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Lightening does the work...

posted 1/22/2007 6:11:56 PM |
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Just wakening... the crashing of the thunder and bright flash of lightening. I curl myself around you, head on your chest, and feel your nipple under my cheek. My tongue flickers out, wrapping around the little nub, feeling it hardening. My hand drifts to the other, rubbing it softly. My fingers carress your belly, sliding down lower, to your half hardened cock. I stroke you gently, feeling you growing in my loose grip. I ease myself down, slipping under the blankets and take you into my mouth. You stir briefly, and I just hold you there, quietly. When I hear your rythmic breathing again, my tongue and mouth work to bring you to fullness. I gently kiss the head, then ease up so that I am now over you, one leg on either side of your hips, I raise so that I can press you inside of me, slowly, taking my time, inch by inch, until I am flush with you, your entire length inside of me, throbbing, but yet you sleep on. I lay my body along yours, thigh to thigh, chest to chest, arms around your shoulders and my face buried in the curve of your neck, and drift back to sleep, as the storm surges on around us.

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Jan 22 @ 6:27PM  
PK, that is just unfair. . . I don't have anyone to that, good thing it seldom thunders/lightening here

Jan 22 @ 6:32PM  
did someone turn the heat up in here?? ''HEY!! SOMEONE PLz.....check my thermostate

Jan 22 @ 6:44PM  
Oh Kissy, I don't think I could still sleep if you were doing that to me. Oh man, I need to get neked as I am just steaming now and rock hard.

Jan 22 @ 6:47PM  
that's one dream I'd much rather be awake for! very evocative imagery, PK.

Jan 22 @ 6:55PM  
Im scared mommy can i sleep with you?

Jan 22 @ 6:56PM  

Are you every man's DREAM or what? Reading that got me worked up and wet for you, you naughty woman (LOVED IT !) Thunder Storms and heavy rain are awesome for Love making. I would love to kiss you all over, tease you with my tongue, drive you to the edge and bring you back and then do it again......I so love a woman on top so I can watch, play wih her breasts and then do whatever it is that she loves and then do it again until we are both just exhausted and gasping for breath. Would hold you sooo close all nite long from behind in the fetal position and then make sweet passionate love with you again upon waking. A Hot , Hot shower or Tub with jets in the morning afterwards and then probably another go around would be sooo fun. Would then feed you and I a fantastic breakfast and give you a morning kiss and wish you a fantastic day and call you during the day... Thank you so much for the awesome image, you are the ONE!

Jan 22 @ 7:00PM  
Ok... so I gotta ask... WHY am I sleeping ALONE???

Jan 22 @ 8:03PM  
I'm sorry, as I am alone myself alot. Maybe we could merge our aloneness?

Jan 22 @ 8:13PM  
Ever find yourself in Michigan....

Jan 22 @ 8:29PM  
Ooooh I feel a road trip cumming on.

Jan 22 @ 8:43PM  
Woot!!! *changes the sheets and tidys up the place a bit! Company's a comin!!

Jan 22 @ 8:57PM  
Oh maaan, clean sheets? How do I rate? I guess I better find some of that smell-good stuff and a move on

Jan 22 @ 8:59PM  
Oooh, he's a comin and gonna smell good to boot!!

*takes a shower, does a pedicure and manicure, and puts on something besides stained sweats and baggy flannel pants for a change*

I'll leave the light on Darlin'!

Jan 22 @ 9:22PM  
Man, with the way that snow is coming down, I'm glad I have a Jeep. Now did I forget something? Lets see... some candles, a bottle of vino (hopefully she has some glasses), Ravels Bolero on CD. Oops, get your brain back on track, you almost missed the drive.

Jan 22 @ 9:27PM  
*sighs dreamily as she gets the wine glasses out and brings the portable cd player into her bedroom... sprays a tiny bit of cologne on one dim lighbulb and sets out candle holders*

Drive safely, want you to get here in one piece... then let me tear ya up!!

Jan 22 @ 9:36PM  
Comes to the door carrying a small bag and a red rose for the lady. As the bottle of wine is opened, PK asks what else is in the bag. Little does she know...

Jan 22 @ 9:38PM  
Good story, but I'm afraid that it's going to take more than this to perk me up.

Jan 22 @ 9:48PM  
As the vino is doing its work, PK's eyes light up when I pull out 4 of my silk ties and ask her if she has any ideas on what to do with these.

Jan 22 @ 9:55PM  

Jan 22 @ 10:26PM  
With a sly grin, PK's robe falls to the floor. Out comes the lotionand I start rubbing it into her back, then legs, and finally on that cute ass of hers, making sure everything is covered. She then rolls over and I loosely tie her hands and ankles to the bedposts. Can't tell if it is the cool room or arousal, but her nipples are sticking up like erasers. Slowly I kiss and lick my way down her body, concentrating on those beautiful breasts of hers, teasing her nips before moving further south. Ummm, the wonderful aroma of her pussy juices is filling the air, as I move my tongue in and around her pussy, teasing so she doesn't cum too soon. Wait, not yet, keep getting her close many times before I let her release with a moan and a scream.

Jan 22 @ 10:33PM  
Since she wasn't tied very tightly, her hands cupped my face and said it was my turn to be taken care of.

Jan 22 @ 10:41PM  
hey lik make sure your not wearing the skid mark underwear. Kissy probably wont have any on by sound of her story...

Jan 23 @ 10:52AM  
I Like It! A Lot!

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Lightening does the work...