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What's eating me?

posted 1/22/2007 6:27:47 PM |
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tagged: family, straddle, rant

I hadn't been much in the mood to blog recently and just stated in a comment on someone else's blog about some problems in my personal life for over a week now. A lot of what's been on my mind has been some personal issues going on with me concerning my daughter. After I made that trip up there on Jan. 11 I had heard back from her till one week later (Jan.18) through msnm messenger while she was at school right before it ended that day, and she couldn't talk long, so I wasn't sure what was going on with her. It's like she was avoiding me. I heard through two of her aunts that she was back living at her mom's house along with that scumbag. I heard from Tash a bit ago on my cell phone and I finally got the chance to ask her some questions. I got to asking her where she's at right now and she said at her friend Tiff's house. I asked her where she stayed last night and she said there. I then asked her where she was staying prior to that and she said her mom's house. I asked for some details of the situation and she told me that her mom's husband works now and he's gone through the week till he comes back on the weekends. I think it's good that Tash and her mom is getting along, but the thought of that guy around, I hate that. She told me all of them including Tash's bf is going to West Virginia at a monster truck show on Feb.2. Man, this is so hard for me to take and finding that difficult to stay positive on things. I don't want her mom to worm that guy back into Tash's life. Am I jealous? Yeah, I hate to admit I am, but yes, I am. All I can do is nothing but watch from a distance, and I really can't even do that since I live down here and depend on info from a few people and Tash herself. Even though that guy has been real abusive to Tash, she still has known him all her life practically, and I have almost no history with her growing up. A lot of times I feel like an outsider looking in.

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Jan 22 @ 6:41PM  
yep...veer summed it up......FUCKING LIFE SOMETIMES.....hang in there friend this too shall pass....

Jan 22 @ 6:45PM  
just let her know you are here for her no matter what!

Jan 22 @ 6:46PM  
I feel for ya Straddle. I really do. Most likely the courts will not take her away from her mother unless you can really prove that there is serious abuse. Unfortunately even in these "enlightened" days there is hardly no court in the land that will rule in your favor. Keep in touch with her, bro - show her you love her and will always be there for her. Do what you can, man and hope for the best. Your daughter loves you and wants you in her life don't let that slip away.

Even to this day my daughter loves her mother but can't stand her. Not because of the divorce either but because of what her mother had become. You'll have your day, believe me and when you do, cherish it!

Jan 22 @ 7:01PM  
I am sorry i wont tell that i can feel what you are going through. Because that pain only you will understand. Noone can understand that. But i will just advise you to try and strengthen your relation with Tash. Try and strengthen it to that extend that no one can break that bond with her as a daughter and father. I am sure you must be trying. But to try is all we can do..Keep up the faith in her. She will make you proud one day.

Jan 22 @ 7:09PM  
Hey Bro:

Keep the faith. I will pray for you


Jan 22 @ 7:16PM  

My friend I agree with all three of them.You must also let her know
that she can always come to live with you if things get rough there.
Just keep leting her know you care and love.

And if you need to talk with someone ? I'm here for you.

Jan 22 @ 7:21PM  
Sweetie, I know how hard this whole situation with Tash has been on you. Honestly i don't think there's anything you can do. Tash is 18 now and can make her own decision about how she wants to live. I know how hard it is to have to sut back and watch knowing there isn't a damn thing you can do to change things. My positive thoughts go out to you. Just try and keep calm.

Jan 22 @ 7:39PM  
Hugs sweetie sorry that things still suck for ya. Remember you have friends who care and you can call us anytime you need someone to talk too. Hugs..... Kimmie.

Jan 22 @ 8:28PM  
the main thing is she always knows you are there if she needs you!

Jan 22 @ 8:30PM  
always , bear in mind that we are always here whom you can vent on, cry on if you have too, like you said to me before, it's gonna get better.

Jan 22 @ 9:18PM  
Is it just me...or does it always seem 2 come back around 2 eating people with this guy?

I kid U, my friend. What does not kill U leaves U alive 2 keep right on dealing with it. Eventually, this will pass 2 be replaced by some other bullshit U could do without. U'll be ok, I promise.



Jan 22 @ 9:53PM  
Well, dear, sorry my blog didn't perk you up, the next one I write will be about me humping a stuffed walrus, while wearing heels and hose, while talking on a cell phone, with a butt plug up my ass and FAINTLY skid marked stained underwear on.... hopefully that will make you happy

Jan 22 @ 10:01PM  
Shawn,,,we e-mailed the day you drove her the money for her Grad. stuff.....I can relate to this...try remembering being a Senior....So much to do in so little time...Not so much she is avoiding you...but even if you were in the same would probably feel the same way....She would be busy with her own life....Stop beating yourself....Give her time...this shall pass...Just try being there for her always....I have two girls myself and they lived under my roof but their Senior Year and High School Years is where they needed me less...Just money,,money,,money.....Take Care and stay busy....Lena

Jan 22 @ 10:03PM  
lol...I can do without the skidmark panties that you may have worn. Everything else sounds good though.

Jan 22 @ 10:05PM  
Well.... IF I wore panties, which is very rare... I can assure you they would be skidmarkless, as I have enough sense to throw away anything with a stain on it!! No matter HOW faint!!!

Jan 22 @ 10:05PM  
I want to thank each one of you for the supporst that you gave me tonight, I really needed that, and it showed me that I have some wonderful friends on here. Thank you all!

Jan 23 @ 12:59AM  
I am terribly sorry that you have to go through this. It is shit for the guys out there who want to be a part of there childrens lives and cant where are their rights. I mean some men have to pay child support for 18 years and never had a choice to be in their childrens life and always wanted to and would be good fathers and providers. You deserve better and wanting your child in your life is a noble and loving gesture just keep in touch with her and in time when she is grown you will have those chances you missed out on. It isn't the same but make sure she knows you lover her and that you ant to be part of her life. good luck friend you deserve it

Jan 23 @ 1:03AM  
pk sexy.....just the image lucky walrus

Jan 23 @ 7:07AM  
Straddle, I'm sorry for being late on my comments; but you know that you have lots of friends here that really care about you. I can't even pretend to know what you are going thru or the pain you must feel. I hope that you get to feeling better soon.

Jan 25 @ 12:32AM  
>hug< just continue to be a good influence on her and things will begin to get better. I know how things can get hectic for a person and as soon as things settle a bit i'm sure she'll be back to regular chats and visits

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What's eating me?