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You better buy health insurance

posted 3/26/2012 9:41:35 AM |
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I've got the news on, and they're talking to some woman, Kathie McClure (spelling?), who is saying there is nothing wrong with government requiring us to buy health insurance. What? The mandate in Health Care Reform that requires people buy health insurance or face penalties, I didn't agree with back when it was being talked about, and I still don't agree with it. I don't agree with being forced into paying another bill. I would like to keep some of the money I work for you know.

I guess today is the day where the United States Supreme Court starts hearing arguments for this Reform, and one of the hot issues is the mandate. Miss McClure pointed out that we are required to pay for car insurance, which is true, if one is driving. What about those who don't drive? Are they made to pay for car insurance? So, if one doesn't want to buy health insurance, why should they be forced to? Government shouldn't be telling us what to buy, it should be up to us as individuals. I can understand when paying a mortgage on a house having it insured....because until it's paid in full, the lender has a stake in the property and will want it's investment covered. I understand when financing/leasing a car..same thing. Well, the only person/entity I can think of right now "invested" in me, is my employer, and they do provide health insurance, IF we want to pay it. It's called an option. Just like the 401k offered, it's an option if we want to invest in it. Option. Free to choose whether or not we want to participate.

Now, as for the rest of the Health Care Reform, I don't know all of that bill, I'm not going to sit through over 2000 pages of legal talk. Like others out there, I only know of what has been talked about in the news. I agree, there does need to be reform, I always figured it would have been to make insurance more affordable, not..and yes, I will use the word, "dictating" that we buy it by 2014 or face penalties. Even if it weren't for this hearing getting under way today, I wouldn't have been buying it by 2014 if I couldn't afford it, and, even if I could, I doubt if I would have. One of the ideals of the founding fathers of this country was that the citizens live their lives WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. And I see a federal law telling me to buy or else as interference in my choice on whether I want to or can buy health insurance. Yes, I agree, it's smart to have it. But, if I can't afford it, I can't afford it.

Going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

And please, no personal attacks on each other.

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Mar 26 @ 10:38AM  
I agree with you. I see this type of legislation as a further erosion of individual freedoms...if we allow it to continue.

Mar 26 @ 5:07PM  
What kind of a government says that "if you don't buy health insurance- whether you can afford it or not, we are going to monetarily punish you for it!" And even if you do, it better meet our requirements or you'll have to find a policy that does meet our requirements? How does that equate to 'freedom of choice'?

I'm betting that the government's requirements for healthcare, will be so tight, that you will have no choice BUT to buy into the government's plan, which, at best would no doubt be sub-standard like Medicaid for example or reduced benefits in Medicare that people pay for out of their S.S. checks but the premiums will remain the same or go higher, to help offset Obamacare!

Obamacare has little to nothing to do with affordable healthcare, IMO! Everyone knows that any program developed by the government, will soon cost 3 to 4 times (and I think I'm being conservative here) as much due to corruption, waste (inefficiency) and incompetent personnel who could give a shit- but, "give me my inflated paychecks and bennies!"

IMO, there's a lot more involved in this scheme than just people having "affordable health insurance." It has 'ruse', stamped all over it, in trying to sell this bogus healthcare plan to the people! and the monetarily punishment? That goes to help pay for it too, assuming that that's where the money goes in the first place!

Just my 2ยข worth and then I may have change coming back!


Mar 26 @ 5:54PM  
I don't agree with being forced into paying another bill.
Amen sister. My apartment complex is forcing renters insurance upon signing a new lease. Lived in the same place for eight years & now all of a sudden it's a requirement. I haven't had health insurance in years. Well I couldn't afford a popcorn fart.

Mar 26 @ 7:16PM  
I agree with you. I see this type of legislation as a further erosion of individual freedoms...if we allow it to continue

True. This Obamacare needs to be defeated!

Mar 27 @ 2:48AM  
I work in the healthcare field and personally I hate hearing "they don't have insurance" and the person has to do without treatment like physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy because they nolonger have coverage

It's very frustrating. I do speech therapy and work with the geriatric population and when the family can't afford the swallow study that will allow mom the ability to eat without choking every bite.. it is very frustrating.

so if it takes the government telling people to do what they should be doing anyway... as much as I don't like that part of the plan.... ok...

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You better buy health insurance