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What the Hell Ever Happened to the FDA Doing Their Job??

posted 5/2/2012 12:44:17 PM |
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First 'pink slime' and now...............

The government thinks this way of processing meat isn't harmful but, it misses the damn point... as usual!!!

Is Your Prime Steak Held Together By meat glue, known as 'Moo Gloo'?

Check this out (4:40)

Our government and its illogical 'logical' conclusions on anything, just can't be trusted anymore, I mean being in bed with big business like it is!! No matter how you look at it, restaurants forming lower cuts of meat, using this stuff, into what they call prime cuts of meat, then selling it as such, is nothing more or less than 'FRAUD'... pure and simple- not to mention possible unknown health hazards!!

What do you think of this?

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What the Hell Ever Happened to the FDA Doing Their Job??
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May 2 @ 12:52PM  
Since you asked…I think we’re born into a world already functioning according to its own absurd principles, and they are manufactured by an eternal struggle between Man’s romance with self-destruction and his instinct to survive. Everything that looks like a rebus or enigma is easily understood when examined through the prism of this dynamic. That’s what I really think.

May 2 @ 12:57PM  
Humans have become "lazy" in this modern age. Everything is prepackaged. Not too many out there go hunting or do their own gardening. We all expect that packaged meat to be at the stores, same with our veggies and other foods. No one wants to make their own anymore. Then again, with having to work and pay this bill and that bill etc all for the "convenience of easy living"...we work ourselves to death too. So, we get what we ask for: junk.

FDA? Government doing their job? Since when??? We haven't had a good/decent government in a LONG time.

May 2 @ 1:30PM  
This is a prime example now that is out how we can stop this . We the consumer are powerful with a resoundly no . The catch is many are like sheep and like Sugar said lazy . We let them getting away with this .Sad

May 2 @ 2:54PM  
And while we’re on it, I’ll tell you what else I think.

This infatuation with minutia such as “pink slime” is busy work for the human brain. It’s design is to prevent your capacity to think from focusing on matters consequential to, primarily, the survival of the species and, secondarily, the general health and future of the nation. For that, you could call it the work of “de debil”.

It’s a bit like the foot soldiers of the liberal party asking you to concentrate on racial issues while the national debt climbs inexorably into the range of double-digit trillions, third world nations determined to annihilate us are developing nuclear capability, the human population of the planet doubles in less than a lifetime, the depletion of the rain forests, pollution of the rivers, streams and oceans rages toward suffocating proportion and the ozone layer rivals the consistency of Swiss cheese. It’s pabulum for infants, fabricated to occupy the thin of wit and the frail of spirit.

While we assembled citizens should be concentrating on things germane to the survival of the species and the return to glory of the American empire, we will ourselves into meaningfulness like Kim Kardashian at an Oscar banquet. Where the hell is the sanity? Where the hell is the hero?

May 2 @ 6:51PM  
Is Your Prime Steak Held Together By meat glue, known as 'Moo Gloo'?
Hell, and here I thought some of my blogs were pretty gross.


May 2 @ 7:02PM  
We are being brainwashed and swindled all the time. It's not as it seems, it's fools gold we are served.

May 2 @ 7:42PM  
Hell, and here I thought some of my blogs were pretty gross.

I'll tell you what... you work on the outside appearances of people after their bad haircut days as shown in your images and I'll work on the insides of peoples' probable disgusting appearances as my 'Moo Goo' article seems to imply!


May 2 @ 7:46PM  
Hell, and here I thought some of my blogs were pretty gross.

pretty gross is an understatement .. over the line gross.. at least your last three have been.


May 2 @ 11:12PM  
The Wal-Mart stores with the food departments will be the first to sell that shit

May 3 @ 5:17AM  
I buy alot of my groceries from the local farmers including beef and pork.
Its not hard to find a farmer willing to butcher a cow or a pig.
Its always nice to know where your food comes from and how it was raised
AND it supports the AMERICAN economy so everyone should think about that
before you head to walmart for your next steak.

By the way..... this was a good post

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What the Hell Ever Happened to the FDA Doing Their Job??