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Obama's 2013 New Year's Resolutions

posted 8/5/2012 12:14:28 AM |
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tagged: humor, politics, joke, straddle

¦Party with Secret Service one last time .
¦Pack up White House silverware.
¦Cut prices for Presidential Pardons.
¦Fire up paper shredders.
¦Delete teleprompter porno.
¦Flip off Hillary Clinton.
¦Get medical marijuana card.
¦Ask Chris Matthews for a date.
¦Throw Eric Holder under the bus.
¦Throw Joe Biden under the short bus.

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Obama's 2013 New Year's Resolutions
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Aug 5 @ 12:22AM  
lol love it it still amazes me how may stupid idiots out there still think so highly of that muslim socialist

Aug 5 @ 8:15AM  
it would be nice to see someone with a brain in the white house again. Otherwise batten down the hatches and stock up on guns, cause we are doomed.

Aug 5 @ 9:41AM  
Yes put another rich Republican in the house so he can sell even more of our country to his rich friends so they can make even more lifetimes of money off my back.
Pshaw I cannot believe they racist backwards vile bullshit out of your mouth.

I cannot believe you all miss Bush and that abortion of 8 years. What a bunch of crunk.

Aug 5 @ 12:28PM  
The way I see our government is: we have Democrats and Republicans (Independents too but that point is inconsequential in the over-all political scheme of things)- both 'parties' only understand of 'pointing the finger' at each other, both are extremely wasteful of tax payer's money, both only follow the rules they set for them selves, for their benefit, both lie, cheat and steal, both scam, both have the word "scandal" written into each 'party', both are exempt from most if not all laws enacted on behalf ( ) of the citizens.

Both are guilty of occasionally breaking even their own rules, banking rules (check kiting), jumping in bed with big business and unions and any other special interests that help put whomever is the favorite candidate for Presidential office- in office, both have bought and sold votes, both have ignored our Southern border problem, both insist on increasing taxes each year (upfront and/or behind our backs) that really go to pay for their failed policies (their mistakes that cost the citizens) costing them not one cent out of their salaries!

The list is endless! As long as there is separation of the masses into basically two groups, both expressing their points of views as "THE" way our country should be run, nothing will be accomplished as neither group is 'correct', if both groups don't have enough intelligence to see what is going on in our government against its own citizens sit down, face each other and begin intelligent conversation to correct the wrongs for the good of the citizens- not the government!

The presidential election process needs to be revamped based on MERIT only- nothing else! As it is, it's nothing but a business adventure and that's all it is. How a president's cabinet is installed, needs to be revamped too!

I love our country but as it is right now- it sucks! Our citizens suck, because they won't get up off their asses and demand that changes be made- that politicians be made responsible for their actions. The way our politicians keep poking their noses into other country's affairs sucks, foreign aid really sucks, the government's ongoing power grab sucks, Our economy sucks. We are paying salaries and benefits to politicians Hell-bent on destroying our lives as we know it- as it already has to millions, directly and indirectly!

This is all YOUR fault- it's MY fault too! So, whatever happens to us down the road, WE deserve it- unless WE do something about it as a whole, not some contrived tool that the government is using against us!! Or, haven't you caught on to that... yet??


Aug 5 @ 5:35PM  
lol love it it still amazes me how may stupid idiots out there still think so highly of that muslim socialist

It never ceases to amaze me how many stupid idiots out the who still think our POTUS is a Muslim Socialist

Romney's Resolution is to try to recoup and pay back all the money spent trying to get Obama out of the White House..
He's gonna have some really pissed off multi- billionaire donors who thought they could buy the Presidency
I predict a 50 million dollar hit contract on Romney on Nov. 7th

Aug 5 @ 7:28PM  
I cannot believe you all miss Bush and that abortion of 8 years. What a bunch of crunk.
And I can't believe you haven't learned anything over the last 3 1/2 years of having Barry as the president.

Pshaw I cannot believe they racist backwards vile bullshit out of your mouth.
Who's "Pshaw"?

Aug 6 @ 9:00AM  
honey let me tell you this your calling me racist, not by a long shot. How about your so called president. Hes Black and white, Its called Bi-Racial. But he only claims his black side. He hates this country. Hes not a proud american. Hes anti american. Hes a lying sac of shit. So take your liberal views and shove it.

Aug 6 @ 11:51AM  
Well Shawn, guess no one has a sense of humor?

Hey, I voted for the guy myself, but, I can see the humor in this blog.

and the wishful thinking......

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Obama's 2013 New Year's Resolutions