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She made it.

posted 6/2/2012 10:24:08 AM |
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This year, my niece graduates from high school. The schools commencements is tomorrow, and I requested the day off from work so I can be there to see her get her diploma.

It's been a long and tough journey for her. She's been through a lot in her 18 years. I remember her as a baby, so full of life, so happy, a typical little girl. Full of love and laughter. The year she started preschool, her mother noticed that she had an eye that "wandered" and took her to see an optometrist. The first couple of days of school went ok, but after seeing the optometrist, she was prescribed to wear an eye patch on her good eye to strengthen the eye muscles of the weak eye, and, she was also prescribed glasses, with bifocals. I don't remember now what it is with her eyes. I remember that morning she was to go to school for the first time wearing that eye patch and her glasses, she was ready to show it off. She had picked a cute eye patch, had Belle from Beauty and the Beast on it, her favorite movie at the time. That little girl ran out to the bus happy. When she came home a few hours later, she was quiet. And when my sister asked her if she was ok, she burst out crying about the kids picking on her, calling her names. And for the next 3 years in that school district, she was constantly picked on. Oh my sister, she made trips to the school to talk with teachers and principal about the teasing, and nothing would be done. My nieces grades started to suffer, she went from A's and B's to C's, D's and E's. And during this time, my sister met "him".

At first, the new guy in my sisters life seemed like a fun loving guy. He was funny, got along with everyone, and both kids liked him. My sister had been married before meeting him, and had a son with her now ex husband. My nephew was about 6 years old when my sister got with this guy, and he always seemed snotty to the guy. At the time, my sister and her kids lived just under a mile away from our parents house. I was living up north with Mick when she met this guy, then Mick and I moved closer to home and work. And I remember about a year after Mick's death, my sister wanted to move, and the search for a house began. Her boyfriend suggested looking in and around where he grew up, saying school systems were better that way etc. And no one thought it odd. And eventually, my sister found a place she liked, about 55 miles from where she grew up. And things seemed great for a while. Then I noticed my nephews hostility growing towards this guy, and I remember one night when my parents, other sister, this guy and my niece and nephew and I went out to dinner at the restaurant my sister worked at at the time. My nephew, he ordered his usual, chicken strips, and the boyfriend said something about taking the kids on the boat fishing the next day. My nephew got a "mean" look on his face, said he wasn't hungry. The boyfriend ordered my nephew to eat. And they had a stare down, and this guy told my nephew if he didn't eat, he wasn't going fishing on the boat. My nephew said he didn't want to go anyway. The family took this as my nephew being hard headed.

About a year after that incident, and when my sister and her kids were moved into their house. I started to notice something strange...the boyfriend would come down to my parents house when the kids were there for their weekend visits, and hang out. And we started to notice a change in my niece. When he wasn't there, she was talkative, herself. When he showed up, she got quiet. And we started to notice little things, like it seemed he was more harsh with my nephew than with my niece. And he favored her over her brother. And I remember Memorial Day being over for a cook out, and my sister had to work that day, my other sister and I were in the house chatting. And we heard our sister's boyfriend come in the house telling the kids he was going to the store and to go with him. My nephew said no, he didn't want to. And this guy all of a sudden bellowed at him to get his fucking shoes on or else. My sister and I were stunned, saw our nephew run by heading for our parents room, and this guy following on his heels, but stopped when he realized my sister and I were right there. I did ask him just who in the hell did he think he was to talk to any kid like that. He apologized, said his feelings were hurt. I told him that was no excuse. Then he went to the store. After that, I remember having a sick feeling about him, and I did tell my sister, who brushed it off, said he and the kids get along fine. WTF???


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Jun 2 @ 10:39AM  
For a while, things seemed to smooth out, this guy and the kids appeared to be "getting along" better. But, I noticed when my nephew thought no one saw it, that he would be glaring. And my other sister noticed it too. And, this is when we started to wonder if there wasn't more going on than we knew.We knew the kids grades in school had been bad, and that the school was calling our sister to tell her about her son falling asleep in class. And, one day, my sister tricked my nephew into spilling all by telling him she already knew what was going on. She was shocked when he told her what this guy had been doing. This creep my sister had living in her house, he's a pedophile, and my niece was his victim. And, my sister, their mother, went straight into denial when she was told. And I remember telling her if she didn't do something, I would call the cops myself. And this creep used to go with my dad to auto auctions. And one night when he was gone, my sister sat down with her daughter and asked her straight up if he was forcing sex on her. My niece tried to deny it at first, and then her mother asked her if she took her to the hospital and asked to have a "test" done, would she still be a virgin. My niece didn't answer, but, my sister said the expression on her face was enough to pick up the phone and call the cops. They were waiting at the house for this jerk to come back. They heard his truck drive by, he wasn't going to pull in while the cops were there. So the cops hid their cars. The idiot pulled in, and there were 2 sheriffs waiting for him. That asshole is serving a 15 year sentence.

Now, 2 years ago, an old friend of my sister's, who is also a good friend of my niece's biological dad, gave my niece her dad's email address because she had been asking about her dad. She hadn't seen him since she was a baby when he and her mother had parted ways. She emailed him, he wrote back. They "talked" like that a few times, then there were the phone calls, and my niece finally told her dad what had happened. Eventually, he moved up here to Michigan, reconnected with his daughter, who had been on cloud 9 since. And, talk about full circle, my sister and my nieces dad, they just had their one year anniversary this past March. Since her dad has been in her life, my nieces grades have gone from D's and E's back to the A's and B's she used to get. My nephew, he doesn't fall asleep in class anymore, and his grades have improved also.

So tomorrow, my niece will get her high school diploma. She will be closing one chapter in her life and starting a new one. And this new one, she is looking forward to. She's trying to decide what college she wants to go to, and she can't decide what she wants to major in. One time she thought veterinarian, then she discovered that involves not only check ups, but surgeries, and euthanizing, and she knows she doesn't have the stomach for that. So, she's still trying to figure it all out, but, she has her parents helping her along. I've seen such a change in both of these kids in the last 2 years. They aren't sullen anymore, they laugh again, they mock fight with each other, and the whole family up there is happy. It's been a long and difficult road for my niece, but, I feel that she has a bright future ahead of her now. My nephew.....yeah, he's my sister's "fun" child. The one that gets the principal calling about pranks and stuff. Brat.


Jun 2 @ 11:01AM  
Congrats to your niece thats is excellent news . So sad she had to go thru all of that . Sounds like she has healed mentally you won't believe how keep silent like its thier fault . May she and your family enjoy this wonderful day .

Jun 3 @ 4:50AM  
Congratulations to your niece. It is sad what she went through but she is a tough, smart young lady and deserves the best life has to offer.

Jun 3 @ 11:41AM  
Congrats to your niece sugar!


Jun 3 @ 9:47PM  
Thank you pink, RJ, and Som. The commencement ceremony was nice, and it even took me back to 1983 when I graduated, how I felt. The excitement, and yes, the fear of the future..of knowing that from that moment on, I had to plan for my future, strike it out on my own...all of that.

In my immediate family, meaning, my parents, my sisters and I, my niece, my nephew, and my brother-in-law...I have realized that only 2 of us are actually high school graduates. Me and my niece. My nephew will be starting his sophomore year next year, so he has 3 years of school left. I saw his report card from last marking period, he's doing much better, true, there was one E and one D, but, there were also 2 A's and 2 B's. His grades have improved a lot also.

Since Michigan stopped providing Driver's Ed as a class students can take, my Dad talked with my niece and with my sister and offered to pay for her Driver's Ed as a graduation gift. Since it isn't offered as a class anymore, parent's pay for their kids to take Driver's Ed now.

Jun 4 @ 3:00PM  
Sorry to hear all of that. Some people are subhumans and in need of extermination for the betterment of all

Jun 4 @ 3:46PM  
Thank you Bruce. Believe me, if my family could have it their way, that monster wouldn't be sitting in a prison on tax payer's dollars.

btw..My niece has said she wants to study psychology.

Jun 4 @ 8:55PM  
My niece has said she wants to study psychology.

Perhaps another field maybe? I dated a psychologist for 9 months... NEVER will I do THAT again!! Just say'n!!

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She made it.