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Lets get married eventhough we never met.

posted 3/26/2012 3:08:25 AM |
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Falling In Love on the Phone

Sexy choices

We had to work in every possible weather in order to bring relief to the people devastated by the flood in upstate NY. Luckily it did not get unbearably cold though there were days requiring a winter jacket.
That’s where I met Martin; he was also looking for someone with whom he could share hotel accommodations in order to cut cost. We hit it off right away and found a trust that probably was inspired by sharing the same culture. We are both from the Islands and had similar accents.
There were other interesting people there also but Betty and us just seem to get along , she laughed a lot and would check up on us from time to time just to see if things are going ok while we were on the road.
I could see that he must have had some military training because of how early he started and ended his day but that environment was not where he would find the woman of his dreams.

Ayear without sex.
A year since his divorce and no sex just blew me away for a minute or two. Guys who finally got the chance to chase women again usually make it count but for one whole year and no sex, I couldn’t imagine.
Betty spoke to him more that she did to me and looked to me like she had some interest in him but could he convert that interest into sexual desire. By the looks of things it didn’t seem soeven though I pointed it out to him many times while we chatted about our exploits.
The weather is getting colder now and the work is getting scanty, we didn’t make enough money yet and feared being laid off for the season. They both never had to wait long to hear their faith and went back home to their respective states. I was luckier and continued working harder than in recent times.
Martin called me occasionally to keep in touch was still bitter over his divorce and not able to find a woman since. It wasn’t much longer before I too was laid off and found pleasure in going back home to my wife and family.
We were both out of work and didn’t want it continuing that way for long but leaving home again just before Christmas to begin a new project with promising prospects tugged at my financial lack every time he called to tell me about the opportunity he found in Florida.
I finally made plans to go and off I went right after Christmas prepared and ready to start making the big bucks.
It was good to see family I hadn’t seen in years and re connect with a long lost friend whom I had no seen or heard from in over 40 years. Stacy and I spoke on the phone every day for two weeks just catching up for lost time but she was some 15 hrs. or so away which made seeing her out of the question for now.
His lack of sex and the tender touch and caring of a woman Martin asked me to introduce him to her.
I finally obliged and gave her his name as he instructed, she can find me on Facebook, he said and if she likes what she sees then she will connect with me.

Falling in love on the phone
That’s exactly what happened the Saturday I gave her his name and on Sunday they made a connection for the first time. By Monday however they began speaking on the phone and followed up the following days.
Martin was impressed and started thanking me for the introduction on Thursday but by the weekend things took an unexpected turn. He was falling in love and by Monday he was deeply in love.
I couldn’t call him without hearing how awesome she was and that she was God’s gift to him.
He stays up all night just to hear me breath she told me, he asks that I put the phone on my pillow while I fall asleep so he can hear be breathe. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing what is wrong with these people they are grown adults over 50 years old not teenagers.
Every day I spoke to him or her all they could talk about is how deeply in love they are and that it was ordained by God. He even stopped working because he couldn’t concentrate but wait it gets even more bizarre so hold on to your seat.
He wanted her to visit in three weeks, well that is not bad but staying away more than a week from her home and job could mean her living on the streets when she got back. So my friend “Cupid” told her to pack up her things in storage and forget about the job because he doesn’t think he could stand seeing her leave after she goes to visit him. What the hell is happening here!!!!! I thought I heard it all but all that was nothing compared to what is about to come.
Seems three weeks was too long to wait and so he moved up the date to one week , changed her booking and now she is going to arrive in one week,” say what!!!!!!” ,you said? Well here is the shocker.

We are getting married.
They want me to be there so sign as a witness to their wedding. A wedding, what wedding?, I didn’t know of a wedding. OK, ok he said there won’t be a wedding but when I pick her up from the airport we are heading straight to the court to get married. You must be out of your F……..g mind, are you serious? As a judge was his reply, this woman is a gift from God and we won’t be living in sin by sleeping together before we get married. Well stay awake then, I told him but marrying someone you have only spoken to on the phone for two weeks and not seen. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but everyday got more bazaar ever since they met so what else is new.
I got there two days before she was to arrive and to my recollection I have never seen anyone, man, woman, or child behaving like he was. He had completely lost it, the day she was to arrive he was nervous, he spoke to her from the night before and continued through the day while she went to the airport and only stopped when the flight announcement said to turn off the phones.

Seeing her for the first time.
The airport was only 10 minutes away from home and so an hour before was enough time to collect the flowers and place them in the vase on top of the book shelf. They were yellow roses and I helped him arrange them so the better ones were in front. He was a nervous wreck and went to take a shower while I made sure there was nothing unsightly lying around.

How will you know her when you see her, I asked him? I just will, was his reply. Ok then if you say so I suppose the magnetism will pull you both together.
It must have been an hour after he left that he was calling me from downstairs, I was getting some clothes out so I could go to the courthouse to sigh as a witness to the marriage but I also wanted to capture their first entry into his home as a couple . I raced downstairs with my camera in hand, well I hadn’

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Lets get married eventhough we never met.