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Being in the middle

posted 5/15/2012 4:06:08 PM |
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I've been called "liberal" because I believe in staying out of the private affairs of the people of this country. Abortion? Morally I feel it's wrong, but, it's not my place to tell that person how to decide when I don't know them and I don't know their circumstances as to why they would consider that. Gay marriage, I say let them marry, but, don't force the church to perform the ceremony, don't force the church to go against it's belief. In essence, I believe in this country we should be allowed to make our own decisions, and live with the consequences of our decisions. Now, when it comes to pedophiles, rapists, and 1st degree murder, I'm not a "oh treat them humanely" me, when put in jail or prison, it shouldn't be a "retreat" where they can lift weights, play volleyball or tennis...they are supposed to be punished for their crimes, not treated like they are on vacation. Assign them their cell, MAYBE let them have a radio, only if it is earned, give them jobs to do all day instead of weight lifting and volley ball, and television viewing in one area, and it has to be earned. Hey, they gave up their rights to humane treatment when they took away their victims rights to live without fear.

Now, taxes and businesses. I see a lot of "tax the rich". I say that will not work. All they will do is put their earnings in accounts that can't be taxed anyway. And, I know if I were making more, I wouldn't want to be taxed higher. Businesses, I say the ones that bring jobs back, and hire Americans, give them a tax break. I don't know what size, I'm no financier. But I do know that I don't like being taxed, so why would I tax someone who makes more? In the end, it will not balance out because as I said, they will find a way to "hide" that income so it isn't taxed. What? Make it illegal to open Swiss bank accounts? That's not what our country is supposed to be about. We are supposed to govern our selves with little actual government involvement. I don't need Washington D.C or the state capital, Lansing, coming into my house and telling me I can't smoke a cigarette if choose to, I don't want them in my house telling me what foods I can or cannot eat, I don't want them in my house telling me what or how many pets I can have, I already have parents, and I've grown up and have been living on my own since I was 20. I don't need government telling me how to live.

I don't need the church telling me I'm "wrong" in my beliefs. We have freedom of religion. I'll respect the church and I'll respect those who go to church as long as they respect me. Yes, I have a different "view", one I'm quite content with, and it doesn't involve living in fear of some unseen being striking me down if I make a mistake. Or of being forgiven for being me. I live my life quite nicely enjoying what nature provides, I have my family, I have my friends, and I have my job. I don't spend my life coveting what others have. I'm quite happy with what I have. Now others, they love God, not a thing wrong with that. It is their choice, and they are happy with it. I don't see this need to tell one they are "wrong". I know what is right for me.

Politically, too far left is scary for me, and too far right is too strict for me. I like down the middle, where both sides get represented fairly. I've yet to see that with politicians. Until that day comes, we will be in this downward spiral because each side thinks they are the only one who is "right" and refuse to even discuss and consider options from the other side. Republicans don't want to raise the debt ceiling, I agree. Democrats want to extend unemployment, I agree with that. That is just a very small sample I'm using as an example. There are those of us who have to live within our means, and our government needs to learn that also. But, where to make cuts? Education? Military? Benefits some rely on to get by? Who do we condemn in order to satisfy the masses?

It's a mess, and it will take everyone working together to start moving in a positive direction. As long as there is the "us verses them"'s only going to get worse. We need to reach a point of "what is best, and how do we achieve it together". Haven't seen that thus far.

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May 15 @ 4:41PM  
Funny how that states that allow gay marriage weren't actually passed by voters themselves, but rather their state legislature. The states where it did go up to voters, the voters voted it down. It should be left up to the states, and even more so, voters.

As you can tell, I am not for gay marriage at all, and have been called a bigot for it. I don't like Obama's policies, and yet, I have been called a racist for that. I'm told by a few that I should be more open minded and tolerant to other peoples beliefs, but yet, those very same people aren't very tolerant and open minded to my beliefs and from where I'm coming from when I discuss and debate the issues and where I stand on them.

I have tried to not have a thin skin on here over the past 6 years, and I feel that I have improved over the years with listening to people or letting them have their say. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm going to change my mind. If I feel strongly for something, chances are I'm not changing how I feel. I do try to be respectful to others, but as long as their respectful to me. It's a two way street.

I have also learned is that chances are, people are not going to changes peoples opinions on these sites with their blogs and comments. When people start arguing back and forth with each other and start getting personal, it looks pretty foolish on both parties.

Kinda reminds me of all that drama that goes on over on the vanilla site with people going back and forth with each other and looking rather stupid. I have seen both sides to that. Yes, I know the very ones over there that are guilty as charged.

May 15 @ 4:45PM  
it will take everyone working together to start moving in a positive direction.
Both sides are very VERY different in their thinking on how the best way to get out of this mess we're in. I see too much division coming from Obama on his re-election bid this fall.

May 15 @ 4:49PM  


May 15 @ 5:57PM  
So does this Mean that you are Politicking for PREZ?
VOTE : SUGAR N SPICE..... 2012 !!!!!!

May 15 @ 5:58PM  
ooops...I forgot my Green Vote!!!!

May 15 @ 6:57PM  
I always told my kids to keep respect you must earn respect .tolerance can is not a one way street neither is respect to want it you must give it to. Most people I have found that demand both give non at all .

May 15 @ 9:10PM  
meant to say cannot be

May 15 @ 9:23PM  
Now, taxes and businesses. I see a lot of "tax the rich". I say that will not work.

Few people realize that it's the "rich" folks that help create 'jobs' by investing their own money into new technologies and/or improving the old ones but also investing in products needed by most people. This creates jobs by building new plants or business buildings or renting such facilities to have the room to expand and hire people to build and/or do research on products!

So the 'call' to 'tax the rich', is counter productive:

Sure, small business start ups figure in our economy but with tighter and tighter regulations being forced down their throats, most fail through strangulation! Unky Sam would have you believe they fail because of 'poor management' and really, that's correct for some, but for the majority, the deck is stacked against them by the government's 'poor management', from the get go! This is not a business friendly environment anymore!

Politically, too far left is scary for me, and too far right is too strict for me.

Politics?? I don't worry about it... I can't stand it, especially the low-life moron politicians that I have less than zero respect for, because they have no respect for our country's citizens. So I don't concern myself with politics, except to counter as much as I can what they throw at me (us) to try and stay out of the government's way! It just doesn't matter who's in office nor what party is predominant in an administration- the more the say they're going to do to improve our country, the more it stays the same- nothing, is resolved!

Our politicians' modus operandi is solely geared to: 'What can we do to enhance our lives, at the expense of our citizens??

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Being in the middle