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This is a reunion? Where's the beer?

posted 7/13/2012 1:34:16 PM |
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So what is this I hear........someone wants a reunion this weekend? I was thinking yup I would join in on a reunion and opened up the blogs page and saw blog after blog after blog from Straddle and thought.......did I ever leave......this is about what its always been I'm just teasing..........its good to see Straddle posting again........and apparently if he hadn't been there wouldn't be many blogs........sure now when I am not here to do a week in review........or as Bruce always referred to it as weak in job would have been fairly easy...........I could just have done a blog on Straddle.........not that I haven't done that in the past...........

So in true reunion fashion..........what the hell has everybody been up to? I see a few of you over on that facecrack site.........but let's face it.........that site does not inspire anyone to say what the hell is really going on in their lives. Just a bit about what is going on with me, I am still in remission from my chronic Lyme Disease..........YEAH!! but it took its toll on my thyroid......and now I am on meds and am losing the weight i gathered while not knowing what the hell was wrong and I put on a bunch of weight.

My boyfriend and I broke up.......yep after 2 1/2 years he decided to break up with me because he didn't want a fat and handicap girlfriend...........if you remember when i first told you him and I met, that he was such a nice guy...........bullshit!! He started talking to a woman on the internet and phone.......when he had promised me that we would work harder at our relationship, and as far as I am concerned he cheated on me..........they may not have fucked..........but cheated none the less.... I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as nice i am not trying to bash anyone........but how many times have you heard........I am such a nice guy I don't know why I can't find a woman...........well because in many cases those nice guys think they need to be dating super models.........when in fact they are not even close in the leagues of super models. Now this is a general statement, I know there are some really nice guys out there that are not like that but today I am still irritated and trying to work thru this. He wanted to remain friends and I did my best, because I loved him and felt sooner or later he would wake the fuck up and realize we were meant to be together, yup wishful thinking. He doesn't want me dating anyone.........even went to the point when a guy we both knew told him that he was going to ask me out, he told him that I didn't really have time to be going out due to the fact I was getting ready to move. He continued to want to hang around me but was playing head games with me. What he wanted was to have his cake and eat it too.........and I thought I wasn't strong enough to walk away and I have come to the conclusion that I am not strong enough to stay.

Anyways.......I didn't tell you that for sympathy, I will live. I loved him, in many ways I still do........but I will get thru it and its taught me to be more careful with my heart.......but he shattered my trust level and thats something I am not sure will ever come back.

I have moved to a new place and we really love it. My daughter and granddaughter still live with me, and thats a good thing for the most part. We finally have the space to not live within each others pocket so we are a happy little bunch now. LOL Its summer time and I have had the Camaro out driving around with the tops off.

Our biggest news for the year is my son received the Bronze Star for meritorious services for his year in Afghanistan. This is the 4th highest metal you can receive in all of the Armed Forces. I wasn't able to be there when they presented it to him, but thanks to my wonderful daughter-n-law I got tons of pictures.

Oh otherwise.......nothing much is happening with me, did I mention I am now a blonde? Yup, a blonde!!! I always wanted to be one at least once in my life before I died, and I figured it was better to do it now than when I am old and gray........OK i am already old........but the gray part I am not (thanks to Nice and Easy) I heard blondes have more fun.......I am just trying to figure out if they lied or not........tho I am prepared for CasuallyLooking telling me blonde jokes as payback for all of the times I told them on her. LOL BTW her and lilgriz came up and saw me not to long was so great to see them. I just wish we could have had more time to spend together. If anyone says you can't make lasting friendships on the internet.........they are so definitely full of shit...........I found some great ones............right here on this site..........and I am grateful for every one of them.

So now tell me............WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO?

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Jul 13 @ 2:30PM  
Good to see you back!

Jul 13 @ 4:26PM  
I'm usually on the vanilla side..More action there..
Sorry to hear about your split, no pun intended, but as we all know,
all good things must come to an end sooner or later

I'm happy that you're happy

Jul 13 @ 5:25PM  
This is a reunion? Where's the beer?

Beer?... (buuurp) what beer???

Yuuup... Whap- uh... Straddle has been put'n blogs out like crazy, ever since he bought his new PC awhile ago and found out you can see all the PAT (Pussy, Ass & Tits) every day, all day long... if you want to! At least, that's what I think happened- not sure about that tho!

I am still in remission from my chronic Lyme Disease..........YEAH!!

That's great- you were in remission the last time you blogged- keep it go'n!

My boyfriend and I broke up.......yep after 2 1/2 years he decided to break up with me

There's a reason for it... somewhere! I have no idea what but there is! But hey... both my marriages lasted maybe 6 months to a year max and I survived! Hell, I even learned how to whittle a couple paddles out of driftwood while floating up shit's creek during my divorces, you know!

but how many times have you heard........I am such a nice guy I don't know why I can't find a woman...........

I'm a nice guy and I get fucked because of that- unfortunately, it's not always a fun fuck- it's a: "I'm cluster fucked," kinda fuck!!! Maybe if I were a "bad boy" the kind that some ladies like, I'd have more fun!

I have moved to a new place and we really love it.

Sooo, are you still living in the land of 10,000 frozen lakes or what??

Our biggest news for the year is my son received the Bronze Star for meritorious services for his year in Afghanistan.

Congrats to your son- hopefully he has a short stay there?

did I mention I am now a blonde? Yup, a blonde!!!

Hmmm... Maybe if I became a blonde and spiked my hair, I'd have more fun! Maybe even a blonde, spiked crotch- would that help me any??

Was wondering what CasuallyLooking and lilgriz have been up to!

Nut'n much new with me- I moved too, not far- still get a service call occasionally tho usually when a customer's machine is a molten mass of metal... then they call!

My grand kids are both in FL working at Disney World through a college program- they might stay in FL after that! Can't say I blame them what with all the excitement you experience with hurricanes, tornadoes (water spouts), humididity, large populations of alligators, anacondas, wild bores and missing people, not to mention car jackings, drug deals gone bad and illegal boat people! Other than that, it's a great place to visit- wouldn't wanna live there tho!

I'm hope to start traveling our big vast country next year some time, visit each state for a few days with camera in hand- maybe even post them on AMD- who knows! Maybe I'll get lucky and meet a lady who likes to straddle................... well... not with Straddle, but straddle me!!!

Anyway, glad to hear from you again, hang in there- sounds like things are get'n better!


Jul 13 @ 8:08PM  
Wow, long time no see. It's great seeing you again. I'm glad your in remission with your lyme disease.

Straddle has been put'n blogs out like crazy
Yep, I figured that I would get my money's worth since I'm gold right now till at least early Sept.

This place is not hopping like it used to be, and you're right, if I didn't throw out a number of blogs, chances are there wouldn't be any new ones.


Jul 13 @ 10:08PM  
Girl...ya knows I lubs ya!!!!

Jul 13 @ 10:16PM  
Reunion? Yay!!!! So....did ya drag that rascally Skwirl over with ya? Or the CasuallyLooking and LilGriz folks? Oh wait...when is the reunion? I wanna make sure to be on time for a change.

I was thinking how fun it would be to see everyone just pop in for a while and raise a little a blog hijacking. Just to live it up a little.

That totally sucks about Rick. What a jerk. Sorry, I know you're not looking for sympathy, but damn!!! The idiot!!! He had a wonderful woman in his life..and was too ignorant to realize it!

Got the Camaro out with the T-tops off? Awesome! Me, I'm driving an 01 Chevy Impala now. Actually, it's a pretty good car for only $1000.

And a big Congrats for you son's Medal!!!!! That is super!!!!!!!!

Gray??? WTF is that?

As to what I've been up to...been taking classes, finishing the degree I had started before work, and Mick, and work. The last 3 semesters my grades were good enough to get me on the Dean's List all 3 semesters. This last time around, I was telling my parents about my grades, 4 A's and 1 B, and I remembered when Dad, trying to get me to take high school more serious, said he would give me $20 for every A I, I asked if that offer still stands. And dammit!! No it didn't. Said it expired when I graduated high school. Oh well, I tried.

Jul 14 @ 9:52AM  
Well, ya silly ol sheep - I can say that since I am older than you It was great seeing you walk without a cane. Watch out nothern MN, you have a crazy sheep on the prowl

There is a microbrew competition between MN and WI in Sommerset going on this afternoon I am thinkin of goin to.
CL and I had a nice time on our short road trip up north to see EWE. Just time together, not worrying about cleanin out the cave, working on vehicles or staying inside because of the heat.
The weekend after that, we headed over to WI for the day on a Cheese Curd run. There is a creamery a few hours from me that hand packs the curds daily, so I know they are fresh. I sent some home with CL on a previous time she was up here, and now she has orders to bring some back with her. On the way back, we stopped and sat by the river, where the St. Croix and Mississippi meet. Sat and watched the boats for a while ... was really relaxing. While at an overlook, I noticed a barge on the river, so we headed to Hastings to see it go through the Lock and Dam. Was another first for CL to see that.
My oldest daughter and grandson have been living with me since Sept, but now have a place of their own. Of course, it's only about 5 blocks away, so she knows if something goes wrong I am nearby.

Jul 14 @ 11:27AM  
A blonde? Really? Of yeah, I gots the pics to prove it. lol
Considering I have been a redhead, I think it's only fair that you decided to try out being a blonde. I hope you have that fun to go with it.

That totally sucks about Rick. What a jerk. Sorry, I know you're not looking for sympathy, but damn!!! The idiot!!! He had a wonderful woman in his life..and was too ignorant to realize it!
Okay, that's all I'm going to say...

Griz and I enjoyed our visit with you, although it was short. Hopefully we'll get to see your new place soon.

Have a great day, sweetie.....


Jul 14 @ 10:31PM  
Thanks everyone for your comments.......good to see you to Linda........Doc.....I agree that all good things must come to an end.......I just think his reasonings were shitty........I looked the same way for 2 1/2 yrs when he came to that conclusion........but everyone has the right to do and be with whoever they want to be........and for a split he is over here to watch tv or movies with every night except maybe one night a week......but i think for my own sanity that is going to stop too. Sometimes you can love someone and dislike them at the same maybe its time to walk away before i come to hate him. Som............I'm not sure I want or need a goes on.......and so will I. just keep up the blogs......someone has to breathe life into this place.........

I lubs ya too GC.

Sugar, good to hear your doing well in school. I always thought you were a smart girl........especially when you called Rick a I think he is a very sad little man who wants more out of his life than he really will ever get.........but I am glad that he broke up with me before he went in search because at least I know he wasn't "settling" with me. And I will live.......and I will laugh again.......and hopefully someday I will love again..........and if not i had great loves in my life.........I am more fortunate than many............

LilGriz.........Thanks are truly a good friend.........and thank you for loving Treas.........I am not sure you deserve her LOL but I am glad that you two have each other and glad you could come up and see me........and you were thrilled to see me walk without my should have seen me today walk a handicap man to the car........and i wasnt using my cane........ someways I surprise myself.

Treas..........AMEN!!??!! yup i expected that comment.......why do you think I made sure You and Rick were not even in the same place........but he so missed not getting to see you..........he wasn't happy when I told him, ah no you shouldn't be..........because she wants to blast you on your ass.............LMAO I think someone forgot to tell him we are broke up

But life is really heart hurts a bit........but i will get over it, in truth, i thought our time to gether had run its course but i loved him and didnt want him out of my life........more importantly i didnt want his family out of my life......they are also my family..........but since I have his grandson here tonight and sat on the deck and talked to his daughter for 2 hours and he was never mentioned, she finally told me that as far as she was concerned I was her mom............and the kids grandma...........with or without Rick in my life. The sad part is he has changed so much that he couldnt even be bothered to take his own grandson for the night..........but thats ok..........his lost is my gain..........I get to spend the evening with my "grandson" Ill be back check a hot dog for me............

Jul 15 @ 10:16AM  
both my marriages lasted maybe 6 months to a year max

I done screwed up... I meant both marriages lasted about 2½ to 3 years- dunno what I was thinking about! Maybe both marriages seemed that short!

Don't wanna give the ladies the wrong impression ya know!

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This is a reunion? Where's the beer?