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Prepairing For My Death

posted 7/5/2012 10:10:00 AM |
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This is NOT a Religious Blog, Please don't Make it one!!! (If you do...than I will Police the Comments...NP! )
Life is short....that's for sure!!! Way Too short for Many!!!
But as far as My life goes...........
To be honest.... I have had a Good ride!!!
I had a Mom and Dad that Loved me very much!!!! Though my Dad was old school and Corrected us Accordingly.....,But.. I knew he Loved me!!! Gosh I Miss him soooo!!!!!
I had a decent Childhood...though I was sooooo damn prevented me from having a Lot of friends, though I did have some!
I went to working when I was just a Chap...!! I pumped Gas before my Teen's, at 11 years of age.... I went to working in the Tobacco Fields...!! I did that Every Summer till I Graduated and got Married!!! I worked in Retail during the School year, after school most every day.
I Loved the Only Woman I ever dated...with all of my Heart...for 27 plus years!!!
We had/have 2 awesome Children and Now...we have 5 Grand Children....
My Life has Really been Good!!!

I currently have No Health issues..except for my Neck and Jaw issues !! The neck issue probably came from when I was a chap working in the fields, but I would not trade that experience for anything!!!

I hope to live a few more years....We will see!!

Over my Life time..I have seen my share of Death...!! Dieing is a Part of Life....lets face it!!! Everyone of us are gonna day!!!

So...I'm gonna purchase a Pre-Planned Funeral !!!!

Have you ever had to Help..Pick out the Casket for a Loved one? How about the Clothes they will wear? The Flower Arrangements, The Songs that are Played at the Funeral? Pallbearers...? Or Rings or any other Jewelry that they would be wearing, etc. etc.....!!!!...........
Its a hard enough time as it is..Just saying Goodbye......but then you will have to rip and run to make sure everything is taken care of.....!! Doing all that is a Killer in itself!!!

I would like to have my Body Tossed off of the 301 Bridge that goes into Maryland from VA. ...over the Potomac River!!!(I Love that River!!!! ) No Embalming...or any other Prep are to be done!!!!!! I want this to happen at Mid Night on an Incoming Tide...So that the Critters can feed on my Body...while I'm headed to DC....
Its a Cheap Funeral...and that is what I want to be done!!! But....there are Frigging Laws that will not permit that..WTF?

So I guess I'll go the Cremation Route...and have my Family dump my Ashes in the the same above!!!
I will leave Expense Monies for everyone that's involved in this. I want to make it easy on them...!!
I want this to be a Time of Celebration...I want to help them Create Good Memories of my Death, not the Booohoooing time that is Norm!!!
I am Planning on leaving Monies for a Big Party!! After the Dumping of my ashes!!!
Its shame they Couldn't have a Bon Fire...with my Body on top the Heap!!!
It could Turn out to be a hell of a Keg Party...saying Good Bye... (but this is Not allowed either!!! )
Did you know it Cost $900.00 for them to burn my Ass up? WTH????

BTW....I'm not Depressed in the Least!!

Its just that I have the Money Now.... and want to get this Taken care of..MYSELF!
I have had a Few in my Family Die..that did Not have any Money or Insurance at all!!! That just adds to the Stress ....and Like I said....I want this to be a Time of Celebration...and Not a Time of Sorrow!!!

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Jul 5 @ 11:27AM  
Good blog, hun...cookie to you.

My 2 cents worth? Well, I'm poor as a church mouse and worried about funeral expenses when I died. I checked into term life insurance but I think it's a ripoff...well, not if you die before the age term is up. But longevity runs in my family and I can't see spending thousands of dollars that, if I died early, would just be nothing more than a donation to some insurance company.

I really didn't think, at my age, I could get...or afford...whole life but on a lark, I asked my insurance company and I qualified! It cost me $50 a month for ten thousand dollars insurance. Even if my funeral expenses are more than that by the time I die, it should cover the worst of it.

I, too, am being's not as expensive. But it's all a ripoff. I had Wayne cremated and like all funeral homes, everything is in package deals. The charge for renting a coffin for viewing was $2000...and just a nice wooden box for his ashes was $400... His total expenses was right at $6000.

I have mixed feelings about dying...not that I have a choice about it... I'm not done with living but I don't wanna live past being independent. I'll admit, I do fuss sometimes over what lies ahead of me and I fuss that I'll become a burden to my kids. I can only pray that that won't happen...sigh.....

Jul 5 @ 11:59AM  
Softie, You don't have to rent the coffin, I''m going to be cremated before ef''the services,then they just have the service with ashes and a family previded photo. You can even pay now die later and it will save money and the family alot of heartache and greif..

Jul 5 @ 4:59PM  
When my husband passed away, he asked for a grave side funeral. He did not want a family viewing or a service. He also said he wanted his viewing while he was alive so he could celebrate his life with the rest of the family. That is what we did. We had a big party so he could say his own good bys. The service was simple and out side, the way that he wanted it. I had lots of flack from his family but I did not care. I did what he wanted me to do.

Jul 5 @ 5:21PM  

Jul 5 @ 6:15PM  
As far as I'm concerned, the Grim Reaper can stay away from my house..he's not invited!

Yep, I admit it, I'm a total chicken shit thinking about dying. I've seen death, all 4 grandparents are gone, 2 uncles, (one by suicide when I was about 6 or 7) an aunt, a friend in 7th grade (hunting accident), one friend a few months after graduating high school, and my childhood friend gunned down. Then there was Mick's mother and then I know it's part of life. It was after my friend Steve was killed, and going to his funeral and then burial, and hearing the total cost, I got to thinking that I'd rather be cremated, and I have expressed this to my family and to my friends. I've also told them there is no way I want them crying, I want them to party, remember the good times. I just hope I can be strong enough when the time comes to do the same for them.

Jul 5 @ 7:54PM  
I've heard of a service that will take part of your cremated bod, place it in a tube and attach it to a bracket along with several other peoples ashes, then shot into space! That's what I want, to be shot into space and drift for eons. Maybe end up in our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy or some other one and get 'reeled' in by intelligent life and bug the Hell otta them as to what I am or where I came from... you know, just sorta spreading a little sarcastic humor from a place called Earth!


Jul 5 @ 9:26PM  
No its no fun thinking about your own demise . But its no fun for the loved left behind . I do not care how close a family is there is always one {only one if your lucky} who wants to show thier ass . When Tommy died we had wills but no funeral plans I knew what he wanted and when the kids were older discuss it all with them . Tommy died suddenly the shock to my system was bad enough we had money put away never actually made plans . We did exactly what he wanted no suit no tie bleans jeans and a shirt of my choosing Tommy was colorblind . Simply graveside service . His sister threw one heck of a fit . But I didn't care did what he wanted , So I too Toadman has made plans so my kids or if I ever get married again will not after go thru any of that , Its a good plan and its all about love .

Jul 6 @ 12:07PM  
Yes Hog...a friend of mine was cremated first then the funeral was an 'In memory of" to honor her life. But I wanted a viewing before his cremation, actually, I NEEDED it since his death was so unexpected and I needed that time with family and friends to say my goodbyes. Therefore, I had to rent a coffin for showing. I think it's horrible that funeral homes are allowed to gouge families at a time when they're most vulernable. If you want a viewing, you have no sad that is.

Jul 6 @ 2:25PM  
I have it in writing that I do not want a funeral at all. For some reason relatives I have not seen in over thirty years showing up, eating the food and saying a bunch of things they do not mean just because they think it is expected of them has no appeal for me. I also had to put it in writing that I am not going to be buried in a Baptist cemetery. My mom meant well but when my dad died someone talked her into buying plots for everyone in the family. No one asked the rest of us if we wanted to be buried there. I don't and have made sure it is documented that is not going to happen. I want to be cremated. My ashes scattered and people get on with their lives. I told them if they want to do anything just open a bottle of Irish whiskey that I keep around for medicinal purposes and have a drink on me.

Jul 6 @ 7:37PM  


Jul 6 @ 8:10PM  
A subject I have spent the last 5 years contemplating and knowing it was a possibility at any moment. It's good to have a plan... and to make sure that plan is implemented.

You don't need to get in any hurry either, Toad.. ya hear me?

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Prepairing For My Death