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Wee Willie Winky

posted 1/21/2007 10:52:10 PM |
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So.... since I have been a member of this fine site... I have accumulated 23 pages of winks. And today, I decided to flip through them... and only save the ones from people that I have done more than pass an email or two with. This left me with less than 2 pages. I hate being a packrat. But I was never sure what I should do with these. So I just kinda let em stack up in there.

I was rather alarmed by the number of winks I recieved from women, as I don't in any way indicate that I am lesbian or bi in my profile and I wonder what causes women to wink at someone who is so obviously not intersted in that sort of thing.

But then, I was also rather amused at the number of winks I recieved from men with no pictures, and from men who are so horribly outside of the age bracket to which I specify I am interested in. I suppose I should be flattered that 18 yr old boys and 65 year old men and women feel that I am "wink worthy"...

I'm stingy, I guess. In the little over 5 weeks I have been on AMD, I have only sent 22 winks. I don't send them frivolously. I only send them to people I actually WANT to flirt with or might consider getting to know. Am I mean for doing this? Should I simply wink back at anyone who winks at me? The same goes for people adding me on as friends. Am I rude for declining those invitations from people I don't converse with? Or are they rude for asking to be my friend before we have had any conversation? I hold my friends close. Those that are on my friends list here, I feel I could go to with a problem or just for moral support should I need it. Isn't that what FRIEND means? I don't want to have just a list of people I don't talk to or have anything in common with.

I'd love to hear how others feel about this. Please, since I am actually ASKING for your input, tell me how you REALLY feel about what I have said!! All responses will be posted!!

Thanks, and have a great night!

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Jan 21 @ 11:00PM  
winks are incredibly impersonal. I get tons of winks, but I dont send out very many either. If i want to know someone, i just email. them. And if i have hit my limit for the day, i start posting comments on photos.

I dont think you are stingy

p.s. i get lots of female attention too, and i dont always swing that way

Jan 21 @ 11:04PM  
I totally agree with you on the friends list. Friends means friends, not random people.

Jan 21 @ 11:09PM  
You're not even bi? Wow, am I dissappointed.

Jan 21 @ 11:11PM  
I actually thought about doing a blog on this myself. I find it extremely rude for someone to ask to be my friend when they haven't so much as spoken a word. That is my $ .02 for what it is worth. The other thing that is great--send a wink and a friend invite......NOT happening!

Jan 21 @ 11:15PM  
interesting.....i've coverd things regaurding winks but i notice ms LP won't wink at me....PK..make her wink at me!!!

Jan 21 @ 11:18PM  
Damn remember to wink to Princess.....If i have not spoken with someone i wont accept them as a friend, and winks mean nothing, if someone winks me i send one back and forget them. Wish they remove the winks option...

Jan 21 @ 11:24PM  
I got thru everyday almost and delete my winks. Sometimes if they look interesting from profiles (I do look at the profiles before deleting), I'll drop a line something like 'Is that all I'm worth? A WINK? If I'm cute enough to wink at, I'm cute enough to shag!' LOL

Just what I do, each to his or her own.....


Jan 21 @ 11:24PM  
I use wink frequently ... cus there are a ton of web-cam girls here ... I want to get an catual heart beat before I step into the line of fire.

just my opinion

Master Gry

Jan 21 @ 11:50PM  
I have allowed all that request to be a friend to be a friend....I think they just want to be able to see when your on so that they might be able to chat....It's not always sexual,,,,sometimes their traveling to California and have questions....I try to wink back just to acknowledge I have received their wink,,,like a wave....sometimes they will e-mail me and sometimes I respond...not always...As for the women that write me,,,,I tell them the only thing I would have in common with them is shopping or make up ideas....I am not curious as they think I might be...These are just my thoughts.....Good Blog gave you a Kudo Lena

Jan 21 @ 11:57PM  
Um I think I sent you a wink for grins and giggles!!

Jan 21 @ 11:58PM  
I think you did too, TLC... but from a friend... that's cool!!!

Jan 22 @ 12:39AM  
I don't think you are out of line with anything you are doing. I agree with another poster that winks are not needed on this site right now. But the day will come when it is no longer free to send emails. You will at some point have to be a paying member to email and at that point winks will be used by people who are non paying members to show interest in paying members. I've seen this progression on other sites.

Jan 22 @ 12:44AM  
I had no idea that anyone gave such deep thought to winking. I guess it was funny when I first joined and I realized OMG someone winked at me! I have never sent one, simply because there just aren't enough members on here and who needs to wink at someone a thousand miles away? Wait..theres something in my eye..I seem to be winking uncontrollably...

Jan 22 @ 1:10AM  
I used to approve all friend requests, and then thought about it. I went back and deleted those that i've never even gotten so much as email from, and kept the ones i consider real friends. Winks to me don't mean anything, although i do get a crazy urge to wink at everyone on my friends list, so every so often i do. I can't remember if i've ever winked at you. LOL i'm gonna have ta do that!

Jan 22 @ 2:21AM  
I dont use winks very often but it is nice to send to friends kind of a way to say hi I am online now.
As for friends requests I absolutely do not add people without pictures that I have never seen before.
If we have crossed comments in blogs etc and I have seen personality etc I will add without a pic.
I dont have many on my friends list yet as I havent gotten to know a lot of people YET

Jan 22 @ 3:53AM  
Well....Winks...I think what they're mainly SUPPOSED to be for, are to just let people know your interested and get them them to look at your profile. They don't really work so well for me though because I like to flip my my hair around and give a sexy "come hither" eye roll when I flirt Friends thing I actualy wondered about the protocol and etiquette for doing that....So, good blog far as commenting on it...well I'm new and I only have one friend so I don't know for sure yet but seems like a friend is just that...a friend...right?


The Rain King

Jan 22 @ 4:26AM  
you can wink at me anytime kissy....

Jan 22 @ 5:26AM  
I only wink at those I think I would like to interact with also... I usually send a wink to see if they send one back before I send an e-mail...

haha, outside of your age-range huh? would you wink back if I sent you one?

Jan 22 @ 7:41AM  
Did i ever send a wink your way? ummmmmm...

Jan 22 @ 10:23AM  
aww just been winked at baby

Jan 22 @ 10:29AM  
Well now that we got that out of the way

Jan 22 @ 12:09PM  
Personally I think a wink is just something friendly to let you know that someone thinks your cute. Its just like winking at someone in a club/bar. It doesnt actually mean anything.....or does it. Some people use it when maybe they'd like to get to know somebody but are too shy too send them mail for fear of being rejected maybe. Its a tough one to call.

There are obviously lots of people who take it as just a bit of flirty fun, wheras others use it as a 'foot in the door type' of method. In the case of friend, well youve nailed it there PK. A friend is someone you can turn to when things are getting you down ar when you need advice or support on something. They are a lot harder to find.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Kudos for ya babe.

Jan 22 @ 12:12PM  
Yummy. I would soooooooo break my rule of no men younger than 37 for that Vinnie *full body shiver*

Jan 22 @ 12:31PM  
Not me

Jan 22 @ 1:10PM  
I winked at you cuz I thought those puckered lips were only for my, baby! Plus, I can't reach through this damn monitor and place a wet one on ya!

Jan 22 @ 1:14PM  
LOL @ Discreet... I'm an equal opportunity puckerer... It's all in the name, Darlin'.... PrincessKISSY!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee to kiss!!!

Jan 22 @ 1:22PM  
Awwww Tom You, my friend, are too special for words!! Thank you so much for being there for me the last few days, without your words of support, I'm not honestly sure I would have coped!!!

Jan 22 @ 1:33PM  
I will always be here for you and my other friends, I know one day you will be there for me. By taking a little of your pain I give you a little of my happiness. You are worth soo much more.

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