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I almost wish I remembered what a free day was like

posted 4/9/2012 3:25:20 PM |
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Yes, I said "almost". Why? Cause, if I have a free day, that means I'm either not working or my classes are done. Which, in a way, would be good, but, oh hell...I'm so tired I don't even want to try to make sense. So deal with it!

I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter Sunday. I worked, in fact, this past week, I got about 3 and a quarter hours overtime. That helps the paycheck some. After work, I came home, let the dogs out, changed, thought about turning on the computer, but nah...I got Tazz in the house, put her in the car to take with me to my parents house. Mom likes Tazz, and always asks "Where's my Tazzy" when I go over there. It was a nice, quiet evening. My sister said that a cousin of ours and her daughter had stopped in. I hadn't seen those two since the daughter was 5, and now she has a 2 month old son of her own. Time flies I'll tell ya. I've kept up with them thru facebook, but still, I wish I could have seen them. I wrote them both and we've agreed when I get a day off sometime that we will get together.

Classes are going good. I've found out that I do NOT ever want to be a web page designer. I have to take an HTML class, and while it's not "hard', it's touchy if you don't get the tags right. And my EXCEL class, I remember being scared of that class because it's a spreadsheet program, and the only spreadsheet program I'd ever attempted was LOTUS 1 2 3 back in 92 and OMG! The formulas for that back then......I swear they looked like they were 5 feet long! So yes, when I finally got brave to take the EXCEL class, I was scared to death! Yeah, right. I'm getting an A in that class! EXCEL is much more easier than LOTUS was! Classes for this semester end April 26, then I'll be done with school till the Fall 2012 semester, and, if the classes I need to finish up with are offered for the Fall/Winter semesters...I should be graduating by this time next year!

And..............judging by what I've been reading in blogs and bulletins....seems AMD is still a mess with the emails. I don't know what the deal is with this site and those who run it. I've got a profile over on the vanilla site, and that site is experiencing no problems at all. No one has lost email privileges there. I don't know why those who run both sites don't fix this one. Maybe they just don't care anymore? Or some dipshit who will remain unnamed has figured out how to mess with it? that one too much credit for having some form of intelligence.

Anyway...just popping in to say hi.

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Apr 9 @ 3:57PM  
well nice to hear from you.... you need to find a free day for yourself. if not you'll loose your mind. love all your smiles. really love that last one.

Apr 9 @ 4:07PM  
yeah know how you feel I just finished working 7 days day off snd to damn tired oh well. Been on and off computer doing some reports I have taken all but two of my classes online and planning on going to do both summer sessions . All of them will be online . Which is a double blade sword Oh well good hearing from you and you are doing well . And I did have a blessed Easter the family was all here before I went to work .

Apr 9 @ 4:22PM  
Hey.... good to see ya!!!

Apr 9 @ 5:19PM  
I got about 3 and a quarter hours overtime. That helps the paycheck some.

And... Unky Sam loves you for it too!

seems AMD is still a mess with the emails.

Yup... can't email anyone to say hi or thank you! Only way you can stay in touch with someone now, is if you already have another email addy or IM username of someone you're interested in or friends which in my mind, is one of the main reasons for this site!


Apr 10 @ 2:33PM  

Apr 10 @ 2:34PM  
I'm so proud of you!

If I wasn't so old and could afford it, I'd take some computer classes in microsoft word and power point. Neither is a necessity at my age but I would like to know more in word and I think I'd enjoy power point.

I thought about setting up my own website but I found some sites where you can make your home page fancy...I just can't figure it out and it ain't worth the headache in my case. I thought if I had my own website, I'd just publish my stories there but I just don't have the time anymore to mess with it.

I did have a wonderful Easter. Susie and I went with my Sis to see an Easter passion was awesome! When you came in the church, they had this long hallway strewn with straw and all set up like the streets of Jerusalem with people dressed in costume and calling out "Welcome to Jerusalem!" They handed out bits of fruit from that time and little cups of pomegranate juice.

They had a blind man begging and a guy playing the shell game. They had fenced in areas with the camels, lambs and a horse which were all used in the play. Along the 'street' there was centurion guards standing at attention. Like I said...AWESOME!

When we came home, we went to the Deli for ice cream. All in all, it was quite a magnificient day!

So far, I haven't had trouble sending e-mail far. But normally the only time I send e-mail is when I answer comments.

I feel a little guilty...I told everyone on the vanilla site a couple of months ago that I'd participate more there but yanno what? I just like it here the best and I don't have time to do both sides. I know I'm welcome over there but anymore I feel like a stranger there because I just can't be consistent. I wrote a couple of blogs then went on hiatus again...'s cold and dreary today and although I should be doing housework, I just feel like playing. Housework will still be there tomorrow...right? RIGHT!

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I almost wish I remembered what a free day was like