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Taboo Topic?

posted 1/22/2007 11:03:27 AM |
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Alright, ladies and gents... it's question round with your host LadieDarkStarr. (goddess I need a life)

Anyway... here we go.

WHY are peroids a taboo topic? Lemme tell yall something. EVERY LIVING FEMALE ON THE PLANET HAS OR HAS HAD A PERIOD! Why have people gotten to the point where this is a "dirty" thing. Now I get that there's really no desire to eat a bloody pussy but common... if you put down a towel and turn out the lights... it's just extra lube right? (haha) Why does our blood (our very life force) make it any more disgusting than your slimey, salty cum? Do you really think I WANT that shit all over my face? No, but I do it for you b/c you LIKE it. You want to see it dripping down my lips and onto my tongue. So why not "take one for the team" and fuck a girl when she's doin something YOU don't like?
Personally, I get HORNIER when I'm "on the rag" (I hate that term...::shudder::) and there's nothing more frusterating than tryin to get a piece and nothin's happenin. Though, I have an easier time relating to men and their lack of booty during this monthly visit.
I have dated men who had a 'blood' fetish and went CRAZY for me when I was on my period. That was strange, but hey... I needed it as badly as they wanted to give it so why the hell not?

Anyway, here's the question...
How do you feel about fucking when Aunt Flow is on her monthly visit?

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Jan 22 @ 11:06AM  
I'm a Virgo, we are freaky about cleanliness, so it's not something I normally do, but, like you, I get extremely horny during that time so it's frustrating!

Jan 22 @ 11:09AM  
I am with you Ladie--the only thing it stops is the eating!

Jan 22 @ 11:14AM  
I agree there is no reason why it should stop having fun, it doesn't me.

Jan 22 @ 11:17AM  
well i'm certainly gona give a differant spin here....i mean i'm coming from a different place........(coming? cumming?) ...well ..that's another the period? bring out a black towel n lets get busy!!!

Jan 22 @ 11:20AM  
Honestly, I agree with ya....if the lights are out AND it's a minimal amount who really even notices. However, there is some uneasiness when it's over and I turn the lights on, grab a kleenex, and start wiping down ol''s like he's been through hell and back...I feel bad for the little guy. The places he'll go for me....that boy is a real trooper.

Jan 22 @ 11:20AM  
My ex never went down on me during that time, but it never stopped us from having regular intercourse. Well except for a few years, and that was just because they were soooo painful that I couldn't stand to be touched. Thank god I have had a hysterectomy, so guess what?? NO MORE PERIODS!!!

Jan 22 @ 11:21AM  
It dont stop me, if the woman will let me, and yes I will still eat her.

Jan 22 @ 12:09PM  
It doesn't stop me. I have been there many times and cannot think of a single "why not?" I say, if it feels good do it!

Jan 22 @ 12:20PM  
I never eaten a lady while on her period but it's never stopped me from having sex with her, unless she just didn't like the idea... gotta respect that!!


Jan 22 @ 12:42PM  
Your nobody 'til you've earned your redwings.

Jan 22 @ 1:04PM  
I totally agree. My ex wife was always horny at that time of the month. Too bad she didnt have the period all month/year or we might still be together. As long as you wear what you are wearing in your photo I dont care what the consequences are YOU STILL REMAIN FUCKABLE!

Jan 22 @ 1:14PM  
You are right ladie, Women get HORNIER when aunt flow is in town but that dont stop me. During that period you can make a woman cum 10 to 15 times instead of 4 or 5. I say KEEP on FUCKING.

Jan 22 @ 1:43PM  
It might like a war zone afterwards, but I definitely don't have a problem with sex during period time.

Jan 22 @ 1:46PM  
My lover claims that a good orgasm makes her period shorter and helps sooth her overies. Is that true with any of the rest of you ladies?

Jan 22 @ 2:07PM  
the first time i woke up getting a sponge bath,apparently it didn't bother me the night before hasn't botherd me since. and yes she was wiping off my face also.

Jan 22 @ 2:22PM  
Done it once before (eating her out while she was on her period) and it was so-so, but never really felt the need to do it again. As far as having sex, never done it before with someone on their period and I would say maybe.

Jan 22 @ 2:23PM  
we just lay out the dark towels and get down to business

Jan 22 @ 2:24PM  
I get hornier (more horny?) oh whatever! Anyway, i have no problem with sex when i'm on my period. I don't want him going down on me though. I think it's whatever you're comfortable with.

Good topic LDS And you're right i don't see what the big deal is. It's a natural, normal part of being a woman.

Jan 22 @ 2:50PM  

It does not bother me either way.I'll do it or not do it depending on the lady.

Jan 22 @ 7:46PM  
I have gone down on women before during their menses, and have not had any allergic reaction. Actually had sex onetime and the gal thought she was wetter than normal - ended up she got her period 4 days early and what a mess on the sheets.

Jan 23 @ 10:24AM  
I for one am not grossed out by this! I also do not expect nor would I even suggest a woman take my cum on her face unless she really wanted it that way! I met a woman whom I worked with and we went for lunch and she had horrible cramps. I asked her if there was anything she would like me to do or if I could help? Now this blew my mind! She said if you really want to help you'd have to be willing to fuck me. I sat there in disbelief! She is a very attractive brunette with the greenest eyes I have evr seen and I fantasized about her a time or so! She dresses very sexy for work! I looked at her and she said, "I'm serious! I am so horny and that orgasm will help! We didn't finish lunch and we got a room for goodness sakes! it was amazing! It was a bit messy however, she was insatiable and must have had a dozen orgasms! Afterward, we went to the bathroom and she cleaned me off gently and we kissed a bit and I cleaned her off and we kissed some more. The towels were wasted and we threw them away! I even helped her get dressed and we were about an hour and a half late for work for which she took care of! It didn't bother me at all!

Jan 23 @ 10:27AM  
PS. To Princesskissy, we are not that far apart! Just let me know babe!

Jan 23 @ 2:16PM  
I have both oral sex and intercourse with gals during their period. As many have said, towles and a shower afterwards makes it well worth the effort.

Jan 24 @ 10:06PM  
To me, it's not a big deal. A woman I dated for awhile actually told me it really helped get rid of cramping and bloating. Glad I could help :) I do, however, want to take a shower afterwards :) On the other hand though...I have dated a few women that thought it was disgusting to have sex while on the dot...I suppose it takes all kinds...

Jan 26 @ 5:43AM  
I used to fuck one of my ex's when she was on the rag all the time. It was different - pretty damn nice actually.

Think bout that ex alot, wow did we fuck and suck alot.


Jan 31 @ 2:45PM  
i have my red wings,i wont eat it when its that time but i will finger and have intercourse,if my partners horney i will take care of her ,blood doesnt freak me out,your fingers and cock can be washed right off

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