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Wrong place, right thing?

posted 1/22/2007 2:05:37 PM |
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A friend of mine told me about this site so I gave it a shot of looking one day and I was so shock when i saw all these pictures here. I have never been anywhere online where you can see punanies and dicks, I dont know how you may call it but I am 40 years old on my birthday but I've never been to a dating site like this. I went on reading profiles and blogs and realized, they're not bad at all, in fact most of them write with sense and are very realistic. So I stayed around and even found myself signing up and eventually joined the bloggers and so on and so forth.

I have been home in a while so I had all the time to follow through most of the blogs and people I admired. In fact I found a lot of people who didn't show anything but pictures of their dicks but are very genuine in their words , posseses wonderful personalities, and exceeding intelligence. real life is a different story but we're here online.

My question is, if somebody proposes to you of a serious relationship, what will be my stand? I am just asking your opinion guys, I never really expected that here because this is a sex site, I went by a blog one time and it said, you would never find a serious relationship here because this is a sex site, people are looking for hook ups, erotic chats and so on and so forth. I am not though, but I am not closing my doors for the right one either, I don't wanna miss him, I still have a lot to give but I just want a piece of your opinion because I've been burned, once and it was a mistake, the second time was because I took a chance and the third time, I hope would be worth it. After all, behind these carnal side of our being, are humans longing to be loved and longing for happy endings because if you're not, are you human at all?

I've known guys for a short time here, the best ones I believe, they are so blunt that had I not open my views on different cultures and values,(like I said I came from a semi-conservative culture and upbringing) would find them very offensive. Reading their blogs pave my way to their inner persona. They're either sensitive, honest, vulgar but fun, and they wanna be accepted as a person with human flaws.They have other practices that are strange to me but somehow find them respectable because they gave it to me. That inspite of being here in this site, they're real and are capable of loving and hurting like women. Some may find this bland to their taste of interest, you have the options but for those who don't mind, the day is young let's get going .

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Jan 22 @ 2:09PM  
Do what your heart says. Is it possible to find LTR here? Absolutely. Never close your door to something that you expect a potential in. That is all i can say.

Jan 22 @ 2:10PM  
Hey geena great blog, and I think this is more than just a sex site, there are so many good people on here, and trolls and douchbags aside I don't think even the men are looking for just sex. Hey it can happen, sunny and canu, babs and romantic fool, luvrgrl just posted a blog about having someone. so there is hope and what a great palce to have fun in the mean time!!

Jan 22 @ 2:16PM  
And btw i met R on another swinger site. Our relation did have ups and downs. And even right now we are on a down side. BUT i am pretty soon getting it straightened because she is the woman i want to spend my life with. I JUST LOVE HER.

Jan 22 @ 2:19PM  
tlc, thanks, I just don't wanna give up on a good thing. I agree with you, real people are here, I don't wanna give comparisons but I think it's the fact that you can bare you're all here that makes them not care anymore but be real, trolls and douchbaggery is part of their individuality, some are not just wise to tame their raw emotions and attiudes.

Jan 22 @ 2:20PM  
If all else fails you still have me. Hang in there

Jan 22 @ 2:22PM  
Veer, I wish you luck and I am happy for you , Good relatioships are not made in heaven, it has it's dark side that needs to be polished to make it shine.

Jan 22 @ 2:24PM  
I understand what you are saying, once I looked beyond the pictures and started reading the blogs and the writers profile; there are some real people here that have some deep souls. I have discovered this is one sight where you can be you, say what you want and its allowed, even if it is against the grain of most people. Different backgrounds are what make this sight work so well; there are a lot of lessons to be learned here with an opening of an eye. Leave all the prejudices somewhere else, come in open your mind and you will learn a lot of life’s lessons and meet some true people, not fakes as I seen one young man claim. And I do believe there have been some relationships that meet here. And don’t give up on a good thing, you might regret it later. Better to of tried and failed then to of never tried at all.

Jan 22 @ 2:25PM  
Thanks Geena.

Jan 22 @ 2:27PM  
I would get to know that person first by starting out slow like maybe dating before I would take it to the next level with that person who wanyed something serious.

Jan 22 @ 2:50PM  
I guess it's possible, Geena--there are many lovely people in this community, and a lot of them courageously bare their souls. But since sexuality is the one recurring theme around here, it wouldn't be the FIRST place I'd look for an LTR if that were my goal. Why? Because sexuality alone, in my mind, isn't an ideal foundation for a long-running, loving relationship. If both partners value it highly, that's fine; however, it's way more important to relate to someone on other levels as well. I've known several couples who, despite incredibly passionate relationships, couldn't make it last because of very profound differences. It didn't mean they didn't feel strongly for each other, and passion is very nice, but practical considerations can often blow up an otherwise nice experience.

Then again, just as you would with any other place on the internet or in real life, it's important to get to know people well. And there's no reason that shouldn't be possible on AMD. I think extra caution is warranted, though.

Jan 22 @ 2:53PM  
Just because someone has a physical need (desire, craving, etc) doesn't mean he/she isn't capable of being deeply caring, sentimental, romantic, or relationship-material (or minded). People here have found not just the hookups they were looking for, but much more, as well. I know of a few couples! In the meantime, why not just have fun and enjoy all you can extract from being here!

Kudos, girl!

Jan 22 @ 2:58PM  
OK...I have been told I am pretty ok there but: I've always thought it's not the size of the "wand" that's the magic of the magician> so? who knows?

Your a pretty level headed woman with a heart, so determine these items for yourself. If a Man were to be judged only by the size of his cock..I suspect this nation wouldn't have made it this far. Also I understand that MOST here don't give a shit about this country ...but who care's what you think anyway.

Baby, your a sweet woman with I'm sure alot to offer, so explore friendship and perhaps your lover might surprise you.

With best wishes always,


Jan 22 @ 3:29PM  
well i think people can find or as i preffer...stumble across their match almost anywhere.......and lots of us have watched love bloom more then once on can or have the abillity to have or find anything you want mind...have fun and just see what happens............thats pretty much what i do

Jan 22 @ 3:52PM  
ya think this is bad .... take a {email address removed} .... one of my fav's


Master Gry

Jan 22 @ 3:54PM  
All very good comments. They're right, you may just find that person you've been looking for, i did. I know others that have too. Don't let em fool you, this isn't just a sex site. It's a community of friends that care deeply about each other.

Jan 22 @ 4:05PM  
Very True Christy

Jan 22 @ 4:11PM  
Good Blog Geena..
As i said once on another blog. If you look around here at the peeps , they arent dawgs! There are good looking men and women here! And i believe that all could get sex without being on here. So if thats true, there is another reason that we all are here. I feel for me its that i can let out my true self completely. And its obvious to me that most if not all of you can do that also. Maybe im wrong, but where else can you express your self to this many people who are also being totally open?
So, Hell yes you could find the one here!
Look at it this way. And im not getting down on you Geena, but the other way you and most of us, met who we thot was the "one", didnt work either, so go for it! But dont let infactuation make you ignor personallity differences that will surface later after the initial infactuation levels out.. Been there done that myself many times. Its not fun, but I wouldnt worry about it being called a sex site..Good Luck Geena.

Jan 22 @ 6:54PM  
As you have already figured out on here, there are many different personalities. This may be a "sex site" but there are many on here not looking for sex. It is a great place to meet others, express your views (within reason), and just enjoy yourself.

As to a serious relationship, go with your heart and mind, not your libido. Good luck.

Jan 22 @ 9:04PM  
You never know where you may meet the one, it could be here. I have been talking with a very nice woman here for a while and it's not just about sex. We don't even talk about sex much.

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