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So...You wanna Fight??

posted 1/21/2007 8:37:51 PM |
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There seems to be a bit of division and dissention here folks. I'd like to give all those people who feel they've been wronged a sounding board.

Has someone personally picked a fight with you on a blog?
Has someone tried to get you kicked off this site?
Has your right to free speech been infringed upon?
Have you been censored in any way?
Has anyone told you that you can't post a blog about something?

Did I miss anything?

Oh yea...has anyone told you to SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP??

Anything else?

BTW...I'm not allowing any comments here...I'm sick of the fighting!

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Jan 21 @ 8:42PM  
HA I'm on auto post!!

Jan 21 @ 8:44PM  
Fooled ya...I wouldn't do that!

Jan 21 @ 8:46PM  
Sittin down and shuttin the fuck up, Ma'am.

Jan 21 @ 8:48PM  
I'm with belle

Jan 21 @ 8:50PM  
Now Belle...did someone really tell you to do that? It wasn't me...that's not what that statement was for. I was asking if anyone else had personally been told by anyone on this site to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Jan 21 @ 8:51PM  
I tell myself that whenever I get the urge to respond to an idiot. Sometimes it works. ;)

Jan 21 @ 8:52PM  
What did Belle say???


Jan 21 @ 9:04PM  
Oh come on, just trying to lighten it up a little.

Jan 21 @ 9:14PM  

I'm a lover not a fight.

Where do you want me to sit Mistress ?

Jan 21 @ 9:18PM  
Yeah, I don't like a lot of drama and sometimes it's best to ignore the person and the situation.

Jan 21 @ 9:22PM  
I was sent to town to get something for the Cellar; just can't remember what. Along the way I met a troll and he asked me what I was doing and I told him I wasn't sure, but it had something to do with..well I just can't remember. The troll said that he had special "rose colored" glasses that he would sell me, and that they would make everything "okay" To make a long story short I bought the glasses and since then everything has been "perfect" on AMD for me. If you want these glasses for yourself contact openmindedguy72. He is manufacturing them at the Cellar.

Jan 21 @ 9:25PM  
I think this is exactly what she was talking about. I'm very saddened that you wrote this.

Jan 21 @ 9:27PM  
*sits down....''damn redheads....always easier to just do as your told.."

Jan 21 @ 9:32PM  
think this is exactly what she was talking about. I'm very saddened that you wrote this.

Yes. It saddens me whenever someone pokes fun at a silly situation too.

It's why I cry all the time.

Jan 21 @ 9:53PM  
Awwww Stubbsy, come right over here, i'll see what i can do to make you feel better

Jan 21 @ 10:14PM  
Ok...I need to clarify. This was not directed at any one person or blog. Yes..I took some words off of someone elses blog...simply to make a point. But this wasn't directed as an attack on that blog. It seems like that person was saying what we're all saying. Block, ignore, move on.

And...I'm trying to be serious here. Yes...I left a little joke at the end there...but this is serious. People here seem to think that some of us are trying to take away thier rights...WE DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF POWER AND WE KNOW IT!!! All I'm saying is if someone truly believes that thier rights of free speech are being tramples...let someone know. Leave a comment. Say why, when and where. Give specifics. You won't be won't be censored....

Jan 22 @ 12:34AM  
I say anybody who has a beef, we give them boxing gloves and let them have at it.

Jan 22 @ 1:39AM  
I'm fucking down and shutting up (damn wrong way round) A kudo to you though

Jan 22 @ 2:44AM  

Jan 22 @ 3:02PM  
And you were told to rewrite this why sunshine?

Jan 22 @ 3:04PM  
Let me clarify... some of US were bitching about the stupid shit, with one hand, while feeding it with the other. I'm out, I've told many people I'm tired of it, yet they still bug me to jump in. Yeah I'm good with words, I can make people feel stupid.. don't mean that's all I wanna do.

Jan 22 @ 3:10PM  
I agree...I'm done trying to win a war of words with people who don't understand that we're on the same side. This blog didn't accomplish anything...or at least not what I intended it to. It was taken as a joke by some and as an attack on another members blog by others. It truly wasn't meant as either and that's my own fault. I was a little pissed and alot sad and down when I wrote it. Anyways...remember that we are able to write whatever we want on this site...that doesn't always mean that we should.

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So...You wanna Fight??