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Just need to......ramble.....

posted 3/25/2012 6:55:56 PM |
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Do you ever wonder if you will ever find or know REAL DEEP love? Do you ever just need someone to hold you and not try to make it better? Just hold you and let you BE where you are at this moment? And be there tomorrow not wondering "what happened" to you or if you are "ok"? Do you ever wonder why it is so hard for people to understand that even though you may be strong, that you may have weak moments and even YOU need help?

So today I am having a "weak moment" day. I am asking myself why my family is so fucked up and why it can't be just a liitle bit more normal. I miss my mom, and my sister. I want to know my niece and two nephews....I miss my grandma.....

I don't want my life to be such a mess right now. I want to loose weight and it not be so hard. I want my dad to quit asking me if I went for my run today and maybe stop to think to ask me how I'm doing today. I don't want to get angry with my dad for wanting the best for me, but sometimes, I don't have my best to give. Why isn't that ok? Why do I have to always be striving for more, bigger better? The best, better than someone else? I'm NOT better than anyone else. I am just like everyone else....fucked up, lost and out of control......

But I get up every day and I give what I can to my day with what I have at the moment I am in. But today.....I got nuthin.....I just got is what it is....

maybe tomorrow I might have something....and if I don't? what the fuck of it????

it's so weird how some days are so ugly and others are so great....oh....the joy of being a hormonal wreck! There isn't enough sex, booze or food to make it any better either! well....ok.....maybe a really amazing lay would help! Yea, I think that would help.....a good hard kick ass sex fest!

Ya know, we all need something sometimes....but at the end of the day, what we all need is each other.....we need unconditional our worst moments...not just our best moments.....sometimes we can give it and sometimes we can't. that is the nature of what it means to be an imperfect human being.

Today I am just a disaster.....and I need to be thanks to all of you who read this. Yes, I am a bit crazy....but....fuck....what do you expect?

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Mar 25 @ 7:12PM  

Big Hugs..To My Angel!!! ((((((( YOU)))))))))))))))))))
You are Perfect...just the way you Are!!!!

Mar 25 @ 8:28PM  
Sometimes, we need to have that day to ourselves where we can say:"fuck the world, I"m doing it my way!"


Mar 25 @ 8:56PM  
Do you ever wonder if you will ever find or know REAL DEEP love?

Yanno...I had that once!!!

I guess that's why I'm alone..Now!!!

There's Nothing that can compare to that!!!

I Had It..and am Seeking It..all over again!!!
I doubt I will ever find it.... a second time...!!!

But.. I'm Optimistic..and I wont ever give up..till they stuff my old ass in a Furnace..or a Wooden Box...! Just saying....

Mar 25 @ 9:19PM  
Sometimes, we need to have that day to ourselves where we can say:"fuck the world, I"m doing it my way!"

I think sugar pretty much summed it up, only, I adopted her attitude years ago, to apply it for most days if possible! I realized years ago, I'm the one I have to please and if someone isn't satisfied on my progress based on their expectations, well, that's really their problem, not mine and in fact, are not helping any! I'm not talking about employment- I'm talking about personal achievement(s)!

So, in my opinyawn, it's ok to have "weak moments", "messed up days" or even "fucked up days." I'd bet that most people on this planet have really screwed up days occasionally- probably most, most of the time! I certainly have had many fucked up periods (and still do occasionally) but, I figure it's just an exercise in figuring out how to work around a problem(s) when they pop up- then if it pops up again someday, you won't be near as stressed as before!

But, we all have the right to "ramble", rant, bitch and vent our frustrations, it's natures way of trying to balance things out- kinda like dogs that 'pant' to help 'balance' the heat in their bodies.................. well... sorta, kinda like that!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to you sweety!


Mar 25 @ 9:22PM  
Do you ever wonder if you will ever find or know REAL DEEP love?

Is THAT what the ladies mean by... "bigger is better"???


Mar 25 @ 9:27PM  
OK...I wanted to Post this Video..In the Video section..but the Bastids want let me do that either....!! WTF?
I even tried different versions...and they still would not let me..WTF?

So..Sweet Lady..this is for YOU..and ALL of the friends I have here..!!!

You Are Fucking Perfect!!!


Mar 25 @ 9:49PM  
I hope you start feeling better.

Mar 25 @ 10:50PM  
You guys are so amazing! Thank you....and Alex.....I LOVE the song! it IS FUCKING PERFECT!!!!

Mar 25 @ 11:28PM  
Glad You liked......

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Just need to......ramble.....