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Good to see Wis. Gov. Walker survive

posted 6/7/2012 6:44:31 PM |
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tagged: news, election, straddle, government

Yeah, I know it was Tuesday when Walker survived, and I'm glad he did. Seeing so many thugs gunning for him because they didn't want to give up their perks, and instead wanted taxpayers to continue paying for them.

In this day and age with our country in huge deficits and the economy the way it is, changes have to be made.

Don't get me wrong, at one time, unions used to be a good thing protecting people and their jobs to unfair treatment and firings from companies, but as time went on, unions have strayed away from their actual purpose(s).

I see so many thugs with a criminal mentaility running the unions, and as members in the unions today. The unions ARE a special interests organization who caters to the democrat party with their members fees. I have no problem with members of unions wanting their fees to go to support the party they are for, but it's all one-sided. I know that there's a lot of union members that don't support the democrat party, and yet they have no say so in their fees on where it's directed.

Watching over the course of the last few months, I have seen and heard about a lot of the bullying going on by the unions leading up with this Wisconsin recall election.

It's sad to see what and who the unions have become.

All this is my opinion.

Anyone can feel free to add their opinions on this topic. Keep it respectful, or else...

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Jun 7 @ 8:17PM  
I see so many thugs with a criminal mentaility running the unions, and as members in the unions today.

Like the firefighters and cops who gave their lives on 9/11? Virtually all of them were union members.

Jun 7 @ 8:24PM  
There are some unions that are "thugs", then there are those unions that are still representing the workers as was intended. There are abuses of power all over in this isn't exclusive to one group/party over another.

There's an old saying out there:

United we stand. Divided we fall.

We are falling, fast.


Jun 7 @ 8:35PM  
firefighters and cops
Actually, there are a lot of cops and firefighters that support Walker with what he's doing.

I believe a lot of the thugery have come from some of the other occupations in the unions, with maybe just a few handful of firefighters and cops protesting and causing problems in Madison, Wis.

Certainly not all members are of the thugery mentaility in unions, but there are a significant amount of people who are.


Jun 7 @ 9:57PM  
This is what it boils down to : The people has spoken . In the fanous words of Bugs Bunny TTTTTThats all Folk

Jun 7 @ 11:42PM  
Unions were essential at the time because labor was treated poorly and unfairly however, I remember decades before when about every three years, one of the big three (at the time) would begin bargaining talks for higher wages and better benefits under the threat of a strike! Once that was over, everyone else fell in line to what was agreed upon! Sure enough, increases in auto prices soon followed, as well as most other manufactured products! I remember those times!

Since then, I was an employee of two companies both before and after a union was voted in- one a major business machine corporation (not IBM) the other a mid-sized company that made microwave components and involved in NASA! Both companies in Michigan! The major corporation was long ago bought out! The microwave company, moved to Massachusetts after dealing with the union. I lost my job in both cases!

The "air" changed as soon as the unions got down to business! In both companies, we enjoyed our work and did what we were supposed to do but that changed and it just wasn't enjoyable anymore! Regulate this, regulate that- time this, time that!

Here's my point: when the unions came into being, they were needed- then they became corrupt and political! Same thing with Unky Sam- in its day, it certainly was needed- then it became corrupt and 'we the government' instead of 'we the people' is now the norm!

Union workers priced themselves out of a job over the years with threats of strikes to get what they wanted and now they're bitching- good unions failing, bad unions making insidious inroads into the operation(s) of our country, compliments of Unky Sam.

I don't like unions based on what I've seen growing up in the Motor City and working in two companies before and after being infested with unions! Fortunately, I have my own little business and am too old for hiring anyway! I wouldn't give two zits for any union!

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Good to see Wis. Gov. Walker survive