fours years ago. Two, he has a proven record on growing the economy with his businesses that he's owned. Three, he's for smaller federal government. Four, I share his opinion on not hold people back and keeping them dependant on government welfare. Five, He's never allowed himself to hang with such thugs, criminal, terrorists, and other undesireables through his life, unlike Obama has. Six, Romney hasn't laundered money, unlike someone else who's invloved with unions and the fees that come from unions that go back and forth among them all. Seven, Romney is who he says he is as far as religion goes, jury still out on Obama as Obama dabbled in a few religions along the way I believe. Eight, I can't support someone who has a platform on killing babies. Nine, there's no Transparency at all with Obama. He won't release a lot of information on himself that people question and want to know. Ten, his personal attackes and lies says it all about Obamas character, or lack thereof...but once again, a lot of us have seen right through Obama fours years ago!

Aug 30 @ 7:29PM  
Dawn, can you at least tell me some of the reasons why you want to align yourself with supporting Obama this November?

Aug 30 @ 8:01PM  
Yes, I and others would LOVE to see his theses in his college transcrips. I'm sure it would show a lot of his economics leanings towards socialism and markism.

"A political strategy to overload the American public welfare system to the point that it creates a crises and bankrupts the nation leaving our country no choice but the adopt a solcialist/markist/communist agenda."

Wow, almost carbon copy to what we've been witnessing the last 3 1/2 years!

Aug 30 @ 8:34PM  
in a quick google I found this from the LA Times..I learn something new everyday

In his new book, "Barack Obama: The Story," David Maraniss quotes Obama as saying that his grade point average at Columbia was an impressive 3.7. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, which cannot happen with poor grades.

The president’s presumptive opponent, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, was no academic slouch either. According to various news reports, Romney graduated from Brigham Young University with a 3.97 grade point average and was in the top 5% of his class at Harvard Business School, where he simultaneously earned a law degree.

Unfortunately for transcript transparency advocates, school transcripts, like tax returns, are private. They are protected by a 1974 law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA.

"There are all kinds of exceptions, but the rule is records may only be released with signed written consent of the individual,” said Barmak Nasserian, associate executive director of the American Assn. of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. The group counts more than 2,600 degree-granting institutions among its members. "Barack Obama, like every other American, is entitled to privacy rights under federal law."

In any case, said Nasserian, he doesn’t see much benefit in allowing voters to peruse candidates' college transcripts.

"I am not sure looking at 20-year-old Mitt Romney or Barack Obama at that granular level of detail would make a difference," he said. "It's kind of a stretch to say performance in a particular course, or that they took a course with a professed Marxist, or they studied Russian for heaven's sakes, is going to be relevant or helpful to someone making up their mind."

Aug 30 @ 8:48PM  
In his new book, "Barack Obama: The Story," David Maraniss quotes Obama as saying that his grade point average at Columbia was an impressive 3.7. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, which cannot happen with poor grades.

People get high grades for different reasons sometimes other than them actually earning the high marks. I heard that in some of his courses, Obama shared a lot of his ideologies with one or two of his professors. So then they may actually be why the high marks were given.

Many of us have seen his performance over the last 3 1/2 years. Enough said!

Aug 30 @ 8:58PM  
First of all, a college transcript will only show what classes he took, when he took them, and what his grades were. That's it.

Second of all, as I stated before...I could really give a rat's ass what Romney's tax records are. IF he is hiding anything, the IRS will figure it out eventually.

As I stated, in regards to Obama's transcripts, AND Romney's tax records, they are none of my business. I wouldn't want people nosing around in my private affairs either, and I don't hold it against either candidate for not wanting people nosing around in theirs.

BTW...whoever I "align" myself with in this election, it's my business. If it's Obama...that is my business. If it's Romney, again, it's my business. Got it? I don't give a flying fuck for party loyalty. I don't vote for someone because of their party affiliation. And I have always stated that yes, I do tend to lean Democrat, I am more supportive of MODERATES. Of both parties. I wanted Hillary to win the Democratic nomination. She didn't. I hope she tries again. And yes, chances are, I'd vote for her. I always felt Obama was weak compared to Hillary.

Again, who I decide to vote for come November is my business.

Aug 30 @ 9:41PM  
BTW...whoever I "align" myself with in this election, it's my business. If it's Obama...that is my business. If it's Romney, again, it's my business.

You're absolutey right. Not disputing that. Just wanted to hear your arguments on why you support Obama, and why you think we can afford 4 more years of this.

Moderate? That's one thing I don't like about Romney, he's too moderate for my liking. I make no bones about making it clear that I'm a conservative. You can't get anymore moderate than Romney. But Obama is NOT modserate. he's a radical socialist liberal!

Aug 30 @ 10:11PM  
Oh let's see.

I've never held back on who I've voted for.

Believe me, I don't particularly like either one. But, let's talk about auto workers and retirees. My Dad retired from GM. When it looked like GM was "going under", there was this letter he got from them about how his pension would be reduced, and how he could possibly lose some of the medical coverage he gets. Obama signed the bill that bailed out the auto industry..thus, my Dad's pension was saved. I remember watching Republicans fighting the bail out..saying things like "let them fail". Am I supposed to have warm and fuzzy feelings for people who would essentially, as I saw it, turn their backs on people who worked hard for what they have, only to lose it?

Healthcare Reform...............I've never sat down and read the entire bill, so I don't really say a whole lot on it. It's over a thousand pages. Tell me who all on this site actually sat down and read it rather than opine based upon what they've heard others in the media saying. I mean, you listen to Hannity, it's a bomb. You listen to's the greatest legislation. Guess what? I don't listen to either one of them.

Do I think Obama is "great"? No, I don't. He's weak at best. Do I think Romney is great? No, I don't. He also is weak at best. Another thing, I don't think the Constitution should be used to "define marriage". And quite honestly, I don't think our legislators should be telling us who we can and cannot marry. I get it, you don't believe in same sex marriage...that is your opinion, I respect that. Myself, I don't give a damn if a couple wants to marry. Live and let live. Mind my own business. In other words, I'm not going to tell another person they can't love one another because I may think their lifestyle is "wrong". I don't think government should be making personal decisions for it's citizens.

Do I think there should be cuts in spending? Yes, I do. I cringe when I hear about more spending. But, where should the cuts be made? On those who are in the most need? How about education? Or infrastructure? I'm no finance I couldn't say. But I do know that being used in this political tug of war is a bitch.

My stance is:
Government stays out of my house and out of my decisions.
I would love to be paying less in taxes.
I would love to see this economy turn around.
I would love to see world peace.
I would, most of all, see a UNITED Congress...not this bullshit we've been subjected to for what seems like forever.
I want our legislators to remember we are the UNITED States.

I hold all of them responsible for this mess. They've had years where they could put aside the partisanship and work together, and yet, they don't. I try to make the best choice I can. I am more in the middle than anything. Take a look at who the Governor of Michigan is. I voted for that man. And from what I see here, I'll probably vote for him again. The 04 election, Bush against Kerry...I voted for Bush because I was more comfortable with him than Kerry. On the flip side, I voted for Clinton twice, and yeah, I would vote for him again if I could.

The stuff I've posted on facebook were things that either were done in humor, or, because it was something I agreed with.


Aug 30 @ 10:15PM  
See, now was that so hard to actually give your arguments?

I may not agree with some of them, but I am glad that you shared them.

Aug 31 @ 8:26PM  
there's a Bengals joke in here somewhere

Aug 31 @ 8:30PM

Aug 31 @ 8:32PM  
Dr. Jill Stein for president. That's all I'm gonna say.. go go Green Party.

Sep 1 @ 5:13PM  
go go Green Party.

Wasn't Roseanne Barr trying to win that party's nod to run in the general election until she lost it back in July where she then just blew off that party and is now running for the nominee of the California-based Peace and Freedom Party?

Just curious....would you have supported and voted for Roseanne Barr if she had won the Green Party nod?

Hulk Hogan's endorsement of Romney. He voted for Obama in 2008.

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For my Republican and Democrat friends...