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The More Things Change....

posted 8/13/2012 7:22:29 PM |
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The more AMD remains the same. Oh my, won't someone come fuck me .. purty pleeeeeeease???

Ridiculous faux news articles... same old same... and ya wonder why those of us with writing talent took off?

Yeah, I'm grumpy...

If you want to read good blogs.. write good blogs. That's how it works.

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Aug 13 @ 8:53PM  
Gawd...........I miss good blogs..........however..........I am not here to bitch about lack of good blogs............I don't write them...........and don't come here very often to even look anymore.........I have no inspiration to write them, because I use to write them about the people here and their funny antics...........and if they are having any........obviously they are not having them here.............sorry but true. I am not interested in politics or religion.............I have my own beliefs in both, and to be honest..........I have found they just cause fights so why discuss them.........a majority of people are not adult enough to debate either without it turning into a shit storm................In truth I am bored with the internet...........perhaps I have finally found the end of it...........but I don't see me coming back here anymore..........

Aug 13 @ 10:24PM  
Well... I'll be- my wet dreams I had the other night paid off! I had a dream of a threesome with two of my favorite sexy and fun ladies and here you all are! And now you two sound like you're throwing in the towel(s)- that's the bad news, the good news is though, I get to see both of you nekkid when you take your towels off!

To show how neglected this site is, my age of 69, still shows 68 (HA! Like that's going to make a difference). 69 used to be my favorite number... until I reached it!

Anyway, I'm going to 'hang' here until I can't- ya never know, AMD just might become interesting and fun again- perk up like a set of 18 y/o's boobs!

And yes, I do have a life and plan to start living it beginning next year if all goes well. I'll spill the beans next year here- just need to get a couple more things in place!

Great seeing you two again, on the same page too no less!


Aug 13 @ 10:31PM  
There's more going on on facebook (facecrack )

I still pop in, maybe write a blog, or comment on one. That's about it anymore.

Aug 14 @ 2:57PM  
Wow someone can use those big of words.......and could only come up with Hairypus as a screen name.............. Your just pissed off because we disagreed with your own brand of bullshit, your brand of condescending attitudes against anyone who disagreed with you, your own brand of pettiness. It is because of people like you Hairypus or smellypus or whatever name you got that lewd 3rd grader to come up with for you, that this site has died off.........this site was at it's highest number of members, highest count of blogs, and the most fun, when people such as the skwirl, Sugar, Wordsofwit, Ynot, Me, and many others were here to was because of people like you who didn't want to fit in, to join the fun, thru your own pettiness and jealousy that pointed fingers and screamed they are a clique and they won't let anyone in. Hell anyone could have fit in, we were all about fun, no one gave a rats ass where you were from, what you believed in, or who you was all about fun..........but people like you helped destroy that fun........and by the way......the definition of clique is A small group of people with shared interests, who spend time together and exclude others. We were a large group............VERY LARGE........we did indeed have shared interests......this site.........but our religious, sexual, and political views were not shared by all of us........we just chose not to fight over it and accept everyone for who they were...........and exclude.......the only people that were excluded were the ones who didn't want to join in.........people like piss off you hypocritical, self serving, paranoid..............oh should I say Ewe resist........Nope...........CUNT!! You never wanted to fit in and thats what you are whining about now..........and by the way........if people like the ones mentioned above would have all stayed.........this place would still be hopping like it once now its your turn.........have at it..........I don't plan on coming back to read it anyway................

Aug 14 @ 4:30PM  
I likes a little fuzzy wool on occasion..
Never could get excited over Bushy pussies
And I lubs some Skwirly Girly

EWE ..
Did you notice the similarities of locations
between this one and Cockfail??

Aug 14 @ 8:17PM  
Hey ...this is just like old times....everybodies gots their panties in knots..

Aug 14 @ 8:50PM  
Back on original topic i only post on blogs that caught my interest and to read the spam mail I get

Aug 14 @ 9:49PM  
Hey ...this is just like old times....everybodies gots their panties in knots..

Wow... a blast from the past!

But yeah... that was my thought too after reading the last few comments! Every once in a while, you see a pulse on the monitor- maybe someday, pulse repetition will be back to normal?


Aug 14 @ 10:42PM  
Screaming, hollering and personal attacks oh my!! It's good to know that nothing here changes.

Som.. if you have facecrack... let me know I will add you. Anyone else who wants an add let me know via note.. so that your personal info isn't on display for everyone.

Borty... here are the keys to the closet. You're in control now. Love you!


Aug 14 @ 10:54PM  
Nope, no screaming and hollering from me. I saw the "comment" and just had to .

If ya heard it once...ya've heard it a thousand gazillion times....and it's so farts dust anymore.


Aug 15 @ 11:23AM  
Good to see you two back. An old fashioned flame war, oh my It is just like the old days... well, not really.

As for the theme of post, as B. B. King would say, "The thrill is gone." Not much more to say that hasn't been said before.

But, to be topical in the flame war, nobody ran anybody off. People left because they were not engaged by lame, boring posts. People can post anything that they want, by and large. They did and people left. That's my story and I am sticking with it

Aug 15 @ 11:35AM  
Flame war? pfffft! More like a puff if anything.

But yes Bruce, a lot of us have wandered off to other places. Some still check in here, maybe comment a little bit, or maybe write a blog, or, just read and leave.

Aug 15 @ 12:19PM  
For those of you who filed complaints in the form of comments and/or posted blogs regarding boring and/or uninteresting blogs on this site as the reason(s) for others moving on to other sites and/or doing other things in their lives... WASN'T THIS BLOG A FUN READ??

C'mon, admit it- I mean, it kept my interest and apparently others too!


Aug 15 @ 12:48PM  
Yep Som....I know what you mean.

Aug 15 @ 1:30PM  
Skwirl comes back for a day and everything goes all to fuck for a few minutes This is how this place should always be. At least she got people commenting again so whatever else you may think about her was interesting enough for people to read it, comment, comment on comments....The only people i see complaining about don't seem to have their own interesting blogs for others to comment on

Aug 16 @ 6:40AM  
The only people i see complaining about don't seem to have their own interesting blogs for others to comment on


Aug 16 @ 9:54AM  
History is repeating itself. All the same crap...cliques and free speech and oh you people are soooomean! Really? It would be funny or maybe garner sympathy if it wasn't so blatantly obvious not to mention very pathetic.

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The More Things Change....