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posted 5/2/2012 12:34:53 PM |
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tagged: weather, news, school, banks

Got my local news on right now, and they just had a story about how a woman, digging through trash, found a lottery ticket that was a million dollar winner. She cashed it in, and now, the person who threw it away, is saying they want the money. And the judge said the woman had to GIVE the money back!

No Way!!!!

What do you think? Me, I say the person threw it away, thus they gave up ownership rights to it. They should have checked more closely before throwing it away. In other words: "finders keepers" applies as far as I'm concerned.

In other "news" around classes ended last week, out of 5 classes, so far all A's. Even the HTML class, which I felt so lost in at first, my final grade was an A, my instructor loved my little web page.

Now onto mundane weather...finally warming up here, had a couple of thunder boomers go through. Was going to mow the lawn today, but, I think I'll put that off till later. Not complaining at all.

Had a dispute with the bank a couple of weeks ago. They charged an overdraft fee when there was NO NEED to, and will not correct their mistake. Yes, before anyone asks, there was plenty of cash in the account, wasn't even close to the zero mark. But, they don't want to correct the error, so, to hell with them. I did some searching around, asking questions, and decided to open an account at a local credit union. They have fewer fees, and only require a minimum of $5 to open and maintain a savings account, and don't charge a monthly maintenance fee on it. As to the bank...well, that was the second time they charged an unnecessary overdraft fee. I would totally understand it if I DID overdraw, but, the account had about $230, and I had put $20 in for gas. Do the that overdrawn? Yet, they don't want to fix it. Why don't I take it to Small Claims? Because, one, costs money to file, two, I cannot afford to take a scheduled day off from work, and if the hearing fell on a day I have to work, the courts don't schedule for my convenience. So, Citizens Bank gets my $36. Live and learn. I doubt I'll ever go back to a bank after discovering Credit Unions.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day today.

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May 2 @ 1:00PM  
One question I have is: where was the trash can located, inside or outside the store? If inside, I guess there might be a snag with that but outside- it's trash and anyone can claim it, for the same reason(s) you can drive down a street and pick trash from residential streets.

As far as the judge goes, isn't it interesting that cops can raid trash cans from a residence or business and that's okay but in this lady's case... it's not okay?

Assuming everything went down between the two women like is indicated in the article, tell me how it's possible to prove that the lady who supposedly bought the ticket, checked it and figured it wasn't a winner, then threw it out? I think the lady who found it in the waste basket gets to keep the ticket!


May 2 @ 1:17PM  
Yes I just saw that it is crazy . How in the world that judge made that judgement I will never no. Oh well its crazy out there . great job on school . Finals are this week here have 3 . If the bank is going to argue cut your loss and get away from them good choice . These big banks are the worst.

May 2 @ 2:14PM  
I just read about that.

May 2 @ 2:25PM  
There would be no ifs, ands, or buts if the information on the back like name, address, phone number, & signature was filled out. If it's not a winner shred it.

May 2 @ 3:43PM  
just a heads up on the bank thing....while it does cost money to file a small claims, if you win, the bank is responsible for not only your fees but 3x the amount of the discrepancy. So if you're positive you'll win...and feel like waiting a year or 2 for your money....fuck the bank right up the ass. I had it happen to me with BOA a few times back in the day and got the fuck outta there real quick. Credit Unions are always the way to go if you can get into em.

May 2 @ 5:19PM  
I would totally understand it if I DID overdraw, but, the account had about $230, and I had put $20 in for gas.

On that note... I believe some banks want a minimum balance maintained before they start racking you and if that's the case, maybe you went below a minimum balance with that last purchase! Don't know about your bank, just wondering! Credit unions are the way to go though- good choice!


May 2 @ 6:49PM  
I think the women should have kept her mouth shut on how she ended up with the winning ticket. I certainly wouldn't have told people I found it in someone else trash. She opened herself up to a lot of shit.

Btw, I think she should be able to keep it if the trash was put out in the alley.

May 2 @ 8:50PM  
I believe some banks want a minimum balance maintained

The savings account needed to have a minimum balance, not the checking account, and I had signed up under their Employee Rewards Free Checking, where it was totally maintenance fees. I've had my checking balance as low as $10 without this happening.

So, I've got a new account set up at a Credit Union, and have everything transferred over there. Just got to wait for one last transaction to clear, and I'll be down at the bank closing my accounts.

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