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The New Kid in Town

posted 1/21/2007 3:38:29 PM |
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Hey, How yah doin?
Thought it was time to introduce myself...I'm DC...pleased to meet you I've been using this site for only a short while now. I signed up and began looking for something. I don't really know what the hell it was....but man, damn if I haven't been lookin!! I was hesitant at first about the whole "put yourself on the web thing" to meet people...but I've been pleasantly surprised with what I've seen, heard and on a couple of occasions felt...(no comment) ...from meeting new people. I've had new experiances, learned new things, and had some old beliefs about people in general One fascinating new thing I've learned!....I had no idea that ALL the women in Russia were in love with me!!! Can you beleive it? They ALL want to screw my brains out, marry me and give me as many kids as I want!!! And it only takes about three letters exchanged to achieve these wonderous results!! Man how easy!..I am so cool!! I am one smooth player!!!! Of course they do sometimes ask for $400 for a Visa, some for $2000 airfare out of Russia (when thier profile says they're in New York), one even for a case of Hershey bars ( I shit you not people ) , but these are just details right? I mean the real rub is that they love me and trust me and can't live without me right?! right?!
But the main thing I've noticed about this site is that the people like me:, cool, funny, good looking, dysfunctional, nuerotic, insane....oh wait did I say that out loud? my bad! all these people are hanging out here and you got like a little club of friends going. I think it's very cool. Some very cool, talented, people with alot of heart here. No joke. I'm impressed. So I thought I'd say hello and and let you know I was here so I didn't seem like a creepy stalker or something hanging if you's don't mind it very much at all or nuthin I'll join the gang ok? ....One thing though...If I join the club can we get one of those dogs, like "The Little Rascals", with a black eye? That would be cool!

Peace and Love to All

DC The Rain King

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The New Kid in Town


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Jan 21 @ 3:44PM  
Welcome to Pervia... I think you're going to fit right in!

I dunno about a dog, but we have 5 brand new kitties at my house as of this morning, we could maybe paint one's eye with a black circle.... or anyone wanting one in roughly 8 weeks is more than welcome to contact me and make arrangements for adoption...

But I've gotten here and I apologize!!

*reaches over and molesticates the newbie as initiation* Be thankful it's my day to do so, and NOT Ynots!!!

Again, WELCOME!!

Jan 21 @ 3:45PM  
Welcoe to our gang comedies Rain.
Join in,have fun,and good luck.

Jan 21 @ 3:45PM  
Nice to meet ya, DC. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the site!

Jan 21 @ 3:50PM  
Welcome DC!

Talk to TLS or Ynot...they're the ones with the dogs...unless you want a stuffed dog...then you have to ask Straddle!
Have fun!

Jan 21 @ 3:51PM  

Pets welcome


Jan 21 @ 3:51PM  
Hey DC welcome to PERVIA!!!!!

Jan 21 @ 3:52PM  
And BTW...if you don't want to have to worry about approving your comments...go to settings on the red bar at the top of your screen, and click on comment settings.

Jan 21 @ 4:01PM  
I dunno if I'm necessarily part of the gang but welcome DC.

Jan 21 @ 4:05PM  


Jan 21 @ 4:07PM  
Damn it's always good to be molesticated by a beautiful woman!!!...Thanx PrincessKissy

Jan 21 @ 4:09PM  
Welcome, i just recently found this crazy bunch myself, hope you enjoy it as much as i have been.

Jan 21 @ 4:11PM  
Why thank you, DC

Jan 21 @ 4:14PM  
Mucho Welcome !

Jan 21 @ 4:18PM  
Well, hiya, new guy...wipe your feet, pull up a chair, and don't hog the popcorn :)

Jan 21 @ 4:20PM  
Welcome DC and your right we are crazy but its mainly kissy!!!

Jan 21 @ 4:30PM  
Welcome! You are allowed to molestcate the women back too! We like that kinda stuff . Jump in with both feet and have fun!

Jan 21 @ 4:37PM  
Hey now Lisa... I'm not crazy.... I'm just a lil extroverted online is all!!

Jan 21 @ 4:56PM  
Aren't they a great crazy bunch!!!!!!

Jan 21 @ 5:06PM  
Yes TLC Darlin they are a crazy bunch...don't you love em?....If I run into many more of you cool ladies with such addictive personalties and charm I think I'll just gather you all up and start me a harem

Jan 21 @ 5:21PM  
*jumpin up and down wavin hands*

Oooh, pick me, pick me, I wanna be part of the harem!!

Jan 21 @ 5:24PM  
Welcome to the real world.
Just wait until you get a response from a really sexy lady that just happens to be filming a movie or doing a modeling job in Africa. She will write you minute by minute, After awhile, maybe a day or two or three, she will ask if you would help her out. What this means is she wants to send yoou a check for you to open a bank account with and then send her the money back to africa.
Now how to figure this out? Ask what her measurements are? If she says she will get back to you then believe me this is a guy in a money laundering business and you dont even want to get involved.
By the way, Russian girls arent bad. they are just looking for a way out of Russia and some of them are nice. In fact I had one Russian girl who did not want to leave Russia but she offered to have me come to visit and she would pay for it all. I stupidly declined.

Jan 21 @ 5:34PM  
welcome dc, im also new to the blogs, im one of the sain ones,,

Jan 21 @ 5:43PM  
Oh your definately picked PrincessK.....My first Harem girl....Sweeeeeeeeet!!!

Jan 21 @ 5:47PM  
Doing a lil harem girl dance!

Jan 21 @ 6:31PM  
my turn my turn, I wanna be in the harem, and i promise to do more than play with princess's bewbies!!!

Jan 21 @ 6:40PM  

You don't need to start worrying until ....The Blogs posted here start to make sense....
When that happens you're in serious trouble...And you are hooked..


Jan 21 @ 6:48PM  
Oh yeah!...Your in TLC...any other ladies interested?.....damn!....I need to go buy a big ass tent and some camels

Jan 21 @ 7:24PM  
Come on have my seat....its still warm...

Jan 21 @ 7:42PM  
slitfiller - don't be so pessimistic! I'm real and I can guarantee that at least few other women right here in this blog are squeeze to see? *wink*

Okay, he speaks the truth...lots of "unreal" women here, too - just be on your guard and remember that if it's too good to be true, it probably is...and you'll be fine.

Have fun!

Jan 21 @ 9:13PM  
I want in on the harem deal. At least i'll be in good company with PK and TLC!

Jan 21 @ 9:38PM  

I tried to warn you. Look what they did to me.
I have five alter ego's now. All bad.

Jan 22 @ 2:39AM  
Welcome to our little world of insanity DC we can always use another jester in the court.

but we have 5 brand new kitties at my house as of this morning,
any of them orange and white PK? I so want an orange and white tabby male cat.

Jan 22 @ 10:15AM  
Welcome DC. I'm "Cousin It" but hey I have the white dog with one black eye. Her name is Muttley and she's just adorable.


Jan 22 @ 3:05PM  
Nice guitar

Jan 24 @ 5:40PM  
Welcome aboard

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