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Should we leave Afghanistan NOW, or continue to stay longer?

posted 3/17/2012 10:15:56 PM |
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tagged: politics, news, straddle, world

I say now is the time to leave Afghanistan. We already achieved our goal in taking out the taliban, and killed OBL. We're not going to win over their hearts in this country. These people have a different culture, and their own religion that is vastly different from the majority of us Americans. They have such a different philosophy from us.

It's no surprise that there are no arab countries over there that have ever been a democracy. These people can't get along with each other, let alone with outsiders like us. When it comes right down to it, these people will stick with each other than welcome freedom and a better life for themselves.

This latest incident with one of our own gunning down 16 Afghans has no made it almost virtually impossible to continue trying to help these people when we have become targets by most of them now.

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Should we leave Afghanistan NOW, or continue to stay longer?
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Mar 18 @ 12:25AM  
Actually, the Taliban is still there. But yes, Bin Laden is dead, and most, if not all, of those involved with the planning of the 9/11 attacks have either been captured or killed. This war is far from over, but, yeah, we should leave Afghanistan. There isn't much more for us to do there now.

As to their way of life. Yes, it is different from ours. But, it's what they know. We look at it from our own viewpoint, and it looks harsh, brutal, medieval. And, they look at us as if we're the "wrong" way. It's a different culture, it's their way of life, and it isn't up to us to tell them how they should live. Just like we wouldn't appreciate them telling us how to live.

And, yeah, with one of our own gunning down 16 Afghans, they're not happy with us...and I can't say as I would blame them. Face it, if they had troops on our homeland, and one of their own did the same thing, we would want him crucified.

Mar 18 @ 12:36AM  
I had forgotten to address more about the taliban in my blog. The fact that Barry has been in peace negotiations with them, when in fact that we should be wiping those slimebags out pisses me off. This president has his priorities backwards as usual!

Mar 18 @ 1:59AM  
I really think..we are Long past due.. Pulling out of Afghanistan!!

But.... to be honest..I really am not too Knowledgeable on this subject!!!

Do we (the USA) have Contractors there Working?

There was a Lady here...gosh she was sooo Sweet!! I can't remember here name to save my Ass!!....My Bad!!! ........but ....
She was talking about going to ..Kuwait or was it Iraq? Too work !
I tried myself to go there...but there was so much bs red tape..I just gave up on the idea!
There were a Lot of Americans.... in that area..and Our Military was a Large help to them!!!
Like I said.....I'm not up to par on this subject...!
This was interesting..though!!!..but IDK..if its on the Up and up!!

So..just maybe..and I mean Maybe....we are hanging out help out our Contractors..and other PPL that are there!!?....

We the PPL don't know shit!!!

Just a thought? 2 cents!!

Mar 18 @ 9:05AM  
It's probably time to leave, though I would think our people actually on the ground over there will have a better feel for it.

When it comes to dealing with terrorism I believe that covert operations are generally best and much less expensive and divisive for us. Kill a handful of key enemy operatives, leaders and money men and they are just an angry mob with no way to get to and attack us. We avoid enraging the muslim world and acting as a recruiting tool for them and it only costs pennies a day.

Barring that and opting for a conventional overt military 'solution' we go over there and kill a few people, kill a lot of livestock and ruin a lot of crops and leave with the warning that we will come back and make life even worse for them if they let their country be used as a terrorist base again.

We chose to be long term occupiers and nation build, probably the most costly option for sure and the effectiveness remains to be seen but it's not looking good.

Mar 18 @ 12:49PM  
To answer your question... we should have left a long time ago!!

In my opinyawn... undeclared wars should instead be covert operations! The politicians may call them 'wars' to justify their actions for intervening into other countries for whatever selfish, criminal (IMO) reasons they may have but, they're still undeclared wars! 'Police actions' would be more appropriate!

We need to stay out of that part of the world- if it's oil we're after, then a mandate needs to be set for us to become energy independent like we should have done 35 years ago during the so-called 'oil embargo'- that was a huge red flag right there but... our politicians did nothing- and so here we are: we've lost 1000s of our men and women, spent 100s of billions, turned countries against us over the years and for what??

Just my 2ยข worth and then I may have change coming back!


Mar 18 @ 1:21PM simple economics

No One Ever has been able to hold on to Afghanistan...the afghaans have a saying: "Invaders come and go, but the Afghaans always remain". The have been invaded more times than a cardealer sending out their repo guys. Not even the almighty (at the time) Russia could hold on to afghanistan...

The only tactics that works in a country with such a terrain is gerilla leave troops there is just not practical or economical short term or long term. its just enother Vietnam waiting to happen IMO ofcourse.


Mar 18 @ 11:19PM  
We should leave yesterday if not sooner.

Mar 19 @ 12:25AM  
WoW is Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was Wondering!!

Mar 19 @ 4:34AM  
We should have been out years ago, but the ball got dropped in Afghanistan when we went into Iraq, a useless war that was way too expensive. I studied middle eastern politics way back when I was in college and not much has changed over the last ten thousand years or so in that area. These people cannot get along with each other let alone the outside world. Us being there or not being there is not going to change that one bit. As far as holding on to Afghanistan, unless we want to pull a Genghis Khan there is no way we can. ( He was the only person to actually successfully invade and hold that country) Since the modern world is not going to stand by and let us be that brutal we should get out while the getting is good.

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Should we leave Afghanistan NOW, or continue to stay longer?