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Guess Uncle Ted doesn't like the President.

posted 4/18/2012 11:46:26 AM |
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I'm sure everyone has heard about Ted Nugent's rant against President Obama. For those who haven't, here ya go:

Ted Nugent speaking

I love Ted Nugent, love his music. Don't always agree with his political views. I think he's extreme, BUT, he has the same rights as the rest of us to his opinions and his views. Was what he said inflammatory? Yeah, it was. Hopefully there isn't some idiot who listened to him that will do something dumb. Should he be investigated by the Secret Service? I didn't see where he made a threat....I saw him speak his mind.

I've read comments where people are saying Ted should keep his mouth shut and just play music. Why? Because they don't agree with what he said? What if he were to have said the same thing about Bush? Would he have been "cool" then? I personally think the media is making more of this than they should, but, it gets ratings. I still love Ted's music, may not agree with his views all of the time, but, as a citizen of this country, he has the same right to free speech as I do. Just because we don't like what he says, doesn't mean he can't say it. Just means those who disagree with him can say he's an asshole.

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Guess Uncle Ted doesn't like the President.
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Apr 18 @ 12:03PM  
Freedom of speech and the right to express your opinion should apply to EVERYONE! A greenie for ya

Apr 18 @ 12:53PM  
He's been an embarrassing shock jock since he was in Damn Yankees.

Apr 18 @ 1:03PM  
I'm not a uncle Ted Fan....well I wasn't...Till Now!!!!!

I just posted this Comment on Its a Copy and Paste Comment!!

Why does everyone....take everything someone says to the Next worse possible level?
Thanks for posting the Video!!!

What he said makes good sense to me!!! Hell,... I may even Vote that way..NOW....!!!
Thanks Uncle Ted!!! I bet this helped the Cause!!!
Most of us...don't have a what our government is Up to....!! But Uncle Ted Damn sure does!!!

This Uproar reminds me..of the Hank Williams Jr. thingy.....
He was using an Analogy....and everyone Jump on the BS Wagon.... and Made him out to be a Bad Guy!!!! So ESPN...took his NFL Opener off the Air!!!!
This is what I'm talking about!

Go Hank Jr......
Go Uncle Ted!!!!!! [QUOTE]
I wasn't looking forward to Voting...but I am Now!!!

Apr 18 @ 2:25PM  
Whether i agree with ted's political views or not, the 1 thing I can always say about him is that I respect him. He doesn't bullshit or pull any punches. he tells you like it is and how he wants it to be. He'd never make a good politician though because he's too honest. I'll still listen to his music til the day I die

Apr 18 @ 2:55PM  
Thank Sugar for posting that . Haven't pay that much attention to anything news worthy in awhile . Been busy in my own little world . I beleve in free speech for all not just a selected few in this country . Its free or it isn't .


Apr 18 @ 3:05PM  
Freedom of speech and the right to express your opinion should apply to EVERYONE!
Pretty much how I feel

Apr 18 @ 4:48PM  
I can hear him say get a little talcom & borrow it from malcom to shut your baby crying ass up to all the politicians. He could attack them like a dog in heat. Maybe he will kamikazee from the 100th floor & swan dive on their heads. Well I don't know anything about Rommey but I do agree with Ted about political beings being evil & don't give a fuck & it has given employers the right to treat employees bad in the shitty economy with you might as well say slave labor. In my additional opinion people in general don't want to take the time & give a helping a hand because of that all mighty dollar. Hell I could go on but no matter who is in office despite of what Ted wants or who he dislikes it will never change & not to sound like a broken record shit always runs down hill. In politics & the job force people ought to know by now that individuals are getting paid to keep things in turmoil so no average joe can get ahead. It's all about corporate as a single entity with no credit going to the backbone which is the employees.

Apr 18 @ 5:42PM  
Remember when 'the Fat one' of the Dixie Chicks got all rude about Bush?
She was a Liberal/Socialist hero.
Not to mention Madona Beater-Sean Penn and that goofy Danny Glover.

Goose....HELLO>......Meet Gander.

Many, many years ago, Mitt had his dog in a dog carrier, while Obama was eating them (and Grasshoppers). Guess which is demonized?


Apr 18 @ 5:44PM  
Being a citizen of this country of ours, he certainly has the right to free speech! The only problem I have with anyone who picks one side or the other as their political choice of a way out of this mess we're in, is based on the bullshit spewing out of their candidate's mouth speaking with a forked tongue!

IMO, anyone who steadfastly takes one side of the political fence or the other, is missing a huge point: it just doesn't matter who is in office and/or affiliated with what party... the politicians are in it for themselves, at our expense! That's the way they set our government up, that's the way they want it!

Just my 2ยข worth of my opinyawn and then, I probably have change coming back!


Apr 19 @ 10:05AM  
Goose....HELLO>......Meet Gander.

I think the differentiator is his choice of words with a reference to killing him in November. I don't believe he is advocating assassination, but rather a landslide in the election. But Ted has been a loose cannon since he stopped selling records.

Apr 19 @ 7:31PM  
It's the way you take it.

Conservatives might think Obama was serious when he said he wanted his own National Police Force with the same equipment at the U.S. Military.
I've heard 4 Billion of his ObamaCare/stimulus/bail outs are going to this.

Some think Obama/Holder are working for race-class/war, so the Obama Government can
take over. Kill or imprison those not in lock step. I'm sure Ted would be in these categories.
Perhaps Ted was saying that Obama and Co., would kill him?
There are articles saying that Obama has put into place, where he can institute Martial Law at his own recognizance.

Why is it legal for the 'New Black Panthers' to have a bounty on a citizen, dead or alive?

Apr 19 @ 9:11PM  
Why is it legal for the 'New Black Panthers' to have a bounty on a citizen, dead or alive?

Yeah no shit!!!!

Apr 20 @ 1:21AM  
Everyone has the right to speak their opinion even a draft dodging hypocrite like Ted.
Have no respect for him and don't like his music but he still has the right to free speech just like I have the right to think he is a self promoting washed up asshole.

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Guess Uncle Ted doesn't like the President.